HDBank Call Center always ready to serve to solve difficulties and problems and advise customers on HDBank’s services and products at any time, anywhere. When you need support, please immediately contact HBBank Customer Care Number as follows: 1900 60 60.

Introduction about HDBank

HD Bank is the trading name of Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank – HDbank was established in 1990. This is one of the early and growing joint stock commercial banks. largest in the country.

Introduction about HDBank
Introduction about HDBank

After nearly 30 years of establishment and development, HDbank has affirmed its foothold in the Vietnamese financial market and gradually expanded internationally. HD Bank’s staff is very powerful with a professional working style to bring customers the best quality products and services.

Up to now, HDBank owns a total asset value of more than 216.1 billion VND with charter capital of more than 9800 billion VND. The bank’s network is present in all provinces and cities across the country with more than 14,000 transaction points and 285 branches. Each year, HDBank serves nearly 8 million customers and the number of customers is still likely to grow rapidly.

Find out what HDBank is?

Phone number of HDBank Customer Care Center

HDBank’s Customer Care Center operates 24/24 with very professional consultants who are always ready to assist customers in answering questions as well as advising on products and services that the bank is providing.

Phone number for HDBank Customer Care 24/7: 1900 60 60

HDBank Customer Service Call Center phone number is 1900 60 60
HDBank Customer Service Call Center phone number is 1900 60 60

HDBank switchboard number 24/24

HDBank has provided 2 switchboard numbers to serve customers more attentively, specifically as follows:

  • For normal customers, the Hotline phone number of HDBank’s customer care switchboard is 1900 60 60 with a fee of 1000 VND/minute.
  • For VIP customers, contact HDBank’s Customer Care Center via Hotline number 1800 68 68 and completely free of charge.

Other HDBank customer care center contact channels

In addition to calling directly to the switchboard, you can contact the HDBank customer care center through other channels such as:

  • Go to HDBank’s main website and navigate to Customer Care: https://www.hdbank.com.vn/. Webchat to contact the bank is the lower right corner of the website for online support.
  • Email address to contact HDBank Customer Care Center: [email protected]
  • Fax: (028) 62 915 900

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Instructions on how to call HDBank Hotline

When you need support for questions as well as difficulties that you are facing about HD Bank’s products or services, you can contact HDBank’s hotline number very simply as follows:

Step 1: You pick up the phone and dial 1900 60 60.

Step 2: You press the “Call” button and select the language “Vietnamese” or “English”.

Step 3: You select the keys according to your need for support as follows:

  • 1 key: Request to lock and notify the loss of HDBank bank card urgently
  • 2 key: Look up information about domestic accounts
  • 3 key: Instructions for information and how to use features on E-Banking
  • 4 . key: Refer to more information about loan incentives, preferential services when opening a savings account or opening a credit account.
  • 0 . key: Customers need to meet directly with HDBank’s operator for direct support.

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List of phone numbers of HDBank branches/transaction offices

List of phone numbers of HDBank branches/transaction offices
List of phone numbers of HDBank branches/transaction offices

If you want to be supported by the operator of a branch or transaction office of HD Bank, you can contact the hotline numbers as follows:

HDBank Hanoi Customer Service Hotline

  • HDBank Hoan Kiem: (024)39446633
  • HDBank Thu Do : (024)39448895
  • HDBank Hai Ba Trung: (024)39765524
  • HDBank Dong Da: (024)35132344
  • HDBank Trung Hoa: (024)62816189 VND
  • HDBank Hoang Van Thai: (024)35667037
  • HDBank Linh Dam: (024)35401006
  • HDBank My Dinh 2: (024) 37878283 VND
  • HDBank South Hanoi: (024)32080675
  • HDBank Nguyen Truong To: (024)39275448

HDBank Ho Chi Minh Customer Service Hotline

  • Head office (at house number 25 Bis Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1, HCMC): (028)62915916
  • HDBank Nguyen Dinh Chieu: (028)62666111
  • HDBank CMT8: (028)39259577
  • HDBank Nguyen Duy Trinh: (028)62807022
  • HDBank Nguyen Trai: (028)38363522
  • HDBank Duy Tan: (028)38202850 VND
  • HDBank Phu Lam: (028)37522054
  • HDBank Huynh Tan Phat: (028)37738648
  • HDBank South Zone: (028)54316416
  • HDBank Hoa Hung: (028)38683230
  • HDBank Lanh Binh Thang: (028) 38687770 VND

HDBank Customer Service Hotline in provinces and cities

  • HDBank Quang Binh: (0232)3908868
  • HDBank Dak Nong: (0261)7307979 VND
  • HDBank Thai Binh: (0227)3809899
  • HDBank Hung Yen: (0221)3908888
  • HDBank Vinh Phuc: (0211)7306868
  • HDBank Thai Nguyen: (0208)3939899
  • HDBank Tien Giang: (0273)3908668
  • HDBank Phu Yen: (0257)3797888
  • HDBank Ninh Binh: (0229)6565758
  • HDBank Bac Giang: (0204)3908068

How to look up HDBank’s phone number?

How to look up HDBank's phone number?
How to look up HDBank’s phone number?

Customers can easily look up HDBank’s phone numbers through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Customers access the following link: https://www.hdbank.com.vn/en/contact/chi-nhanh-va-atm
  • Step 2: On the screen of the website you need to select Branch/ATM. If you already know the hotline number of each HDBank branch, please click to select branch.
  • Step 3: Next, you select the province/city and district/district you need to transact and then click the “Search” button.
  • Step 4: The result will display the information of HDBank on the screen. You will clearly see information such as branch name, phone number, working hours, fax number, etc.

Functions of HDBank Customer Care phone numbers

The basic functions of HDBank customer service phone numbers are as follows:

  • Consulting service: The operator will advise and answer all questions of customers on issues related to products, services, preferential programs and current policies of HD Bank.
  • HDBank customer care service: Call center staff will call to remind customers to pay their debts when the due date is near or re-issue the confirmation code at the request of the customer.
  • Card service: Operators are responsible for solving and consulting customers’ questions related to credit cards and ATM cards such as: Report lost ATM card and lock the ATM card urgently or the card is deducted for unknown reasons, transfer the wrong money, cancel the use of HDBank’s services, etc.
  • Support and answer customer requests: The operator will support to solve the problems requested by the customer and handle the request as quickly as possible to satisfy the customer.

Is HDBank’s customer service good?

HDBank's customer service is very good and professional
HDBank’s customer service is very good and professional

It can be affirmed that HDBank’s customer care service is not only good, but the operators also have a professional and friendly working style, so you can rest assured to contact when needed. There are also many reasons for customers to trust this service as follows:

  • The agents are always ready to support customers 24/7, including holidays and most weekends, regardless of night or day.
  • Customers can easily contact customers without having to spend a lot of time traveling to the counter.
  • In addition to consulting and taking care of HDBank’s services for customers, the Hotline is also an effective channel for receiving and resolving complaints.
  • The utility of HDBank’s customer care service also helps customers to lock their ATM cards in an emergency and receive all information when the ATM card has a problem… From there, the bank will help customers protect their security. your assets promptly in the shortest time.
  • Especially, all transactions through HDBank’s 24/7 Customer Service Center are strictly confidential according to regulations.

Regulations on HDBank switchboards

  • When a customer calls the customer care switchboard, the bank will record the call between you and the operator to serve as a basis for improving service quality or resolving customer queries and complaints, if any. . However, the content of the call will be kept confidential.
  • In some cases, customers call HDBank’s switchboard to do things such as checking account numbers, opening cards when locked, etc., then the bank will ask you to provide full personal information and information. information of related transactions for processing and account verification.
  • HDBank’s call center staff will have the right to refuse to answer or not continue to receive subsequent calls from customers if the content from the call is impolite, or intended to harass.
  • HDBank never uses the customer service center number to request customers to provide financial transaction information. So if you receive an incoming call with such content, you should be alert and absolutely do not follow the request.

Note when contacting HDBank Customer Care Center

Note when contacting HDBank Customer Care Center
Note when contacting HDBank Customer Care Center
  • The general agent never provides customers’ personal information through email or chat.
  • Customers should not provide their personal account security information such as password, OTP code when contacting HDBank Customer Care Center.
  • Customers need to prepare the content to be consulted and basic personal information such as ID number, account name, etc.
  • Sometimes HDBank’s switchboard is overloaded and you will not be able to contact. If you encounter this situation, stay calm and can contact you by other methods or contact the switchboard number again in a few minutes.

Through this article, you must have grasped the information related to HDBank switchboard to contact when necessary. You should pay attention that if you call during office hours, there will be more staff on call, so you won’t have to wait long.

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