Are you having trouble with financial management? You do not know how to spend reasonably and balance? If so, it’s because you don’t know 6 jars rule This is the pinnacle of effective and intelligent financial management. All about this rule will be shared by with you through the article below!

Who created the 6 jars money management rule?

The Rule of 6 Jars or JARS system was created by Harv Eker – businessman, speaker, author of a series of famous financial books in the world such as: Get Rich Fast, Secrets of Millionaire Mindset, … During that time, he was also the founder of Peak Potential Training, which specializes in training and equipping quick thinking knowledge in the fields of investment, financial solutions, and enrichment courses.

The rule of 6 jars was born a long time ago
The rule of 6 jars was born a long time ago

The rule of 6 jars was born a long time ago, this rule has been used by many people around the world to successfully manage money and personal consumption. Above all, these 6 rules are also highly appreciated by entrepreneurs and billionaires around the world. According to Harv Eker, the six-jar rule is a fundamental principle that can be effectively applied to any individual, at any financial level.

Each of the 6 jars will contain a different principle and function. In a word, when using the 6 jar rule, you will divide your income into six different amounts, with different percentages, depending on different uses.

Smart financial management method with the rule of 6 jars

Smart financial management method with the rule of 6 jars
Smart financial management method with the rule of 6 jars

Let’s explore the rule of 6 bottles in detail through the information below.

Jar 1: Necessary spending: 55%

The first bottle in the rule of 6 bottles is the Necessity Account (NEC) jar, which is the spending fund that will be used for essential living needs such as housing, food. , money to buy daily necessities, money to travel, …

The NEC fund is divided at 55%, based on common calculations of each person’s required standard of living. Although each person’s living habits and living standards are different, with this ratio, you can adjust it to be reasonable for yourself.

To be able to maintain a low monthly cost of living, to meet basic needs. You should try to save money by buying discounted items, hunting sales on e-commerce sites, etc.

If you spend about 80% of your total income on necessities, then you really should change if you want to implement effective financial management practices. Spending too much money on living makes you financially limited and spending money is not really reasonable and necessary.

Bottle 2: Long-term savings account: 10%

In the rule of 6 bottles, the 2nd jar is used for long-term savings, this long-term savings will fulfill goals such as buying a house, buying a car, getting married, fulfilling dreams, etc. Having a savings fund With this long-term savings you will be more targeted and motivated to save more.

Every month, set aside 10% of your total income to deposit it in a long-term savings account, because having a savings will make people more secure. This is not only a fund to help you realize your future plans and dreams, but also a money that can help you overcome unexpected difficulties in the future.

Smart financial management with the rule of 6 jars
Smart financial management with the rule of 6 jars

Jar 3: Financial freedom account: 10%

The third bottle of the six-jar rule is a financial freedom account (FFA). This is a fund used to generate income such as capital contribution, business investment, and savings. It can be understood in another way that the FFA money will be used to generate profits, create another source of passive income, help you in case you no longer work or anything happens that affects your main income.

For example: During the Covid-19 season, when you have to temporarily stop working, this FFA can be to support yourself or prevent the worst cases that may happen.

Pot 4: Education account: 5%

In addition to saving and generating income, it is necessary to study and supplement knowledge, so the fourth jar was born and falls under the 6 jar rule. In addition to learning more, you can buy books, participate in workshops, etc. to improve your knowledge.

For example, if you find that your ability to communicate in English is still poor, you can register yourself for a communication English course at the centers with prices ranging from 3 to 5 million VND/course. Or buy more specialized books: marketing, branding… If you can find a pdf version, the price can be cheaper, the better. Usually, the price of paper books is about 200,000 VND and 100,000 VND for the pdf version.

An investment in education is an investment in yourself. This money will help you constantly develop your capacity, thereby generating more income.

Bottle 5: Account enjoy 10%

The 6 jar rule will of course not force you to just save without enjoying (PLAY). You can deduct 10% of your income for this 5th jar to enjoy. enjoy life such as traveling, taking care of beauty, cosmetology, shopping for brand names, etc. This fund will make you motivated and work better, helping to balance your life.

Many studies show that if you do not enjoy 10% of your total personal income each month, you will easily lose balance in managing your expenses. You may feel fatigued at work, reducing your productivity and vitality as usual. So spend your monthly benefit fund.

Jar 6: Charity account: 10%

The 6th jar in the 6 jars rule is a fund used for charity, sharing and helping the community. Giving is also a way to receive, but if you have more to spend, reduce the percentage of this financial.

However, this fund should not be cut off. Because giving is always an opportunity in life, it allows us to receive something valuable in return, and at the same time spread good living values ​​to everyone around. What we give is not what we ask for, but it is humanity, the love between people, which brings precious beauty from the depths of our souls. When you give, you are spreading good humanitarian values ​​to everyone around.

Giving is also a part of life, and it also helps you to become better both subconsciously and externally. Above all, when you give, you also receive invaluable spiritual value. It makes you happy and brings peace to your soul.

Tips to successfully apply the 6 jars principle with basic notes

To apply the 6 jars rule, you need to note the following rules:

Main Habit

The ratio between the jars won’t matter. An individual can adjust the rate up or down 5% to achieve optimal savings or investment goals according to each individual’s circumstances and needs. This is the key to success in managing anyone’s money.

Note: Practice every month to get into the habit of saving and keeping money every month to reach your goal.

Obey the rules

You should never use your LTSS long-term savings before the maturity date. Use the money in the jars for the right purposes that need to be used up in the month, not only to save and invest, but also to foster the spirit of effective work.

Generate passive income

Regardless of your job, it’s important that you quickly achieve your long-term financial goals regardless of your main job or anyone else. You can use capital from FFA to invest in the following fields: real estate, gold, securities…

Generate passive income
Generate passive income

Note: should choose a safe investment channel to minimize the risk of capital. This requires you to analyze and understand your capabilities as well as market trends to choose the most optimal profitable investment solution.

Take good care of yourself

Even if your financial goals are large and you want to retire at the age of 40, you should not abuse your labor by cutting back on leisure activities, mental health to try to work more.

It is recommended to use up all the money in the PLAY fund at the end of the month, it will help you take care of your mind and body to improve your work efficiency in the coming month. If your PLAY coins run out sooner than planned, focus on earning or developing yourself.

Constantly develop thinking and skills

Important for anyone, any method of financial management. That is to focus on nurturing and developing the necessary skills to support the job, reading more books to improve professional knowledge, new ideas or taking courses to have more knowledge about investing and making money online. …

Honed skills will bring growth in income, helping you quickly achieve your financial goals.


The above article has shared with everyone useful information about 6 jars rule top notch and efficient. Hopefully, with’s knowledge of saving and spending, it will help people in financial management better. Good luck to everyone!

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