Home Credit is a financial company that supports fast and safe loans chosen by many customers. However, for a valid profile and quick disbursement support, you should not ignore it Home Credit loan experience used by many. To find out what experience is, see Banktop’s article below.

About Home Credit

Home Credit is a financial company established in 1997 in the Czech Republic. After more than 20 years of operation, this unit has been present in many other major countries in the world, including Vietnam. With more than 50 million customers participating and using services at Home Credit – is one of the leading financial companies in Vietnam.

About Home Credit
About Home Credit

In Vietnam, Home Credit has its head office in Ho Chi Minh City and many transaction points and branches throughout major cities. Support customers with a variety of loan services. With the criteria of safety – quickly – promptly respond to all financial needs of customers.

Home Credit loan products

Loan products at Home Credit can be mentioned as:

Cash loan

  • Support customers with loans with diverse limits.
  • Interest rate from 1.35%/month, installment period up to 57 months.
  • The loan procedure is simple, just need ID card/CCCD or passport, driving license, etc.

Loan to buy electricity

  • Customers are supported to borrow up to 40 million VND.
  • Quick application approval time, simple procedure.
  • Some product lines are exempt from 0% interest during the promotion period.
  • Flexible loan period

Loan to buy motorbike

  • Customers are supported to borrow up to 80 million VND.
  • Fast profile, no upfront payment.
  • Flexible loan period.


  • Interest free for 45 days.
  • Custom, fast approval records.
  • Enjoy incentives from partner services with Home Credit.
  • Get 10% cashback of transaction value
  • etc…

Should you borrow money from Home Credit?

The demand for loans to serve work, life and business is currently very much interested and desired by many customers. Therefore, choosing a reputable and safe lending unit is always the top priority to protect yourself financially.

  • In which Home Credit is also a name for you to choose when in need with advantages such as:
  • As a large financial group of world scale and trusted and chosen by many customers.
  • The loan procedure at Home Credit is simple, fast, and disbursed within the same day.
  • Loan conditions at Home Credit are not as demanding as at banks, and the interest rates are reasonable compared to other financial companies.
  • Support loans with a limit of more than 100 million VND with a loan period of 1-3 years.

Through the above advantages, you can also consider and make a decision on whether to borrow money at Home Credit or not.

Does Home Credit scam customers?

It can be seen that Home Credit is a large financial company, operating with a license, so customer fraud is almost nonexistent. When doing loan procedures, between the two parties will also have a clear contract record so that the customer can verify and make evidence when there is any problem.

So, if you encounter information about Home Credit scam, you should be careful because it may be a fake financial unit and need to verify all information correctly before making a decision.

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Homecredit loan experience with 100% approval rate should not be ignored

To choose a reasonable loan package and high approval rate, you should not ignore the Home Credit loan experiences below.

Homecredit loan experience with 100% approval rate should not be ignored
Homecredit loan experience with 100% approval rate should not be ignored

Choose the right loan package

Home Credit financial company will have many different loan packages or preferential packages for individual or corporate customers for you to choose from. Depending on your individual needs to choose the most suitable loan package, you should also consider your ability to pay for that loan so that you can make a reasonable arrangement.

When you have agreed or asked a support staff to advise you on a loan. You carry out the loan application procedure according to the instructions of the unit.

Balance for suitable payment term

Once you have borrowed capital, you should monitor the monthly interest payment time to balance the payment term. And ask the staff how to process the payment so as not to incur fees when paying overdue debt. At the same time, you will not be hit with a bad credit score due to overdue loan payments.

Prepare your loan documents carefully

Carefully prepare the documents to make the loan faster, you should have all the basic documents such as:

  • Dossier to request a loan at Home Credit, will usually be provided by bank staff, you can read the application form in advance to refer to the required documents.
  • Personal information ID/CCCD or passport, driving license.
  • Household registration, certificate of temporary residence, temporarily absent from the place where you are currently living.
  • Invoices such as: monthly salary statement, labor contract, electricity and water bill, etc. If you borrow capital in this form.

Timely payment

Note about the timely payment of the loan at Home Credit. Avoiding overdue you have to pay additional fees with interest up to 150% of the original interest rate.


The above article is the content Banktop shared about Home Credit loan experience that those who are looking to borrow money at Home Credit should know. If you are in need of a loan at financial companies, with a large loan limit of several tens of millions or more and a flexible interest payment time, then Home Credit is a name worth choosing.

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