If you are interested in life insurance products of Prudential company and want to be consulted directly without having time to go to the transaction office, please call immediately. Hotline Prudential for fastest support. Prudential Hotline provides 24/7 customer support at branches nationwide, including Saturday and Sunday.

About Prudential Life Insurance Company

Life Insurance Company Limited Prudential Vietnam – Prudential is a member of Prudential plc Group. This group was founded in London (UK) in 1848 and is one of the largest financial groups in the world with 24 million customers in Asian countries, the US and the UK.

Basic information about Prudential Life Insurance Company
Basic information about Prudential Life Insurance Company

In 1995, Prudential Vietnam was officially established and put into operation. Prudential Vietnam is one of the first two foreign life insurance companies in Vietnam along with Manulife (established in 1999).

Prudential Vietnam Life Insurance Company operates mainly in the field of life insurance business and financial investment activities. Over the past two decades, Prudential has always made relentless efforts to expand the market and become a pioneer in changing the public’s perception of life insurance.

The message that Prudential Vietnam initially wanted to convey was “Always listen. Always understanding”, but later changed to “Listen. Understanding. Take action” with the desire to not only “listen” and “understand” customers but also transform the spirit into action to turn dreams into reality and reach for the best in life.

Updating the operation schedule of Prudential’s offices and customer service hotlines during the Covid-19 epidemic

In view of the positive developments of the covid pandemic, life insurance company has updated the working schedule from October 4, 2021 of Prudential Customer Service Center in Ho Chi Minh City area from 8 :00-17:00 every day.

At the same time, at the offices, always prepare hand sanitizer for customers, wear masks and follow the principles of epidemic prevention according to the recommendations of the State Health Ministry to ensure safe operations for both. customers and bank staff during the epidemic season.

In order to ensure safety when needing call center support during the epidemic season, Prudential Life Insurance Company encourages customers to prioritize using Prudential’s online contact channels as follows:

  • Prudential Online Customer Support Portal: at website address https://khachhang.prudential.com.vn/customer-portal/
  • Prudential’s toll-free call center: 1800 1247
  • Zalo page of Prudential Vietnam life insurance company
  • Chat on Facebook messenger: “Prudential Vietnam Life Insurance”
  • Send a letter to Prudential Vietnam’s email address: [email protected]

Prudential Customer Care hotline number 24/7

Prudential Vietnam Life Insurance Company has just officially given the toll-free switchboard number as 18001247 operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week to be able to meet the support needs of all customers.

Accordingly, the very professional and enthusiastic switchboards are always ready to answer all questions related to the company’s insurance services for customers. In particular, key 5 is a dedicated key for customers who want to hear advice about benefits when participating in insurance.

In addition, Prudential’s switchboard for consultants at 08 39481388 also officially went into operation from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 8pm to support the team of consultants to exchange and communicate with each other. Resolve customer inquiries promptly and quickly.

Update HDBank hotline number for 24/7 customer support

Phone numbers of Prudential switchboards at branches in provinces

Currently, Prudential has built a network of branches across the country, so when you need support, you can contact the Prudential switchboard number at branches in the provinces as follows.

Phone numbers of Prudential switchboards at branches in provinces
Phone numbers of Prudential switchboards at branches in provinces

Hotline Prudential in Hanoi area

  • Prudential’s hotline number at Dong Da Vincom Nguyen Chi Thanh: (024) 37 228 855
  • Prudential Dong Da’s hotline number: (024) 35627355
  • Prudential Ha Dong’s hotline number: (024) 66649161
  • Prudential Son Tay’s hotline number: (024) 33830559
  • Prudential Dong Anh’s hotline number: (024) 39654955 VND
  • Hotline number of Prudential Dong Anh general agent 2: (024) 358 10577
  • Prudential Hoai Duc’s general agent hotline number: (024) 33862936
  • Prudential Nam Tu Liem transaction hotline number: (024) 33862934
  • Hotline number of Prudential Soc Son agent: (024) 35955002
  • Prudential Thuong Tin general agent hotline number: (024) 3853782
  • Hotline number of Prudential Hoang Mai general agent: (24) 36343200
  • Hotline number of Prudential Hoan Kiem general agent: (024) 39329755
  • Prudential Ba Dinh’s general agent hotline number: (024) 37661616
  • Hotline number of Prudential Hai Ba Trung agent: (024) 39727423
  • Prudential Gia Lam’s general agent hotline number: (024) 36523557
  • Hotline number of Prudential Phu Xuyen general agent: (024) 33791929
  • Hotline number of Prudential Quoc Oai general agent: (024) 32009139
  • Prudential Ba Vi’s general agent hotline number: (024) 3396 0986
  • Hotline number of Prudential Me Linh’s general agent: (024) 35252385
  • Prudential Cau Giay general agent hotline number: (024) 37957254
  • Prudential Dan Phuong’s hotline number: (024) 33635635
  • Prudential Thanh Oai’s general agent hotline number: (024) 32505580 VND
  • Hotline number of Prudential Tay Ho’s general agent office: (024) 22401633
  • Prudential Tay Ho General Agent Office: (024) 37612880
  • Prudential Phuc Tho transaction hotline number: (024) 33610061
  • Prudential Thanh Tri’s general agent hotline number: (024) 3211 5581
  • Hotline number of general agent Prudential Agent Thanh Xuan: (024) 63283586

Hotline Prudential in Ho Chi Minh area

  • Prudential’s head office in Vietnam: 18001247
  • Prudential Plaza Customer Service Center : 0283.856.9799
  • Prudential Insurance Office in District 1: 0283.824.0888
  • Prudential General Agent Office: 0286.281.9106
  • Prudential Insurance Agent District 3: 0283.848.3773
  • Prudential Branch in District 4: 0283.943.5600
  • Prudential Insurance Branch District 5: 0283.854.9888
  • Branch office of Prudential General Agent District 6: 0286,293.2725
  • Prudential General Agent Office District 7: 0283,771.3433
  • Prudential General Insurance Agent District 9: 0283,736.0039
  • Branch office of Prudential General Agent District 10: 0283.830.0150
  • Prudential Tan Binh General Agent Office: 0283,975.3961
  • Prudential Branch in District 12: 0283,719.2934
  • Prudential Tan Binh branch office 2: 0283.948.5294
  • Prudential Insurance Office in Phu Nhuan District: 0283,995.9939
  • Prudential General Agent in Go Vap District: 0283,894.3590
  • Prudential Sales Agent Office in Binh Tan District: 0283.961.1898
  • Prudential Branch in Binh Thanh District: 0283.841.0914
  • Prudential Insurance Branch in Thu Duc District: 0283.722.5253
  • Transaction office of Prudential Cu Chi company: 0283,790.6645

Hotline Prudential in Da Nang area

  • Prudential Hoa Vang Transaction Office: 02363629168
  • Prudential General Agent Office Khue Trung: 02363673999
  • Prudential General Agent Office Hai Chau 2: 02363616144
  • Prudential Cam Le General Agent Office: 02363629777
  • Prudential Lien Chieu General Agent Office: 02363740303
  • Office of Prudential General Agent Ngu Hanh Son : 02363943777
  • Prudential Thanh Khe General Agent Office: 02363727444 or 02363727446

Hotline Prudential in Hai Phong area

  • Prudential Thuy Nguyen General Agent Office: 02253916599
  • Prudential Vinh Bao General Agent Office: 02253899666
  • Prudential Tien Lang General Agent Office: 02253683683
  • Prudential Duong Kinh Transaction Office: 02253633386
  • Prudential An Duong General Agent Office 2: 02253670018
  • Prudential General Agent Office Quan Toan: 02253553980
  • Prudential Kien An General Agent Office: 02253542039
  • Prudential An Duong General Agent Office: 02253770839
  • Prudential Hong Bang General Agent Office: 02253757398
  • Prudential Hai Phong General Agent Office 1: 02253552898
  • Prudential Vinh Bao Transaction Office 1: 02258832833

Hotline Prudential in Can Tho area

  • Red Flag Prudential Transaction Office: 02923865010
  • Prudential Can Tho General Agent Office: 02923753111
  • Prudential Can Tho General Agent Office 2: 02923845333

Hotline Prudential in Quang Ninh area

  • Prudential Dam Ha General Agent Office: 02033768168
  • Prudential Mao Khe General Agent Office: 02036266009
  • Prudential Hai Ha Transaction Office 2: 02033879125
  • Prudential Tien Yen Transaction Office: 02033505090
  • Prudential Van Don Transaction Office: 02033865668
  • Prudential Cam Pha General Agent Office: 02033969333
  • Prudential Hon Gai General Agent Office 2: 02033816448
  • Prudential Bai Chay General Agent Office: 02033646066
  • Prudential Mong Cai General Agent Office: 02033778858 or 02033884836
  • Prudential Uong Bi General Agent Office: 02033566868
  • Prudential Dong Trieu General Agent Office: 02033582260
  • Prudential Quang Yen General Agent Office: 02033688268

Hotline Prudential in Binh Duong area

  • Prudential Bau Bang Transaction Office: 02743557975
  • Prudential Ben Cat General Agent Office: 02743557614
  • Prudential Dau Tieng General Agent Office: 02743519696
  • Prudential Phu Giao General Agent Office: 02743675076
  • Prudential Tan Uyen Transaction Office: 02743642619
  • Prudential General Agent Office Thu Dau Mot : 02743844450
  • Prudential Di An General Agent Office: 02743796215

Other Prudential life insurance company contact channels

  • Go directly to the transaction offices of Prudential Life Insurance company across the country according to the following working hours: Morning starts at 8:00 am, ends at 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday every week.
  • Phone to contact Prudential: (028) 39 101 660.
  • Fax Prudential: (028) 39 100 899.
  • Email Prudential customer care: [email protected]
  • Official website: https://www.prudential.com.vn/en/

Update ACS switchboard number for 24/7 customer support

Functions of Prudential Customer Care Center

Functions of Prudential Customer Care Center
Functions of Prudential Customer Care Center
  • Consulting on products and services provided by Prudential Life Insurance Corporation.
  • Answer questions about the insurance policy appraisal and issuance process.
  • Quickly solve customer questions about benefits when participating in insurance.
  • Provide information about Prudential’s periodical promotions.

How to contact Prudential Customer Care Center via Hotline

To contact Prudential’s Customer Care Center via the Hotline, you just need to pick up the phone and call 1800 1247. Next, you can press the keys for the purpose of looking up information and consulting about your insurance. Prudential is as follows:

  • 1 key: Look up information about Prudential insurance contracts and advance payments and insurance premiums when they are due.
  • 2 key: Look up information about unit-linked products.
  • 3 key: Change password when accessing the switchboard.
  • 0 . key: Meet directly with a customer service specialist.


Here are the shares about Hotline Prudential to help you contact Prudential Life Insurance Company successfully. In addition, you also need to pay attention in some cases when you cannot contact the switchboard due to overload, you only need to call back after a while.

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