ATM cards that are not used for a period of time will be automatically locked. So How long does it take for an ATM card to be locked?? If your card is locked, how to unlock it.

ATM cards make it easy for users to withdraw money and transfer money at ATM locations. And of course for security and to help you protect your rights. The bank will provide a PIN that only the cardholder knows. Users can make withdrawals at any time they want. But now, your card is locked and don’t know what to do. Below will have an article to help you know how to unlock a locked ATM card.

How long does it take for an ATM card to be locked?

ATM card is a convenient tool to help customers make the fastest transactions. Usually, the term of an ATM card will be from 5 years to 7 years. During this time, customers will have to renew the card to continue using it.

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ATM cards not used in 12 months will be temporarily locked

Besides, when using an ATM card, users also need to know some rules of the card. Specifically here How long does it take for an atm card to be locked?. To protect the interests of customers as well as help the bank manage virtual accounts that are no longer active on the system.

If your card is not used in 12 months, does not generate any transactions. At this time, the bank will automatically block your card. The purpose is to avoid the case that the customer loses the card and falls into the hands of someone else. Card locking ensures 100% that your personal interests are not infringed.

In addition, if the account does not have enough balance to pay the annual fee of the card. At this time, the card will also be locked without notice.

But rest assured, the bank only temporarily locks the ATM card. If you need to use it again, you can go to the transaction office to re-unlock the card.

Reasons why ATM cards are locked

The card being locked is not only a reason not to use it for a long time. But there are many other objective and subjective reasons leading to the card being temporarily locked. Those reasons are as follows

√ The expiry date of the card has expired, the expiry date is embossed on the surface of the card. Each bank will have different regulations on the term of the card. If the card has expired but you have not expired within 30 days, the card will be temporarily locked.

√ Locked due to not using for a long time. Specifically, if the bank account does not have any transactions within 12 months, it will be locked.

√ Enter the wrong PIN more than 3 times: If you enter the wrong ATM PIN more than 3 times, it will also be temporarily locked. Now we have to go to the bank to unlock and re-issue a new PIN.

√ The bank automatically locks the card: If there is a dispute between the customer and the bank. The bank will have the right to unilaterally block the card to resolve the problems.

√ Card lock at the request of the competent authority: This case is quite rare, but it is also one of the reasons leading to the card being locked.

√ Requested by the cardholder in the name of the cardholder: If the ATM card you own is not yours, it is in the name of another person. So the person named has the right to request to block the account at any time.

How to check if an ATM card is locked or not?

If you are not sure if your card is locked or not. So you can check if your ATM card is locked follow the steps below.

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1) Take your ATM card to any ATM and put it in the tree. Then press transaction and if the card is locked a message will be displayed.

2) Go to the bank’s transaction office and then ask the staff to check.

3) If you have registered for Internet Banking utility, you can log in and make transactions. If you can’t trade, it’s locked.

You can choose 1 of 3 ways to check if your ATM card is locked as above.

Can a locked ATM card receive money?

If an ATM card is locked, you must also understand that when locked like this, not only the card is locked, but the bank account is also locked. Therefore, we cannot do any transactions such as: Transfer money, receive money …

However, if your ATM card is locked due to incorrect pin code, only the ATM card is blocked, but the bank account is not locked. In this case we can still receive money and transfer money normally.

Instructions on how to unlock ATM cards when locked

After checking your ATM card is locked. At this point we need to bring our identity card to the bank office to proceed with the unlocking.

At the counter please inform the staff that your card is locked. And have them check for you. At that time, the teller will provide a form requesting to enter personal information and account number. And proceed to reactivate your account for you.

In case the card is locked due to entering the wrong ATM pin 3 times. We will be given a new PIN. You must not leave this pin as it is, take your card to an ATM with the banking system and proceed to change the new PIN as you like.

Some notes to prevent ATM cards from being locked

To prevent your ATM card from being locked and unusable. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Your PIN needs to be secure not to be disclosed to others.
  • Your card must be transacted within 12 months, otherwise it may be blocked.
  • If the card fails to pay the annual fee, the card will be blocked. So you need to pay this fee.
  • When you forget your PIN, do not try to enter it, because the card will be locked if you enter it incorrectly 3 times.

So you already know the time How long does it take for an ATM card to be locked? is 12 months. When there are no transactions, the bank will automatically lock. Please go to the host bank to activate and re-unlock the card if you need to use it again.

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