How many numbers does TPBank account have?? How many numbers are there in TP Bank’s bank account? Let’s find out in the article below. You will know how to look up and retrieve your TPBank account number when you forget it. Especially the distinction between account number and ATM card number that users often confuse.

TPBank’s full name is Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank. TPBank was established in 2005 and in more than 10 years of development, now the bank has become one of the leading banks today. At the bank there are special services for customers to use.

How many numbers does TPBank account have?

Many of you often wonder How many numbers does TPBank account have?? Make sure to know how many numbers are included in the account number for transaction convenience. If we don’t have an account number when we make a money transfer, withdraw… without an account number, we will not be able to do it successfully. Even remembering the wrong account number can lead to a wrong transfer to another account. So, how many numbers do you have to pay special attention to?

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TPBank bank account number has 11 digits

Bank account number TPBank has 11 numbers. This includes the bank code, branch number and personal account number according to each customer’s ID. And the account number is only available on the banking system, not on the surface of the ATM card.

What is TPBank’s bank account number, where is it recorded?

TP Bank account number is a series of numbers created when a customer is signing an account at Tien Phong bank. That is, when opening an account, the system will create a number for customers to identify it as your account. Each person will have a unique account number that is different from anyone else’s to avoid mistakes in transactions.

TPBank bank account number is listed on an envelope when you receive the card. But people often don’t notice them. So when you forget your account number, you won’t know what to do look up TPBank account number. But before that it is necessary to understand the account number and ATM card number.

Distinguish account number and ATM card number TPBank

Because many users often confuse TPBank account number with the number recorded on the ATM card. That leads to an error transaction that cannot transfer money, receive money …. So thongtinbank will help you redefine.

√ What is TPBank account number?

TPBank account number is a sequence of 11 numbers, each customer will have a different account number. In which, the first sequence of numbers is usually the same because it is the code of the bank and the regional branch. And the last numbers are numbers to identify an individual’s account.

Account number with functions and tasks to use for transactions such as: Receiving money, transferring money, withdrawing money…

√ TPBank ATM card number

As you know, on the surface of an ATM card there will be a series of numbers from 12 to 19 numbers. And often customers will often mistake this as TPBank bank account number. But not really. ATM card number has the function to use for online payment, card swipe, POS… but not for receiving money or transferring money.

What should I do if I forgot my TP Bank account number?

If when you forget and do not remember your TPBank account number. Then you need to quickly follow the following ways to know how much your account number is. There are many ways to review the account number, specifically as follows.

√ Check via TPBank Mobile

If you have registered for internet banking and installed TPBank Mobile application on your device. Then check your TPBank account number via the app without having to go anywhere. The steps are as follows.

  • Sign in to the app installed on your phone
  • Next, at the main interface of the screen, select “Account”.
  • At this time, the system will display information including: Account number, current balance, account holder name.

√ Look up via ATM

Just bring your TPBank card to ATM locations in your area. We can check and find out How many numbers are there in TPBank’s bank account number?. Follow the instructions below.

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  • Insert the card into the ATM and select the language > enter the password.
  • Once logged in to the ATM, click on the “account inquiry” function.
  • The machine will ask if you want to print the receipt, press “yes” and the tree will issue an invoice.
  • The invoice will clearly state the account number and the amount of money available.

√ Go directly to TPBank

If the above 2 methods you cannot follow. So to check the account number, the only way is to bring your identity card to the bank to ask the staff to check. When you arrive you present your documents and you request a request to know your account number. Staff will help you with statement and TPBank account number in it.


Knowing How many numbers does TPBank account have? very important in trading. So please keep in mind that your TP Bank account number has 11 digits. If you have forgotten, follow the 3 ways that I instructed above to get it back.

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