When you register for a bank account, you can turn seemingly difficult operations into more convenient than ever. However, when using a bank account, you will surely have a lot of questions, including questions such as: How many numbers does Vietcombank account number have? How to check Vietcombank account number? In this article, we will help you answer all of the above questions.

Vietcombank is one of the most useful commercial banks in Vietnam with its head office located in Hanoi. With the outstanding development, Vietcombank now has more than 560 branches both at home and abroad. The working schedule at Vietcombank’s branches usually lasts from Monday to Friday, in which the working time in the morning is from 8.00-12.00 and in the afternoon is from 13.00-17.00.

A Vietcombank branch in Hanoi

How many numbers does Vietcombank account number have?

Many people mistakenly think that Vietcombank account number is a series of numbers printed on the side of Vietcombank card. But actually, the account number will be written in the envelope containing the ATM card when the customer receives the card for the first time after registering to open a card at the transaction office.

When registering to become a member of Vietcombank, customers will be provided with an account number according to the structure prescribed by the bank. With this account number, customers can register to use the services provided by Vietcombank.

At the present time, Vietcombank account number consists of 13 numbers according to the structure: bank branch – currency – customer code. Accordingly, each branch will have a different code, for example 071 represents the branch in Hanoi or each currency also has a different digital symbol, VND will be represented by the number 00. Customers will be randomly generated, ensuring the difference between each person.

The operation of checking Vietcombank account number is generally quite simple. Currently, there are up to 5 way check Vietcombank account number that you can easily choose to suit your own conditions.

– Look up account numbers through Vietcombank’s ATM

Currently, Vietcombank’s ATM system stretches across all provinces/cities to help customers more convenient in all transactions. Therefore, looking up account numbers through Vietcombank’s ATM is quite simple and easy to do. After finding the nearest ATM, you just need to:

+ Put the card in the specified slot

+ On the screen, select the language to use (Vietnamese or English)

+ Enter PIN to log in. To ensure security, remember to cover the keyboard with your hand.

+ Next, select Balance inquiry

+ Select Print invoice and exit the system. Now your account number will be printed on the invoice.

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– Look up account numbers at Vietcombank’s transaction offices

At Vietcombank’s transaction office, you just need to present the citizen ID that you used to register for a Vietcombank bank account and ask the staff to re-issue the account number. However, the search process at the counter will be quite time-consuming in case many customers are in need at the transaction office.

Vietcombank’s transaction office

Look up account numbers via Vietcombank’s switchboard

In order to meet the needs of answering all questions of customers, Vietcombank provides a 24/7 support switchboard with extremely professional staff.

You can contact Vietcombank’s switchboard via hotline 1900 0168 or 1900 088818. In case of looking up account number, staff will ask you to provide some information related to your citizen identification card and Last 4 digits of ATM card. After confirming the matching information, the operator will re-read the bank account number for you.

– Look up account numbers via SMS

In case you have previously registered for VCB-SMS [email protected] service, you can check your account number through regular messages sent to you by the bank’s switchboard.

Look up account number via SMS

Or you can look up by text message “GD or VCB GD” to 6167. In just a few minutes, you can immediately look up your account number.

Look up account numbers via VCB Digibank

With this method, you will easily get Vietcombank account number with only 3 basic steps.

+ Access the link: https://vcbdigibank.vietcombank.com.vn/ for computers or install Vietcombank application for phones

+ Enter all required information

+ Click to login and see the account number in the interface

However, the limitation is that you need to use a computer and have to register to use VCB Digibank service before.

All the information in the article must have partly helped you answer two big questions How many numbers does Vietcombank account number have? How to check Vietcombank account number? For more detailed information, you can contact Vietcombank’s hotline for specific advice. Hotline contact: 1900 0168 or 1900 088818.


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