VietinBank account number is one of the confidential banking information. The bank will provide it to customers when they have successfully opened an ATM card. These numbers are regulated according to a certain principle. Each bank has different regulations, helping to distinguish customers as well as support to perform transactions quickly. So How many numbers does VietinBank account number have and how to check the account number? how? Let’s read the article below to get your answer!

How many numbers does VietinBank account have?

VietinBank’s banking system is the most trusted by many people today

To answer the question “How many numbers does VietinBank account number have and how to check the account number?“. First you need to know the basic information about VietinBank account number as follows.

As we all know, account number is one of the important personal information that you need to keep in mind. Help keep your account safe and secure for every transaction at the bank. This sequence will be provided approximately 5 to 7 days after you sign up via a mailing envelope. Besides the card number you will be provided with the ATM card, pin code and password. As long as you have the above conditions, you can quickly make cash and deposit transactions at ATMs or POS machines.

Currently, the rule about the account number sequence is not fixed, depending on the banking system you use, there will be a different sequence of numbers. For example: what is the beginning of the number, how many numbers are there, etc.

Previously, the bank account number of VietinBank regulated for domestic ATM E-Partner debit card was 711Axxxxxxxx (including 11 digits and 1 piece). This account number is independent from the payment deposit account at the bank. However, starting from February 2017, in order to help customers perform services more quickly. VietinBank has integrated two deposit systems together, ensuring that customers can transact in multiple currencies, only through a single account. At the same time, the account model number also changes as follows: 10xxxxxxxxxx (including 12 digits).

Thus, from the above analysis, it can be seen that the current VietinBank account number consists of 12 numbers and starts from the beginning of 10.

Look up account number on Internet Banking service

An account number is an important prerequisite to help you make money transfers and payments quickly. Note to enter the correct account number as well as the amount to be done, to avoid confusion, leading to other procedures. However, if you accidentally forget your account number, you don’t need to worry because you can apply some quick and simple ways to look up Vietinbank account numbers as follows:

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– Use the envelope the bank sent you

If you still have the envelope provided by your bank after making the card, you can use this quick and simple way to find your account number. Usually, the main content contained in the envelope will include: ATM card, account number and PIN code.

– Check at any ATM

ATM tree is one of the tools to help users make transactions quickly. Through this tool you can also get a quick account number check. The steps are as follows: insert the card into the ATM -> enter the password to log in to the account and select the command to look up account information. Or you can make a money transfer, withdraw and print the receipt to review the account number on the invoice. However, not all banking systems display all account numbers. Therefore, you need to consider using directly the ATM of VietinBank’s banking system.

– Call the bank switchboard for support

The customer care system via the hotline 1900 558 868 is always ready to serve customers at all times. You might consider using this method to get your bank account number reassigned. Note that you need to prepare some information to provide support staff such as: full name of the account holder, ATM card number, amount in the account, recent transactions, etc.

After confirming that the information is completely correct, you will be provided with your VietinBank account number.

– Check account number via SMS Banking service.

Only apply this method in case you have registered to use the bank’s SMS Banking service. With the simple operation of finding the bank messages sent through each time your account has balance fluctuations, you will get information about VietinBank account numbers quickly and easily.

– Check on electronic banking channel is Mobile Banking/Internet Banking

Similar to SMS Banking service, you can only apply this search method in case you have registered to use the service. You first need to log in to the application, then access the account information section, where you can view information about your bank account number.

– Look up directly at the bank

After doing all the above methods and still not successful. You need to bring your identity document, which is your identity card or citizen ID, to a VietinBank branch or transaction office for assistance in looking up your account number.

However, this method is quite time-consuming, so to save time, you should go to the above locations during office hours. Prioritize the time in the morning or early afternoon for the fastest and most enthusiastic support.

Hope the information provided here will help you answer your questions How many numbers does VietinBank account number have and how to check the account number? how? At the same time, it is possible to quickly solve the case of forgetting the account number. Helping to support transactions in the simplest and most effective way.


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