There are a total of 12 insurance stocks on the stock market. In which, there are 5 codes on HOSE, 4 codes on HNX and 3 codes on Upcom.

List of securities codes in the insurance industry today

TTStock ExchangeStock codeCompany name
firstUPCABIAgriculture Bank Insurance Joint Stock Company
2UPCAICAviation Insurance Joint Stock Corporation
3HOSEBICBank for Investment and Development of Vietnam Insurance Corporation
4UPCBLIBao Long Insurance Joint Stock Company
5HOSEBMIBao Minh Joint Stock Corporation
6HOSEBVHBao Viet Group
7HOSEMIGMilitary Insurance Joint Stock Corporation
8HOSEHOLDPetrolimex Insurance Corporation
9HNXPREPVI Reinsurance Joint Stock Corporation
tenHNXPTIPost and Postal Insurance Corporation
11HNXPVIPVI Joint Stock Company
twelfthHNXVNRVietnam National Reinsurance Corporation

Currently, there is no stock code of any life insurance company on the stock exchange.

Price list of shares in the insurance industry on January 24, 2022

TTStock codeCeiling priceFloor priceReference prices
3BIC31,000 won27,000 won29,000 won
4BLI19,500 won14,50017,000 won
5BMI40,65035,35038,000 won
tenPTI66,000 won54,000 won60,000 won
twelfthVNR29,70024,30027,000 won


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