How much profit do you make in the stock market?? How to invest in the stock market? This is something that many investors are interested in when learning about Vietnam’s stock market in 2022. If you invest in securities, your profit will depend on the amount of invested capital, as well as the volatility of the market.

Overview of Vietnam’s stock market 2022

The Vietnam stock market enters 2022 with many expectations and positive signals coming from the possibility of economic recovery when the Covid-19 epidemic is under control and the vaccine coverage rate is high. At the same time, the fact that the world has been testing specific drugs to treat Covid-19 has also created an opportunity to resume production and consumption supply chains that have been broken during the past 2 years. The Government’s economic support packages are also promoting certain effectiveness, helping the economy to stand firm, thereby ensuring more stability of TTC.

Vietnam stock market 2022
Vietnam stock market 2022

The market is looking forward to the effectiveness of the economic support package worth 291 trillion dong soon to be put into effect, which will be an important boost for the stock market this year. VNDirect CPCK Company forecasts that the VN-Index will reach 1,700 – 1,750 points in 2022 along with the expectation of profit growth of about 23%. Meanwhile, Mirae Asset Securities Joint Stock Company forecasts the VN-Index to reach 1,700 points, along with an expectation of EPS growth of 24%. And Yuanta Securities Vietnam Joint Stock Company is also forecasted that the VN-Index will reach 1,898 points with the prospect of EPS growth of 21%.

How much profit do you make in the stock market? – The Vietnam stock market in 2022 is also supported by the achievements in 2021. Along with the uptrend at the end of 2021, the average weekly trading value has also increased by about twice compared to the previous year. the first period of the year. And 1.5 times higher than the average level of the year is a positive sign for the excitement of the stock market this year. More specifically, the participation of individual investors with qualifications and experience is also increasingly improved, the legal system is also increasingly improved and effective, which has contributed to creating confidence in stable development. of the stock market. In addition, the valuation of the Vietnamese stock market is quite attractive, the P/E of the VN-Index is about 17 times at the end of 2021, about 25.7% lower than the valuation at the peak of the year. 2018 is 22.2 times.

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Should you make money from the stock market?

How much profit do you make in the stock market? – Making money from the stock market has attractive profitable opportunities but also has many risks. Most of the participants in securities investment have had problems with account fires and losses, but there are also people who make profits from this market. So is investing in securities in Vietnam really effective? Investing in stocks has opportunities and risks that go hand in hand. Investors need to understand the issue to be able to decide whether to invest or not?

Should you make money from the stock market?
Should you make money from the stock market?
  • Profitable investment opportunities from valuable stock/bond transactions are increasing. Investors can profit from securities with the following items: Price difference after deducting taxes and fees, dividends (can be cash or shares), or bonus shares and the right to buy shares at preferred price.
  • Thanks to the high liquidity, it is easier to buy and sell stocks than other commodities. So how profitable is investing in the stock market? Profit from securities trading is usually much higher than bank deposit interest (average from 10-30%/year).
  • But the risk from stock investment is very high, with many influencing factors such as market and non-market risk. The stock market fluctuates in cycles, which can cause investors to break or lose capital.

Therefore, investing in securities will make a profit or loss depending on the amount of money you spend, market fluctuations and other influencing factors. Those who grasp the cycle and choose the right investment model will have the opportunity to win.

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So how much profit do you make in the stock market?

Stock investment is an attractive profitable investment channel and has many advantages compared to bank savings many times. If you have a savings account and send it to the bank, the interest rate is only about 6-7%. So how much is the interest in the stock market and more than a bank deposit?

How much does it cost to play the stock market? - Securities Center 2022
How much does it cost to play the stock market? – Securities Center 2022

When you invest in stocks, you can get a much higher and more attractive interest rate. The steady return of 10-15%/month is a regular occurrence if you know how to invest appropriately. The stock market fluctuates in cycles, there are some months that will be very profitable (strong rising waves).

That is to say, at some point in time, you can take advantage of the market’s upswing and make a high profit. The rest of the months are normal, then you can break even. Usually there is one or three waves a year, and it usually lasts from 3 to 4 months. But of course no one will be able to profit during a wave.

If a stock is up 100%, we can aim for a return of around 30% which is many times more than in the bank all year. Learning about stocks before investing is an important skill that can ensure your long-term financial future. In stock investing, the problem is not each way to make the most profit, but how you keep and control your capital.

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The above is a summary of market breaking news about how much profit to play in the stock market. As you can see, this depends on many factors, from financial ability to market situation. But the most important thing is still the knowledge, skills and experience you have to be able to invest effectively!


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