You are in possession of a certain amount of silver in your hand. And want to sell to exchange for cash. But don’t know yet how much does it cost to sell old silver? money. And where to sell it will get the highest price.

In the following article, will go with you to learn about how much to resell old silver and where to go to get the highest price.

What is old silver?

Old silver is a type of silver that still has its own characteristic pure proportions. But the only difference is that the silver has been used.

What is old silver?

Silver jewelry can change color after a period of use. But this is the general condition of products made of silver. Because of these chemical and ionic reactions occur.

However, that does not mean that old silver loses its value. When stores buy second-hand silver, they will polish the product in many different ways. This will bring back the shiny color of the old silver.

Can old silver be sold?

Many of you are wondering and wondering if it is possible to resell old silver. Where accept to buy old silver.

You can still sell your old silver as usual. Because of the nature of jewelry, silver objects still have its value. However, the resale price of old silver will not be as high as when you bought it. Surely when you sell you will have to suffer a little loss.

How much does it cost to sell old silver?

How much to sell used silver depends on the type of silver you own. In addition, the unit of purchase is also very important. You can refer to the price list below to know the list price of silver buying and selling of the current market.

Silver typeResale price
Silver 99.966,030 VND/ 1 only
Silver Italy 92549,253 VND/ 1 only
British Silver (958)42,450 VND/ 1 only
Silver 14k (585)25,932 VND/ 1 only
Silver 22k (916)40,565 VND/ 1 only
Silver 21k (875)38,753 VND/ 1 only

Where to sell old silver for the highest price?

You do not know where to sell used silver for the best price. According to my experience, any silver shop will buy back silver.

How much does it cost to sell old silver?

To be able to resell old silver, you just need to go to the local gold and silver shops where you live to sell. The price at each store will be different, they will set the price according to the current market price and the model that the product you intend to sell.

But when you do, you should also know well what the silver rate is today. In case of selling at too low a price.

Above is all information about selling old silver for how much 1 only. Hopefully this information has helped you better understand the current silver market price level.



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