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About the Korean Won

Won is the main currency of the country of Korea, born in 1962, originally named 환/Hwan, then unified into 원/won. Includes 6 coins and 4 banknotes.

About the Korean Won
About the Korean Won

Basic information you can know more about the Won:

  • Korean Name: /Won
  • Vietnamese: uôn
  • Symbols: KRW and
  • 6 coins: 1 won, 5 won, 10 won, 50 won, 100 won, 500 won
  • 4 types of banknotes: 1000 won, 5000 won, 10,000 won, 50,000 won.

Find out how much is 1 Won in Vietnam Dong?

How much is 1 million Korean Won (KRW) in Vietnamese Dong (VND)?

How much is 1 million Korean Won (KRW) in Vietnam Dong (VND) converted at the current price: 1 Won = 19.34 VND

1 million Won = 19,342,696.57 VND

Similarly, with smaller denominations will be converted to VND as follows:

  • 10 Won = 193.34 VND
  • 100 Won = 1,934.27 VND
  • 1,000 Won = 19,342.70 VND
  • 10,000 Won = 192,426.97 VND
  • 100,000 Won = 1,934,269.66 VND

This is the exchange rate for your reference, in addition, when making a conversion with a large amount like this, you should refer to the exchange rate between banks to choose the best.

Where is the reputable place to change Korean Won to Vietnamese currency?

Convert Won (KRB) to VND in Vietnam

If you are in Vietnam and want to change money from Won to VND, you can choose and go to the following locations:

  • At the bank: With a large amount of money to ensure safety, you should go directly to major banks in Vietnam for transactions. Currently, almost every bank supports the exchange of foreign currency into VND, note that when you come to the bank, you should bring all your personal documents so that the request can be completed faster.
  • At the gold and silver shop: When you change here, you will enjoy a higher difference than the bank, but one limitation is that this unit may operate without a license. And this will be prohibited by Vietnamese law with foreign currency transactions.
  • At the airport: At international airports in Vietnam, there is also a foreign currency exchange service, including the denomination from Won to VND. If you feel convenient, you can also refer to this form of money exchange.
Where is the reputable place to change Korean Won to Vietnamese currency?
Where is the reputable place to change Korean Won to Vietnamese currency?

Convert Won (KRB) to VND in South Korea

If you want to change Won (KRB) to VND in Korea, go to local banks to convert or at Korean international airports. The banks you can refer to in Korea that have money exchange services for Vietnamese currency are WooriBank and Shinhan Bank.

Note when changing Korean Won to Vietnamese Dong

Some notes for you when changing Korean Won to Vietnamese Dong:

  • Choose a reputable and safe money changer to make transactions. The safest way is to go directly to the official banks when you want to make transactions.
  • Refer to the best exchange rate between banks to optimize and choose the best rate, especially when you convert with large amounts.
  • To quickly calculate the exchange rate and update accurately, you can refer to websites that convert foreign currencies from Korean Won to Vietnamese Dong for calculation and tracking.
  • When the redemption is completed at the bank, you should double check the amount you received is correct before you leave.


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