How much is 1 Thai Bath in Vietnamese Dong?“, “How much is 1000 Thai baht in Vietnamese Dong”, “10 Thai Bath in how much in Vietnamese Dong”, “1 baht = VND” or “change bath to VND” are questions that many customers are interested in.

As a country located in Southeast Asia and has many attractive tourist attractions, Thailand is an attractive destination for Vietnamese tourists. To prepare for an interesting trip, of course you need to change Vietnamese currency into Thai baht. So,

What are the denominations of Thai currency?

How much is 1 Thai Bath in Vietnam Dong?

Where can I exchange Thai Bath for the best price?

Let’s find out through the content of this article!

How much is 1 Thai baht in Vietnamese Dong?
How much is 1 Thai Bath in Vietnamese Dong?

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Introducing Thai Baht

Bath is the official currency in the Thai monetary system, like many other countries, Thailand allows circulation of both coins and banknotes on the market.

  • Abbreviation: Bath.
  • Symbol: THB (฿)
  • Form: Coins and banknotes.

Thai currency denominations

Banknotes in the Thai monetary system include denominations of 20 Bath, 50 Bath, 100 Bath, 500 Bath and 1000 Bath. And each banknote unit will be distinguished by different colors:

  • 20฿: green
  • 50฿: blue
  • 100฿: red
  • 500฿: burgundy
  • 1000฿: white

Besides, Thai coins in the form of coins are available for lower denominations from 1฿, 2฿, 5฿ and 10฿.

Coins in Thailand are used quite commonly, used to buy goods, pay for train tickets, and buy essential services. Therefore, if you want to travel to Thailand, you should exchange both banknotes and coins.

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How much is 1 Thai Bath (THB) in Vietnamese Dong (VND)?

Follow Thai baht exchange rate The latest results when converting 1 Bath to VND (1 Bath = VND) are as follows:

1 Thai Bath = 759,617 VND

However, the rate of the Thai Baht may change from time to time and vary from bank to bank.

From there, we have the conversion table of Thai Bath to Vietnamese Dong (Bath Thai to VND) as follows:

Thai currency (Unit: THB)Vietnam Dong (Unit: VND)
1,000 yen759,167


  • 5 Thai Bath = 3,795,835 VND
  • 10 Thai Bath = 7,591.67 VND
  • 100 Thai Bath = 75,916.7 VND
  • 500 Thai Bath = 379,583.5 VND
  • 1000 Thai Bath = 759,167 VND

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100 Baht to VND? How much is 100 Baht in Vietnamese Dong?

The above is one of the many questions that Thai tourists often ask before coming to Vietnam and need to convert Bath to VND. The answer is below:

100 Thai Bath = 75,916.7 VND

Where is the best place to convert Thai Baht to Vietnamese Dong?

Convert Bath to VND (Bath Thai to VND) in Vietnam

If you want to convert Thai baht in Vietnam (bath Thai to VND), you can refer to the banks. The latest updated exchange rate for Thai Bath on August 1, 2020 at some banks is as follows:

STTBankBuyingBuy transferSellSell ​​transfer
2Agribank707.00 710.00 747.00
4East Asia670.00720.00 750.00750.00
7Kien Long707.00745.00
8Maritime Bank704.00755.00
9MBBank681.12688.00776.06 776.06
tenSacombank706.00797.00 792.00
twelfthTechcombank704.00 713.00793.00

Based on this exchange rate table, if you want to use VND to buy Thai Bath, Agribank, Eximbank, Vietcombank are the most reasonable choices.

Exchange Thai Bath in Thailand

If you accidentally spend more than the amount of Thai money you have prepared, where can you exchange Bath in Thailand?

If you change directly at the Airport, the fee will be quite high, below I will summarize some places to change Thai baht from VND with cheap fees.

SuperRich 1965 Co, Ltd

  • Address: 97/11 GJA001 Suite Ground Floor Big-C Supercenter, Ratchadamri Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok
  • Operating time: From 10:00 to 21:00, from Monday to Sunday.


  • Address: Soi Sukhumvit 22, Khlong Toei Bangkok
  • Operating time: From 10:00 to 21:00, Monday to Sunday


  • Address: Suriyawong, Bang Rak, Bangkok
  • Operating time: From 10:00 to 22:00, Monday to Saturday

Central World Plaza

  • Address: 11/47-13 Ratchadamri Rd, Pathumwan Bangkok
  • Operating time: From 09:00 to 18:00, from Monday to Saturday

What should I pay attention to when changing Bath?

  • If you unfortunately can’t change the baht, don’t worry too much, because shopping stores and sales centers in Thailand all accept credit card payment.
  • However, the foreign currency conversion rate is quite high, so it is still preferable to exchange Thai baht.
  • One more issue, Thai law stipulates that the minimum and maximum amount of money to be brought on entry is 700 USD (20,000 BATH) and 5,000 USD. If you spend more, you can use a credit card instead.
  • Besides, if you change Thai Baht in Vietnam, you should change it at the bank and have a comparison of Thai exchange rates between banks to choose which bank has the best exchange rate.


How much is 1 Bath in Vietnam Dong? You already have your answer after reading this article, right? Hopefully, the content of the article has provided all the necessary information about the Thai monetary system, to help you have an interesting travel experience.

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