The dollar is the strongest, most used and valuable currency in virtually every international transaction. Although the demand for this US dollar is very high, currently there are still customers who do not understand how to convert as well as understand the exchange rate.

So how to update the exchange rate? Exchange How much is 100 USD in Vietnamese Dong?? What is the exchange rate for dollars in Vietnam? Let’s find out with right here.

What is the US dollar exchange rate in Vietnam?

The United States Dollar, or USD for short (for United State Dollar) is the official and legal currency of the United States of America. In addition to being commonly used in most international financial and commercial transactions, the US dollar is also one of the currencies used to hoard the most.

What is the US dollar exchange rate in Vietnam?
What is the US dollar exchange rate in Vietnam?

Because it is accepted and can be used for consumption in many countries around the world, it is very important to know and understand the exchange rate or value of this currency.

In Vietnam, people are also very fond of using the US dollar, because the dollar exchange rate in our country is often quite high. Thus, making it easy to invest, exchange, buy and sell and can be conveniently used anywhere or easily meet consumer needs.

However, the exchange rates of these foreign currencies are always changing, increasing and decreasing day by day, hour by hour. From there, the difference when trading is quite large. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and understand the rise and fall of foreign currency rates, specifically the US dollar.

How much is 100 USD in Vietnamese Dong? Latest updates

According to the latest update, the US dollar is having a skyrocketing rate, has now increased for the 5th week in a row and officially hit a record high. With listing by the State Bank, the current US dollar exchange rate is 23,130 VND/USD.

In the case of buying and selling US dollars outside the bank, the USD exchange rate reached 23,540 dong for buying and 23,640 dong for selling. In addition, the buying and selling rates in banks are different. Specifically, in May 2022, the exchange rate of 1 US dollar to Vietnamese currency is:

BankBuy (VND)Sell
Bao Viet23,070
East Asia23,09023,280
Hong Leong23,05023,340
Kien Long23,06523,275
Lien Viet23,07523,275
South Asia23.01023,340
TPB22,990 won23,330
UOB22,990 won23,340

Price list for converting 1 dollar to Vietnamese currency (May 2022)

So specifically, how much will 100 dollars be in Vietnamese dong?

The answer is: $100 will be equal to VND 2,313,000 at the list price. With the outside exchange price, 100 USD will be 2,354,000 VND if buying, and will be 2,364,000 VND if selling.

With such a high exchange rate, it is expected that this will be a catalyst to help the exchange and buying and selling of dollars in Vietnam take place strongly.

Instructions to convert US Dollars to Vietnamese Dong

Once you know the dollar rate, you need to keep in mind that when the currency market fluctuates, the currency rate will also change. Therefore, in order to use the dollar more easily and proactively, you need to know how to convert dollars into Vietnamese currency.

How to convert 100 dollars to how much Vietnamese dong via Google:

Google is a great platform to help you look up and learn quickly about any field or knowledge in life. To look up how much is 100 USD in Vietnamese Dong, you can enter the search keyword “how much is the exchange rate of 100 USD in Vietnamese Dong” or look it up in English like “100 USD to VND”.

How to convert 100 USD to how many Vietnamese Dong via the website of the currency converter:

Currently, there are many websites that allow you to look up exchange rates and convert foreign currencies for you such as:, converter on or, etc.

For example: You just need to visit the website:, enter the amount of money to be converted, and you will receive quick results.

Where is the reputable place to change USD to Vietnamese currency?

Where is the reputable place to change USD to Vietnamese currency?
Where is the reputable place to change USD to Vietnamese currency?

You know the US dollar exchange rate and want to change the dollar to Vietnamese cash but do not know any quality and reliable address. Understanding that desire, will immediately suggest you the top 7+ reputable addresses to change dollars to Vietnamese currency that you should know.

Exchange Dollars at the Bank

The Bank is definitely a more reliable and ideal address for you to be able to safely change dollars into Vietnamese currency. In general, banks, whether public or private, are legally responsible and can help you change dollars quickly.

However, each bank has a table that applies different buying and selling rates. Therefore, you need to find out in advance, look up relevant exchange rate information, update and understand the exchange rate continuously every day through the press, news, website or you can also contact us directly through the website. Bank customer service desk or transaction counter…

Exchange dollars at jewelry stores

Depending on which jewelry store has registered a foreign currency exchange license, you can change dollars into Vietnamese currency there. However, only a few jewelry stores are licensed to perform this service, so you need to be careful.

In addition, a plus point when you choose this option is that often when changing dollars here, there will be a higher price and faster money exchange than banks, making it easier for you to receive the money you need to change immediately. No need to wait too long and the procedure is too complicated.

Some reputable jewelry stores are allowed to exchange foreign currencies such as: Bich Thuy Gold Shop, Kim Mai Gold Shop, Saigon Jewelry Center…

Exchange dollars at the airport

In addition to the two locations above, the airport is also a good place for you to exchange foreign currency. This option will be very suitable for you if you are in need of traveling abroad, need to exchange foreign currency urgently but do not have time to prepare to change before, then you can change it right at the airport, before doing so. boarding procedures.

Specifically, you can go to the foreign currency exchange counters of our country’s banks such as Vietinbank or Techcombank… at the airport for quick money exchange support.

Exchange dollars at restaurants, hotels, and large resorts

Restaurants, hotels and resorts are also good suggestions for foreign currency exchange. Because some addresses are still licensed to convert dollars into Vietnamese currency. However, you can only exchange money with a low limit, the quantity is not much, so it will not be suitable for those who want to convert large money.

Exchange dollars at Vietinbank multi-function ATM

With this option, you can choose any multi-function ATM of the nearest Vietinbank. You pay attention to select the foreign currency exchange feature, enter information and complete the steps to complete the transaction.

You should note that only US$50 or more can be redeemed for this option.

Exchange dollars at Vietcombank foreign exchange counters

With the title of being the top bank in Vietnam, Vietcombank is definitely a reputable address to help you change dollars into Vietnamese currency with peace of mind.

To register to convert money, you need to prepare clear documents, including: identity card / passport, dollar / Vietnamese currency, documents proving the purpose of using foreign currency. In particular, you can exchange almost all commonly used foreign currencies in the world at Vietcombank, easily meeting your consumer spending needs.

Exchange dollars at Eximbank’s foreign exchange counters

Eximbank is also one of the long-standing prestigious banks in our country. You can change dollars to Vietnamese currency here at a very reasonable price. Besides the US dollar, Eximbank also actively supports when you want to exchange Yuan, British pound, Japanese yen or EURO…

Notes when changing from USD to Vietnamese dong

Notes when changing from USD to Vietnamese dong
Notes when changing from USD to Vietnamese dong

Constant exchange rate update

Because the market is always volatile, prices rise and fall erratically, exchange rates will always change. So in order to have an overview of the currency market, better understand the exchange rates as well as understand this fluctuation situation, you need to pay attention to constantly updating information.

You can update information on exchange rates on financial and market news sites; reputable new newspapers, websites of banks with foreign currency exchange programs…

Restrictions on the use of foreign exchange in Vietnam

When using foreign exchange in our country, you need to pay attention that, only perform foreign currency exchange in the following cases:

  • Urgent, necessary cases and permitted by the Prime Minister.
  • In case of payment through an intermediary such as: collection, entrustment, agent.
  • In case of dealing with an application organization that is allowed to operate foreign exchange.

Note the point of buying and selling foreign currency

To choose a reputable and reliable place to buy and sell foreign currency, you need to pay attention to choosing a place that is allowed to sell foreign currency of a unit in the network of a credit institution or a foreign currency exchange agent.

Do not buy or sell foreign currency at unknown locations, without papers or licenses to do business in this field to avoid being scammed, to “lose money”

Only buy and sell foreign currency 100 USD/person/day

According to the regulations of the State of Vietnam, each individual Vietnamese citizen and licensed creditors are only allowed to conduct foreign currency exchange transactions with a limit of US$100 per person per day.

In addition, you are only entitled to purchase other foreign currencies of equivalent value during your stay abroad for 10 days.

In addition, if you are supported by a financial institution that allows you to exchange foreign currency, you can still exchange foreign currency above the above-mentioned level, only if it is an urgent case such as going on a business trip abroad. visit…


And that is How much is 100 USD in Vietnamese Dong? Updating the latest exchange rates, hopes that through this article you will have more useful information, making your foreign currency exchange process easier and smoother.

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