Are you planning to study or travel in Korea and you want to know the exchange rate? How much is 1000 won in Vietnamese Dong?. You are a Vietnamese who has just traveled to the country of “Kim Chi” and returned home, but you still have some Won money in you. Follow the article below to let Banktop update you with the latest exchange rate today.

How much is 1000 Won in Vietnam Dong?
How much is 1000 Won in Vietnam Dong?

A little bit about Korean Won

You must have heard a lot about the Won currency somewhere like TV, radio, or even people around. So do you know which country the Won money belongs to? The Won (원) is a unit of currency of South Korea, with the symbol KRW and abbreviated as ₩. In Korea, people use Won in two main forms: coins and banknotes.

South Korean Won Denominations

Currently, Won money is divided into two main types, namely: coins and banknotes. Each currency will have different denominations.

  • Coin denominations: 1 won, 5 won, 10 won, 50 won, 100 won, 500 won
  • Banknotes denominations: 1000 won, 5000 won, 10,000 won and 50,000 won.
South Korean Won Denominations
South Korean Won Denominations

However, now coins with a value of 1 won or 5 won are no longer used. Because those denominations are too small to meet the needs of transactions. Therefore, the common coins in Korea today are usually in denominations of 10 won, 50 won, 100 won and 500 won.

Find out how much is 1 million Won in VND?

What is the 1000 Won identification?

The 1,000 won bill is light blue in color. The top of the note features flowers, a hanok house and a portrait of a man. That man was the scholar Toegye Yi Hwang of the Joseon Dynasty. He is one of the important contributors to the Dosanseowon Confucius Institute.

How much is 1000 Won in Vietnamese Dong (VND)?

The won rate changes frequently and continuously. Therefore, to know exactly how much VND 1000 won is, you need to update at the time you need to convert. According to the latest updated Banktop exchange rate today:

1 Won = 18,259 VND, equivalent to 1000 won = 18,259.35 VND

Korean Won Exchange Rate

The exchange rate of the Korean won as well as other currencies is quoted on a daily basis with constant fluctuations (However, the difference is not much). This fluctuation is changed according to the development situation of Korea.

For example, the US dollar you can use anywhere, anywhere in the territory of Vietnam or in the world because of the needs in the region or countries around the world can use the US dollar. The US Dollar is the currency of trade.

The current Won exchange rate is 1 won equal to 18.26VND and equal to 0.79 US dollars

Where is a reputable place to change 1000 Won to Vietnamese currency in Vietnam?

With the modern market trend in Vietnam like today, you can change Won into Vietnamese currency in many places such as gold and silver shops, pawn shops, currency exchange shops or at transaction points of all legal banks throughout the territory of Vietnam.

But in order to find yourself a reputable place that can change money from Won to Vietnamese currency safely, reputable and legal, we advise you to go to transaction offices of banks. Vietnamese legal goods to exchange money. There you will be guided by the bank staff and carry out the legal process of exchanging money according to the regulations of the Vietnamese state.

Is there a fee to change Won to Vietnamese Dong?

Are you wondering if there is a fee to change won to Vietnamese currency? The answer is yes. All foreign currencies when converted to Vietnamese currency are subject to a fee, normally the cost for exchanging foreign currency into Vietnamese currency at banks is 2% * Transaction value.

Note when going to change won money to Vietnamese currency

There are two things to pay special attention to when you go to change won to Vietnamese currency, which is the time to change money and the place to change money. Why should you note these 2 points because the face value of money will be changed from day to day, it may be low today but tomorrow may be high. So, if you don’t need to change money urgently, wait until tomorrow to be able to change money in the most optimal way.

And the second thing is the place to change money. As mentioned above, we encourage you to exchange money at legally licensed bank transaction offices in Vietnam or points of sale and exchange of gold, silver, and gems approved by the Vietnamese government. Male. Because that’s where you can trust when you want to change money, avoiding unnecessary risks.


Above Banktop updated to you the latest exchange rate of 1000 Won in Vietnam Dong today. Hope the above information is useful and helps you to find a reputable won currency exchange place. Thanks for following our article.

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