24K gold bracelet is one of the gold jewelry product lines that we are very popular and chosen by many people. And if you are also planning to buy this jewelry, then go to the article below to find out the price 24K gold bracelet 1 only how much And where should I buy the most reputable?

Learn about 24k gold

24K CZK Gold is pure gold with the highest purity, almost perfect when the gold content reaches 99.99%. People usually calculate the age of gold in degrees K (karat). This K number will represent the content of pure gold present in the metal compound.

Basic information about 24K . gold
Basic information about 24K . gold

The age of gold is determined on a scale from 1 to 24. One karat is equal to 1/24 of pure gold.

24K gold usually has a deep metallic yellow color, very eye-catching. However, they have the disadvantage that they are quite soft, so 24K gold jewelry is often quite simple, there are not many designs to choose from, few patterns and it is very difficult to install diamonds or polish.

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Should I buy a 24K gold smooth bracelet?

As mentioned above, the characteristic of 24K gold is that it is flexible and difficult to manipulate, so it is very difficult to choose a gold bracelet with many beautiful textures and stones. So, depending on your needs, you should consider making a decision to buy a suitable 24k smooth bracelet.

If you want to buy gold to hoard, you can buy a plain 24K gold ring because that way you won’t be charged a lot of money when buying and selling will not depreciate much. Therefore, 24K gold rings can be considered as an ideal hoarding asset.

If you want to buy jewelry, 24K gold rings are not suitable, instead you can choose western gold or white gold products that will be more suitable because of their high aesthetic value, variety of designs, There are many beautiful textures and attached with stones or diamonds for you to freely choose the best product.

In case you want to buy a gift, you can use a plain gold bracelet for weddings, birthdays, etc., which is both commemorative and long-lasting.

24k gold bracelet 1 only how much?

The price of gold is very dependent on market fluctuations, at each time the gold price has a different increase and decrease. In addition, the price of gold may also have a difference between different selling units.

In addition to the price difference due to the market and selling units, the price of 24K gold rings can also change due to the design, whether it is multi-precious or not, etc. So to give specific numbers for the ring question. 24K gold 1 only how much money is very difficult.

24k gold bracelet 1 only how much?
24k gold bracelet 1 only how much?

However, with 24K smooth bracelets, the manufacturing cost is not much, so you can refer to the current gold price at some major brands to make price judgments, typically such as:

  • Saigon Jewelry Company – SJC (HCM) listed the price of 24K gold to buy at 5,256 thousand VND / 1 piece and sell for 5,396 thousand VND / 1 piece.
  • Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company – PNJ listed the price of 24K gold to buy at 5,260 thousand VND / 1 piece and sell it at 5,400 thousand VND / 1 piece.
  • Doji Jewelry Group – DOJI (HCM) listed the price of 24K gold to buy at 5,224 thousand VND / 1 piece and sell it for 5,394 thousand VND / 1 piece.

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Where to buy quality 24k gold bracelet?

24K gold bracelets are jewelry of great value, so choosing a reputable and quality seller is very important. Let’s take a look at the most famous brands selling 24K gold rings as follows.


This is the leading gold and silver jewelry retailer in Asia and currently holds the No. 1 position in the mid-range and high-end jewelry market segments in Vietnam. When shopping at PNJ, you will be immersed in the world of jewelry, with thousands of gold bracelets with all designs for you to choose from.

Jewelry products at PNJ always make customers captivated by their high aesthetics
Jewelry products at PNJ always make customers captivated by their high aesthetics

Moreover, product quality and attentive service attitude are issues that are always concerned by PNJ to satisfy all customers. PNJ’s branches are spread all over the country, so you can easily buy PNJ 24K gold bracelet jewelry in any province.


SJC is a state-owned gold brand under the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. SJC’s products are always guaranteed to be of high quality and good price, with many beautiful designs that have attracted the attention of many customers.

Especially, SJC 18k and 24k gold bracelets are applied modern technology such as casting, punching, wire connection, engraving and printing by machine, etc. will surely satisfy customers. The moderate price is updated continuously according to the domestic and foreign gold price, meeting the needs of both retail customers and agency stores throughout the provinces in the country.


DOJI is a famous high-end jewelry brand today. With the gold price list, which is constantly updated according to the market, the most accurate and public way to help customers accurately grasp the gold price and the gold market situation in real time.

When buying DOJI’s 18k and 24k gold smooth bracelets, customers will be immersed in thousands of beautiful, extremely luxurious and sophisticated designs that will enhance your beautiful beauty. At the same time, DOJI’s professional consultants are always ready to help you choose the most suitable product.

Bao Tin Minh Chau

After more than 20 years of establishment and development, Bao Tin Minh Chau quickly became one of the leading prestigious jewelry companies in Vietnam. With continuous efforts, Bao Tin Minh Chau has achieved many achievements and major awards.

Bao Tin Minh Chau is a very reputable place to buy 24K gold rings for you
Bao Tin Minh Chau is a very reputable place to buy 24K gold rings for you

Bao Tin Minh Chau is also a leading enterprise in the field of applying jewelry processing technology of advanced countries such as Italy, USA, Germany, Japan… in order to create jewelry products with beautiful patterns, high aesthetic. Therefore, when you have a need to buy a 24K gold ring, you should not ignore this unit.


Phu Quy is a very famous gold and silver brand established in 2003, Phu Quy Gold and Silver Group always places great importance on the word “Trust”, focusing on the benefits of customers. Because of this, Phu Quy has quickly gained a firm foothold in the market and the absolute trust of customers.

In addition to focusing on 24K gold distribution and retail business, Phu Quy also focuses on investing in developing gold jewelry, diamonds, wedding rings…with diverse designs and different styles according to each age.

Moreover, the unit always invests in current equipment and technology to create exquisite products to meet customer needs. Therefore, if you buy a 24K gold ring in Phu Quy, it is a very wise decision.

How to preserve 24k gold bracelet

Instructions on how to preserve 24K gold rings to ensure safety and durability
Instructions on how to preserve 24K gold rings to ensure safety and durability

In order for our 24K gold ring in particular and all our gold jewelry in general to always be shiny and durable, you need to know how to properly preserve it as follows:

  • Absolutely do not put gold jewelry near chemicals because chemicals can corrode, reduce the brightness of gold, make your jewelry dull, lose its aesthetics and affect the quality of gold. .
  • 24K gold is very flexible, so you should not wear gold when doing heavy work or playing sports because when there is a strong impact, your jewelry may be distorted and deformed.
  • Store gold rings, gold jewelry in a cool, dry place, not subject to mold or sunlight.
  • It is best to put gold in jewelry boxes and then put them in discreet places such as drawers or safes.
  • After a while on 24K gold jewelry, black plaque or stains may appear, you can deal with it by taking it to a jewelry store to have a jeweler help you wash and brighten the gold.


Through this article, you must have also written a 24K gold ring with just how much money and choosing a reputable gold jewelry seller. In addition, you should also update the gold rate regularly to choose the best time to buy gold.

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