Silver necklaces are always loved by both men and women as jewelry. But before buying everyone should know How much is the real silver necklace? 1 only? Buy from reputable places and good quality products.

Do not let you have to waste time searching and asking for prices at jewelry stores. Right below this article will help you find out right away.

Find out what is silver?

Silver is a rare metal that is milky white in color and has good electrical conductivity and does not oxidize. That is why silver is widely used in many different fields. In addition, silver is also made to be crafted into beautiful jewelry.

Jewelry products made of silver are always bright white. If the jewelry is silver ta It also has the function of helping the wearer to avoid harmful winds, colds, etc. In addition to jewelry made of silver, there are many different types of silver such as silver, British silver, Thai silver, etc. Each type of silver will have a price. different and different manufactured products.

Should you choose to buy a silver or silver necklace?

On the market today, silver necklaces are made mainly from Ta silver and Italian silver. These are two types of silver with quite high prices and high purity. Silver has a pure composition of 92.5% silver, the remaining 7.5% is other metals. The silver we have is 99.99% pure silver.

How much is the real silver necklace?

But if you choose to buy a silver chain, you should choose Italian silver. Because silver is shiny and quite sturdy. Due to the fact that 7.5% of the composition is a non-silver metal, it is quite hard and can be manufactured in many designs and models. Moreover, thanks to the hardness, when used, there will be less damage.

On the contrary, if the chain is silver, it will be softer and more easily deformed. However, silver is useful in avoiding the wind and does not cause skin irritation. If the necklace is for a baby, it is best to choose a silver chain.

» Reference: What kind of silver is best?

How much does a real silver necklace cost?

Silver price on the market are currently quite cheap and at a level that anyone can afford. But the value of the real silver chain is still subject to further consideration: Weight, type of stone attached, fabrication price, design price, business price, etc. That’s why we can’t. determine how much silver chain 1 only.

But you can still determine through the following silver price:

  • Silver price of 99.9 when bought is 497,300 VND/tael, sold 508,200 VND/tael.
  • Silver price 99.99 bought 497,400 VND/tael, sold 508,400 VND/tael.

If you calculate the type of silver chain is not too expensive. A necklace with a weight of 1 tree only costs less than a million. If different stones are attached, the price of the stone face will be charged.

Check out the most beautiful silver necklace models

Here are some chain samples that you can refer to.

Silver Necklace with PNJ Silver My Princess

How much is the real silver necklace?

PNJ brand is one of the most prestigious chain of stores selling gold, silver, jewelry, and gemstones today. PNJ has unique, beautiful and youthful necklaces designed by highly skilled jewelers.

And the highlight of the PNJ Silver My Princess stone necklace is the links that are beautifully linked together. And this model is inspired by the crown, so the product is quite gorgeous and eye-catching.

The reference price of the product is 573,000 VND.

PNJ silver men’s necklace with curved lettering

How much is the real silver necklace?

If you are a man, you like strong but polite necklaces. Curved PNJ chain products will be right for you. The pattern is designed to knit the threads together and is very delicately linked.

You can wear this necklace without a face and still look beautiful. And if you want to wear a face, you can choose from many different face types.

Reference price: 795,000 VND

Minh Canh silver willow leaf necklace

How much is the real silver necklace?

If you like an elegant and sophisticated necklace, you should choose the silver willow leaf necklace. A design for women, when worn on your shoulder will be more prominent.

With a willow leaf design, it will bring a sense of elegance and sophistication but still exude a luxurious beauty.

The product is made of silver, so when worn, it also has the effect of anti-wind and anti-cold. The selling price of the product is quite cheap, only 320,000 VND.

Men’s silver necklace with dragon head

How much is the real silver necklace?

Men who like strength and boldness and personality should choose the dragon’s head silver necklace. This pattern is inspired by the dragon scales that cover the entire necklace. When worn, it will have high aesthetics and also have a strong meaning.

Each dragon scale is delicately designed and cleverly overlapped. And the dragon head shape is the clasp that makes the product look even more attractive.

Because of its sophisticated and sophisticated craftsmanship, the selling price of this product fluctuates at VND 1,830,000.

Where is the best place to buy silver necklaces?

If you have not chosen where to buy silver necklaces. Please refer to the following stores to ensure you get the best quality products.


PNJ chain of high-end jewelry brand stores offers a variety of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. made from silver. At PNJ, you can choose silver chain models with beautiful and sophisticated designs but still reasonable prices.

You can go to PNJ’s store locations or order online on PNJ’s official website.

Bo Minh Canh

Minh Canh is the most prestigious gold and silver shop today. At Minh Canh, there is a business of silver jewelry with many beautiful designs. When you come to the store, you can choose from hundreds of different models of lanyards for both Men and Women.

The product quality of Minh Canh store has been evaluated by consumers. You can rest assured about the quality of the products here without worrying about buying fake products.

Silver Ngoc Tuan

Ngoc Tuan is also a place to buy prestigious silver necklaces and jewelry. There are also many different designs for bjan to choose from. At Bac Minh Tuan, silver is mainly Italian silver which is crafted, meticulously processed and cared for in every detail.

You can choose from silver products at different prices. But the quality of the products sold is still good

Bao Tin

Bao Tin is a shop dealing in many different jewelry items. Including silver jewelry products are supported by many customers.

The price of silver chain at Bao Tin is always stable and the product quality is always high.

Is the silver chain worn black?

Silver chain discolored copper or black after a period of wearing. It’s not that the black chain is the bad quality of the silver. Cause and because the sweat of the wearer when in contact with silver causes this condition.

In human sweat, salt and sulfur, when in contact with silver chains, will precipitate and cause blackening and discoloration. However, there are also many cases where the wearer is brighter. This also depends a lot on the sweat of the wearer.

What are the benefits of wearing a silver chain?

Silver chains in particular and silver in general, when worn on people, have the effect of avoiding wind. In addition, if worn for children, it also avoids many unclean things.

According to research experts, silver has strong antiseptic properties. So the bacteria when encountering silver will be removed cleanly and from there, the wearer will ensure health.

If in the process of wearing a silver chain that changes color quickly. It shows that your body is having health problems at this time, so sulfur in the body is secreted a lot. Now you need to check your health status.

In addition, silver is better when worn for children. Because in some other types of silver, if not pure, it can cause allergies, skin irritation and redness.

Instructions on how to keep silver necklaces shiny

Use a silver chain that won’t blacken

Silver wire is black due to the main cause of sweat has a lot of sulfur and salt. This we cannot avoid. However, you can still avoid it by the following.

  • Silver straps should not be worn when participating in vigorous activities that produce a lot of sweat.
  • Silver should not come into contact with cleaning agents such as shower gels, oils, shampoos or chemicals found in cosmetics.
  • When not wearing, the silver chain should be removed and stored in the box for safekeeping.
  • Silver should not be mixed with other jewelry and should be stored in a dry heat source.

How to lighten silver necklaces at home

If your necklace is discolored, we can make it brighter by the following way.

  • Use lemon and granulated salt with a little water, then boil on low heat for 15 minutes, the silver will shine like new.
  • Use vinegar and bring to a boil.
  • Use dishwashing liquid, then mix with warm water and let the chain soak in it.
  • Use toothpaste and apply on the chain and leave on for 20 minutes.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to soak the silver chain for 10 minutes.
  • Use boiled rice water with the chain.

So you already know How much is the real silver necklace? money 1 only. The price of silver jewelry is not as high as gold. So anyone can afford it.

Hopefully with this information you have learned the price and address to buy a reputable silver chain.

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