Samples Italian Gold Necklace 750 are being used by many of you. If you are looking for a model of Italian gold chain 750 at a reasonable price. Let’s refer to the article below to better understand the price of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 gold wire only.

About Gold Italy 750 What is it?

Italian gold, also known as Italian gold, is mined and manufactured in Italya. This gold is combined with a number of other metals to create its own unique character.

The color of the Italian Gold will be white, and colored. But this color can vary depending on the percentage of other metals mixed in.

Italian gold will have 2 types, 750 gold and 925 gold. Basically, these two types of gold are the same but will be different in pure gold content.

  • Italian Gold 750: A type of gold with 75% pure gold content, the remaining 25% is other metals.
  • 925 Italian Gold: There is 92.5% pure gold and the remaining 7.25% is other metals. This gold has a beautiful hardness and shine.

Should I buy the Italian Gold 750 chain?

Italian gold chain 750

The demand for buying jewelry made of gold is very much today. But to choose the type of jewelry such as necklaces is quite difficult. The price of gold is also not cheap, so when buying, you should understand the type of gold you are about to buy.

Type 750 gold is a type of gold with a pure gold content of 75%. On the outside will be coated with a silver layer to bring shine to the product. After a period of use, this silver coating may fly.

If you want to buy italy 750 gold chain to make jewelry to wear on your body, you should buy it. However, if you buy it for the purpose of hoarding, you should not buy it. The reason is, 750 Italian gold will lose a lot of value compared to the initial purchase. So if you buy to hoard, you will lose a lot.

Wearing 750 Italian gold jewelry on the body will not bring the feeling of skin allergies. The italian 750 gold chain also has high hardness and brings beauty to the owner.

But please note that the 750 Italian gold chain will fade after a period of use. Therefore, when wearing, it is necessary to store it properly to avoid discoloration and damage.

How much is the 750 Italian Gold Necklace?

Italian gold chain 750

How much is the 750 Italian Gold Necklace? This question will not have an exact answer because the price of gold can change continuously from day to day. In addition, each selling address also has a different selling price.

But you can also refer to the price of Italian gold 750 today is 3,950,000 VND / piece and sold for 4,800,000 VND / piece.

Italian gold chain 750 1 thread4,800,000 VND
Italian gold chain 750 2 thread9,600,000 VND
Italian gold chain 750 3 thread14.400.000 VND
Italian gold chain 750 4 thread19,200,000 VND
Italian gold chain 750 5 points24,000,000 VND

Please note that the prices above are listed prices only. The actual selling price will depend on the place of sale. Because then they will charge sales fees, processing fees, processing fees, etc., so the price will change.

Tips to preserve the best Italian 750 gold chain

The Italian 750 gold chain is bright and very beautiful. However, after a period of use, the color will decrease. Therefore, users need to store them properly and carefully. You should avoid wearing chains when performing vigorous activities such as playing sports or working hard with a lot of sweat. Because in sweat will secrete sulfur and will cause the necklace to discolor very quickly.

In addition, it is recommended to limit the exposure of the 750 gold chain to environments with many chemicals and high humidity. Do not expose to high temperatures as this will cause the chain to deform and change color.

When not in use, it should be removed and put in a box for storage, do not put jewelry together.

If you follow these instructions correctly, you can keep your gold chain shiny like new.

How to clean the Italian Gold chain 750

You can clean your Italy 750 gold chain to keep it looking like new.

Cold water can be used with a dry towel, then take some toothpaste and lightly brush the surface of the chain. Rinse the entire chain and rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Immediately you will see the chain become more shiny.

You can use a specialized jewelry cleaning solution to clean it. Take a little solution with water and soak it for 20 minutes, then wash it again and dry it. Note: Do not use dishwashing liquid or shampoo, because these have strong detergents that will cause the silver plating on the outside to be discolored.

And this is what share about Italian gold chain 750. Hope you have found the answer and understand better about this 750 Italian gold chain. If you have other questions, please leave a comment.



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