Necklace is a type of jewelry used a lot in the big day of every bride. The current gold necklace model used a lot. Because of the beauty, meaning and value, many types of necklaces are used. The current gold necklace models have many types such as 2 threads, 3 threads, 5 threads.

Currently you are referring to beautiful gold necklace models with reasonable prices. Below this article will help you find out right below.

What is our golden necklace?

Model gold necklace

Our golden necklace is often used in important days of people’s lives. The gold necklace models will be given by parents to their children as a dowry. This tradition goes back a long time.

The handing over of our gold necklace is meant to prove that the bride’s family is registered for the groom’s family. At the same time, this is also an economically valuable gift to help the children have business capital after getting married.

Currently, gold necklaces are made with many different types. But usually it will be made of 9999 gold. So the necklaces that usually have few designs are usually plain models or attached with a little gem motif. The sizes of all types are the same, but the difference is that they are hollow or solid.

Should you choose a necklace or a gold necklace?

Necklace with a completely different necklace. The necklace is designed with a modern style and has more designs. But the necklace will have less value than the necklace, in addition, the necklace is usually designed mainly in western gold to create more hardness.

And the necklace is cast with pure gold. So the necklace will be softer, the design will also be less. And the necklace will not lose its value later because it is made of pure gold.

So, if you buy a necklace, you should use it for the purpose of giving a dowry or for accumulating assets. If you want to wear it as a regular jewelry accessory, you should choose a necklace.

How much is our gold necklace?

The gold necklace model we will have the same size, but the weight will be different. Currently, necklaces are usually cast with 2 threads, 3 threads, and 5 threads. Even though the size is the same, the price will be different.

How much is the gold necklace ta 2 only24K Gold Ring PNJ 0000Y060105 – 2 only: 11,100,000 VND
How much is the gold necklace ta 3 only
  • PNJ 24K Gold Bracelet 0000Y06001 – 3 only: 17,378,000 VND
  • 24K Gold Bracelet PNJ 0000Y060104 – 3 only: 16.475,000 VND
How much is the gold necklace ta 5 only
  • VRTL Hoang Kim Bao 5 Gold Bracelet only: 26.700.000 VND.
  • Kieu Hoang Kim Bao 01 5 with only Emerald stones: 32,600,000 VND.

The most beautiful models of our gold necklaces today

24K Gold Wedding Bracelets PNJ 0000Y06001

Model gold necklace

On the pedestal, there are engraved images of Dragon and Phuong, which are mascots symbolizing Asian identity. This symbol symbolizes the couple’s affection for a hundred years, full of happiness.

The design of the product has a luxurious and aristocratic beauty and when worn, it will exude the beauty of the bride on the wedding day.

With meticulous, sophisticated design crafted from high quality 24K gold. This will be a radiant adornment for the strawberry sentence and also preserve the sweet moments for a lifetime.

Currently, the selling price of the product is 18,461,000 VND.

The gold necklace is wrapped with Rum flowers

Model gold necklace

The safflower flowers are crafted on an extremely skillful and sophisticated necklace. This type of bracelet brings both a classic and modern feel to the wearer. With a soft and luxurious design, it will definitely make the wedding day more meaningful.

Rose gold necklace

Model gold necklace

Roses are flowers that represent love. And this flower is put on the products by the manufacturers. With a luxurious and very modern finish. Wearing it on the bride will exude an elegant, seductive and luxurious beauty.

On the side of the bracket will design small roses knit together very soft. That brings the highlight to the product.

Mi Hong gold necklace with yellow flowers Mi Hong

Model gold necklace

The product is accented with 2 blooming flowers on the face. The design of the flower is very soft, delicate and meticulous to every detail. This type of bracelet is being designed with 98% pure gold and has a selling price of 20,860,250 VND.

The gold necklace is connected to Bao Tin Minh Chau’s face

Model gold necklace

This is a very beautiful antique necklace at Bao Tin Minh Chau. With a sophisticated and sophisticated design, the product is very suitable if worn with an innovative shirt, ao dai.

Pattern of soft, winding flowers with 8 flowers arranged evenly all over the base. Surely this will be the most beautiful type of braces that every bride wants to have.

Where to buy our gold necklace?

Our gold necklace models have a high value, but if we don’t know how to choose, we will buy poor quality products. Therefore, you should choose to buy our gold necklaces at the following reputable places.

  • Gold, silver, jewelry, and gemstone brand PNJ
  • Gold and silver jewelry brand SJC
  • Brand DOJI
  • Bao Tin Minh Chau brand
  • Mi Hong Gold, Silver and Gemstone Store Chain.

Instructions on how to preserve the golden necklace

The following are some tips to help you better preserve our gold neck.

  • It is recommended to store in a jewelry box with a cushion, then separate each type of jewelry to avoid scratching.
  • Since it is a valuable asset, keep it in a secret place with a key to prevent it from being stolen.
  • Level kept in a clean, cool place should not be in a place with high humidity.
  • Regularly take out the cleaning and cleaning to keep the gold clean.

Are our gold necklaces tarnished black?

Our gold necklace is used a lot as a dowry and is often used as an accumulated asset. Our gold necklaces are made from 24k gold with high pure gold composition. Therefore, our gold necklaces are rarely tarnished or faded. However, it is not without fading. If the necklace is exposed to cleaning chemicals and sweat a lot but is not cleaned, it will easily change color.

Here are the gold necklace model The best that you can refer to. In addition to the above models, there are many other models that are released every year. So you can refer to the stores to choose the beautiful model with the right price.

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