Techcombank withdrawal fee is a fee the customer has to pay when making a withdrawal. This fee will be determined for each withdrawal method you use. To understand more about this fee schedule, let’s find out with through the following article.

What is Techcombank withdrawal fee?

Techcombank withdrawal fee is the amount the customer has to pay to the bank when using the withdrawal service. When you proceed to withdraw money from Techcombank bank account. The system will automatically deduct the amount of the fee corresponding to the amount withdrawn according to regulations.

The purpose of this fee is to help the bank have a source of income to repair, maintain, pay salaries and operate its system. Currently, Techcombank also has a number of account package programs where money transfer is free.

Is there a fee for Techcombank to withdraw money?

Yes, when withdrawing money with Techcombank ATM card, the account holder will have to pay the withdrawal fee. Currently, there are many different withdrawal methods applied by Techcombank. And each way will have a different fee schedule.

If during the transaction process, your account does not have enough balance to deduct the withdrawal fee. At that time, the transaction will be canceled and cannot be withdrawn. Therefore, when withdrawing money, you need to calculate to ensure that the balance is enough to pay this withdrawal fee.

Latest Techcombank withdrawal fee schedule

Below is the latest Techcombank withdrawal fee schedule.

Techcombank withdrawal fee at the counter

You withdraw cash at a branch of Techcombank’s transaction office. Techcombank withdrawal fee schedule will be calculated as follows.

Techcombank withdrawal fee

  • Withdraw money at Techcombank branches in the same province or city where the account is opened: Free
  • Withdrawal at Techcombank branches other than the province or city where the account is opened: 0.03% x withdrawal amount.
  • Withdrawal from VND account to USD, EUR, AUD, GPB, JPY: 0.15% fee min 2 USD, maximum 500 USD.

Visa Techcombank withdrawal fee

With Visa Techcombank card, the withdrawal fee schedule will be as follows.Techcombank withdrawal fee

card typeWithdrawal fee in the same systemOther bank withdrawal fees
Techcombank Visa Classic international payment card1,000 VND/transaction
  • In Vietnam: 9,900 VND/transaction.
  • Withdrawal abroad: 4% * transaction value. Minimum 50,000 VND
Techcombank Visa Gold international payment card
  • Card issued without package card: 2,000 VND/transaction
  • Issuing under unpaid accounts: 1,000 VND/transaction.
  • Vietnam ATM: 9,900 VND/transaction.
  • Withdraw at foreign ATMs: 4% of the withdrawal amount, minimum 50,000 VND.
Techcombank Visa Priority international payment card1,000 – 2,000 VND/transaction
  • 9,900 VND/transaction
  • If withdrawing abroad 4%, minimum 50,000 VND.
Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Visa Platinum international payment card2,000 VND/transaction
  • Vietnam: 9,900 VND/transaction
  • Foreign: 4%*transaction value.
Techcombank domestic payment card [email protected] Priority
  • Open card without package: 2,000 VND/time
  • Cards issued under unpaid accounts: 1,000 VND/time.
  • Card issued by payroll account: Free
3,000 VND/transaction

Techcombank ATM withdrawal fee is different from other banks

When using Techcombank ATM card to make transactions at other ATMs, there will be fees. This fee depends on the regulations of the bank that owns the ATM. But the fee will be 3,000 VND / withdrawal.

Techcombank ATM withdrawal fee

  • Free: When making transactions at Techcombank ATMs, if the card is a card opened under a salary account package.
  • Withdrawal fee 1,000 VND/transaction: If the card is not opened under any service gosid.
  • Withdrawal fee 2,000 VND/transaction: If it is a regular ATM card.

Techcombank credit card cash withdrawal fee schedule

For Techcombank credit cards, you will have to pay more fees when you advance. In addition to the withdrawal fee, the withdrawal amount will be charged interest according to the card’s regulations. Details of Techcombank credit card withdrawal fees are as follows.

card typeATM withdrawal fee at TechcombankOther ATM withdrawal fees
  1. Techcombank Visa Infinite
  2. Techcombank Visa Classic
  3. Techcombank Visa Gold
  4. Techcombank Visa Platinum
  5. Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Visa Classic
  6. Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Visa Gold
  7. Techcombank Visa Priority
  8. Techcombank Visa Platinum Priority
  9. Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Visa Platinum Priority
  10. Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Visa Priority
  11. Techcombank JCB DreamCard
  12. Techcombank Visa Signature
  13. Techcombank Spark
4% x withdrawal amount, minimum 100,000 VND.4%, minimum 100,000 VND.
Techcombank DreamCard credit card2% of withdrawal amount, min 50,000 VND.4% minimum is 100,000 VND.

Ways to withdraw money from Techcombank

Cash withdrawal at Techcombank branch

If you have a need to withdraw money in a large amount and withdraw in 1 time only. Please bring identification to Techcombank branch for withdrawal.

  • Step 1: Go to the bank and inform the staff about the need to withdraw money.
  • Step 2: Fill in your personal information, account, and the amount you want to withdraw on the paper and then return it.
  • Step 3: The bank confirms the request and withdraws money according to the correct procedure.
  • Step 4: Receive money, pay fees and transaction receipts.

Withdraw money with Techcombank card at ATM

When withdrawing money at ATMs with Techcombank cards, it is only applicable for fast withdrawals and small amounts. You can withdraw at ATM Techcombank or the trees of affiliated banks by following the steps below.Withdraw money from atm techcombank

  • Step 1: Go to the ATM, insert the card and select the language and enter the PIN.
  • Step 2: Click on the Withdraw feature.
  • Step 3: The given withdrawal limit will be displayed, if you want to withdraw a different amount, click Other number.
  • Step 4: Enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the withdrawal.
  • Step 5: Print the receipt and receive money from the ATM then press finish to get the card back.


Techcombank withdrawal fee stated above in the article. When transacting, everyone should pay attention to this fee so as not to affect the transaction. Hopefully, with what is shared above, it has helped you to transact safely and quickly.

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