Many of you use a bank account but don’t know it Agribank ATM card maintenance fee How much are you using at your bank? As well as other types of cards such as credit cards, domestic cards or international cards, the service fees are the same or not.

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What is Agribank ATM card maintenance fee?

ATM card maintenance fee at Agribank is the same as at other banks, this is an annual fee that customers must pay when using ATM card service.

What is Agribank ATM card maintenance fee?
What is Agribank ATM card maintenance fee?

The banking system when due will automatically pay the fee and deduct the amount in your account. In case the balance in your account is not enough, the bank may close the account without notice. Therefore, you should be aware of this fee.

Is there a maintenance fee to use Agribank ATM card?

When using Agribank ATM card, you will have to pay a recurring fee, this is the fee to maintain the operation status of the ATM card you are using. Each card type will also have different fees.

The latest updated Agribank ATM card maintenance fee

Fees for maintaining ATM cards of Agribank will have different fees depending on the types of accounts that customers use, specifically:

Domestic Agribank ATM card maintenance fee

Agribank domestic ATM card is a card that customers can only use and conduct domestic transactions. The maintenance fee for this card is as follows:

card typeCharges
Standard Agribank card12,000,000 VND/year.
Gold class Agribank card 50,000,000 VND/year.
Student Link Card10,000 VND/year
Co-Brand Card (Co-Brand Card)
  • Standard grade: 15,000 VND/year.
  • Gold class: 50,000 VND/year.

International Agribank card maintenance fee

With the maintenance fee when using Agribank international card, the fee will be as follows:

card typeCharges
Main card
Standard card
  • Debit card: 100,000 VND/year.
  • Credit card: 150,000 VND/year
Yellow card
  • Debit card: 150,000 VND/year.
  • Credit card: 300,000 VND/year
Platinum card500,000 VND/year.
Supplementary Card
Standard Rank
  • Debit card: 50,000 VND/year.
  • Credit card: 75,000 VND/year.
Gold rank
  • Debit card: 75,000 VND/year.
  • Credit card: 150,000 VND/year
Platinum grade250,000 VND/year.

Agribank credit card maintenance fee

The fee schedule for maintaining credit cards at Agribank will be calculated according to:

card typeCharges
Main card
Standard card150,000 VND/year.
Yellow card300,000 VND/year.
Diamond card500,000 VND/year.
Supplementary Card
Standard Rank75,000 VND/year.
Gold rank150,000 VND/year.
Diamond Grade250,000 VND/year.

How to reduce Agribank ATM card maintenance fee?

How to reduce Agribank ATM card maintenance fee
How to reduce Agribank ATM card maintenance fee

There are many questions about how to reduce maintenance fees when customers use Agribank ATM cards. Accordingly, you can apply the following ways.

Choose the appropriate Agribank card

You can choose bank cards with the feature of accumulating points, which will help customers reduce 1 cost when using card services at Agribank.

Negotiating with Agribank

If you are a long-time customer and use many services at the bank, you can also contact the bank to negotiate with the bank to request a review with a fixed fee.

Is the account maintenance fee and Agribank annual fee the same?

The account maintenance fee and the annual fee at Agribank when customers use it are two completely different fees, for a detailed explanation of these two fees you can understand.

  • Annual fees at the bank will be collected on an annual basis, when due, the bank will automatically deduct the cost from your checking account. This is the annual fee for maintaining and using the card. If the customer only opens a card at the bank but does not register for an ATM card, this fee will not be charged.
  • Account maintenance fee: To be charged monthly by the bank to serve utilities and manage payment accounts for customers. With each account, there will be different fees depending on what the customer’s registered account package is.

Can I not pay the Agribank account maintenance fee?

If you do not pay the Agribank account maintenance fee, your account may be locked. When opening a card and using it, if within 12 months your account does not have enough balance to deduct from Agribank ATM card maintenance fee. The bank will automatically temporarily block your bank card without prior notice.

Therefore, if you want to use a bank account, you must pay a card maintenance fee to be able to use it normally.

Why is the Agribank ATM card charged for maintenance many times?

Many of you also wonder why Agribank ATM card when used is charged the maintenance fee many times. It may be because you are confused with fees like Internet Banking or SMS Banking for example. For more details on the fees that you are deducted each month, the fastest way is to contact the switchboard via Agribank’s Hotline number to receive the fastest response and answer.

If I don’t use or activate Agribank card, will I be charged a fee?

If you do not use or activate your Agribank card, you will still be charged a monthly/yearly maintenance fee by the bank. Because these are fees that are deductible according to the bank’s regulations.

How to pay Agribank card maintenance fee?

The form of payment for Agribank ATM card maintenance fee will be automatically paid by the bank and deducted from your account number.


The above article is a complete summary of information about Agribank ATM card maintenance fees mentioned by Banktop. This is the latest updated fee schedule in 2022 that you can refer to if you want to learn about fees at Agribank.

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