When opening and using an account, Vietcombank withdrawal fee How much is always getting attention from users. If you want to withdraw money at the counter, you cannot remove this withdrawal fee item. This will be revealed and shared in detail in the analysis below.

How much is Vietcombank withdrawal fee?
How much is Vietcombank withdrawal fee?

Advantages of withdrawing money at VietcomBank counters

When customers choose and use Vietcombank’s account to withdraw money at the counter, they will receive many attractive benefits, such as:

  • It is possible to flexibly withdraw the amount and amount of withdrawal without being limited in terms of limits like when making ATM withdrawals. This means that the customer has the right to withdraw the entire amount in the account
  • The procedure to make cash withdrawal at the counter is simple and fast
  • The fee for withdrawal at the counter is relatively low
  • Bank staff will advise and support customers so that customers can make the easiest withdrawal procedures.

Is there a fee for withdrawing money at Vietcombank counters?

For customers who withdraw money at the bank, Vietcombank withdrawal fee will be calculated on a case-by-case basis:

  • If you make a withdrawal transaction from the same account with Vietcombank system, customers will be free of charge
  • If withdrawing money other than Vietcombank system, customers will have to pay fees according to the bank’s regulations. The withdrawal fee schedule is clearly listed by the bank on the main website of Vietcombank

Update the latest Vietcombank money transfer fee schedule

The latest updated schedule of withdrawal fees at Vietcombank’s counters

In order to help customers understand the exact amount of Vietcombank withdrawal fee, we have summarized the specific fee schedule for each account type as follows:

For VND account

  • Customers will be free to withdraw Vietcombank money in case of withdrawal at the same branch of the bank
  • Customers will have to bear a transaction fee of 0.03% (minimum VND 20,000 and maximum VND 2,000,000) in case of withdrawal at counters other than the province/city where the account is opened.
  • Customers who make withdrawals at the counter in the last 2 days from the time of depositing money into their accounts will need to pay a fee of 0.003% (minimum is 20,000 VND and maximum is 2,000,000 VND).

For foreign currency accounts

In case customers withdraw foreign currency, Vietcombank withdrawal fee is calculated as follows:

  • For USD denomination customers will have to pay 0.2% fee, the lowest is 2 USD
  • For other denominations, customers will have to pay a fee of 0.4% (Minimum is 3 USD)
Withdrawing money with Vietcombank system will be free of charge
Withdrawing money with Vietcombank system will be free of charge

Withdrawal fee at Vietcombank counters

  • If customers withdraw money from the same banking system, Vietcombank will be free of charge
  • If you withdraw money outside the system, the fee is 4% of the total amount you withdraw

Update the latest Vietinbank money transfer fee schedule with other banks

Conditions and procedures for cash withdrawal at Vietcombank transaction counters

When making Vietcombank withdrawal fees, customers need to comply with the conditions and procedures.

For withdrawal procedures: need to prepare all documents:

  • Original ID/CCCD
  • Withdrawal request form according to Vietcombank’s form

After preparing all the above documents, customers will proceed to:

  • Fill out all personal information in the withdrawal request form according to the form issued by Vietcombank
  • Submit the withdrawal request form directly at the bank’s counter
  • The staff will verify the customer’s personal information and proceed to assist the customer in making the correct and sufficient withdrawal at the counter with the amount requested by the customer.

These are the procedures and conditions that clients need to follow in order to be able to make quick withdrawals.

Note when withdrawing money at Vietcombank counters

When making a Vietcombank withdrawal, in addition to confirming the exact withdrawal fee schedule that customers must bear, customers also need to note a few points as follows:

If you are withdrawing a check, you need to make sure that the information on the check is correct. Including information about: company name & account number, name of recipient, name of person withdrawing money, withdrawal amount (numbers and letters), withdrawal time, …

For customers who want to buy blank checks, they need to ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • Opened and used a deposit account at Vietcombank
  • Not subject to a ban on the use of a check or a suspension of the right to sign a check
  • You can buy blank checks at any Vietcombank branch
  • The bank will make an offer to sell the check

Latest Vietcombank ATM withdrawal fee

In addition to the Vietcombank withdrawal fee schedule shared above, customers should also know the following information when making withdrawals at other points:

For Vietcombank Connect 24 . card

Withdrawal fee of Vietcombank Connect 24 in the same system is 1,100 VND/time, and in case of withdrawal from other systems, the customer will bear the transaction fee of 3,300 VND/time.

For Vietcombank Visa Platinum card

  • When withdrawing money from the same system, it will be completely free
  • In case of other international payment such as MasterCard/ UnionPay/Cashback Plus American Express/Connect24 Visa, the transaction fee is 1,100 VND/time
  • For transactions outside of Vietnam, the transaction fee is 4% of the total withdrawal amount

Withdrawal fee for Vietcombank credit card

Vietcombank withdrawal fee of credit cards will be 4% of the transaction amount at least VND 50,000/time.


Vietcombank withdrawal fee is a particularly competitive fee in the market so that customers can feel secure in choosing to use Vietcombank’s card services. If you still have questions about the service fee schedule, you can directly contact the Vietcombank switchboard for the fastest support.

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