TPBank is a large bank, has many products and services to serve and meet all the needs of customers today, including money transfer services. To learn more about TPBank money transfer fee Currently, please see the article compiled by Banktop today.

TPBank money transfer services

Money transfer service at TPBank brings convenience, speed and timeliness to customers. With the modernity of information technology incorporated into online e-banking, customers can rest assured of absolute security and can handle all transactions 24/7 when there is an internet connection.

TPBank money transfer services
TPBank money transfer services

Specifically about money transfer services, currently TPBank provides 3 main money transfer services which are periodic overseas student money transfer, quick money transfer via card/account number and money transfer from abroad to Vietnam.

Transfer money to study abroad periodically

TPBank is currently supporting a periodical money transfer service for those studying abroad. Helping relatives easily transfer money each month and living expenses to their children studying and living in other countries.

The profile to do money transfer service is also simple, customers only need to do it once and be applied for the next time. The money transfer fee is not too high, the time to receive money is fast and convenient.

Fast money transfer via card/account number

Fast money transfer via card/account number at e-banking application, recipients can receive money immediately. With another form of bank transfer, if you want the recipient to receive the money right away, you can do a 24/7 interbank transfer.

The advantage when transferring money in this form is that you can quickly transfer money to more than 28 different banks in Vietnam. Low fee, quick receipt time and simple operation, 24/7 transaction including holidays and holidays.

Transfer money from abroad to Vietnam

TPBank also has a service to support money transfer from abroad to Vietnam, in case customers have a bank account or not, they can receive it if they have all documents and transaction code to transfer – receive money. .

Update the most detailed VPBank money transfer fee schedule from other banks

Update TPBank money transfer fee schedule and transfer method

Direct money transfer at TPBank transaction counters/branches

Fee schedule when transferring money directly at TPBank transaction counters/branches, you can refer to:

firstTransfer toFees do not include VATMinimum feeMaximum fee
1.1From within the country
1.1.1TPBank accountFree
1.1.2Do not have an account at TPBank or receive an ID card0.03%20,000 VND1,600,000 VND
1.2Notification fee Free
1.3From abroad
1.3.1TPBank account0.10%100,000 VND1,600,000 VND
1.3.2Do not have an account at TPBank or receive an ID card0.15%160,000 VND2,000,000 VND
2Transfer moneyFees do not include VATMinimum feeMaximum fee
2.1Domestic at the counter
2.1.1In the TPBank system
a– Same province and cityFree
b– Different province and cityFree
c– Between accounts of 1 customer
2.1.2Outside TPBank system
aSame province and city
– Have a value of less than 500,000,000 VND or less10,000 VND/gd
– Value from 500,000,000 VND or more0.015%10,000 VND300,000 VND
bDifferent provinces and cities0.05%20,000 VND600,000 VND
cCancellation fee for interbank money transfer10,000 VND/gd
2.2Overseas remittance at the counter

A small note when you go to transfer money at a bank’s branches/transaction counters, remember to bring all your personal documents such as ID/CCCD or passport so that the bank can process the transaction quickly, avoiding waste time. The second is to avoid going to the bank on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays because the banks are closed.

TPBank money transfer via ATM

In addition to going directly to TPBank’s transaction office to make a money transfer, the second way you can apply is to transfer money quickly through the bank’s ATM. The fee schedule when transferring money in this form is:

  • Make money transfer with the banking system: Free.
  • Transfer money to other banks: Fee 7,700 VND/transaction.
Update TPBank money transfer fee schedule and transfer method
Update TPBank money transfer fee schedule and transfer method

To make a money transfer at an ATM, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Insert the ATM card into the card reader slot and select the desired language.
  • Step 2: Proceed to enter the PIN code and avoid letting others see it.
  • Step 3: On the screen, select the Transfer item and fill in the beneficiary’s information.
  • Step 4: Enter the amount you want to transfer and click confirm.
  • Step 5: The transaction is successful, you press Exit and get your card back from the ATM.

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TPBank money transfer fee via eBanking eBank

Detailed fee schedule for TPBank money transfer fees via eBanking:

2.3Domestic – eBank channelFees do not include VATMinimum feeMaximum fee
2.3.1In the TPBank systemFree
2.3.2Outside TPBank system
aTransfer money within the province, low value (< 500 million VND)8,000 VND
bTransfer money within the province, high value (>= 500 million VND)0.01% of transaction value20,000 VND300,000 VND
cInterprovincial money transfer0.04% of transaction value20,000 VND600,000 VND
2.3.3Fast money transfer fee (Transfer money to another bank’s account number and card number)8,000 VND

What is the TPBank transfer limit?

What is the TPBank transfer limit?
What is the TPBank transfer limit?

When registering a bank account at TPBank and e-banking services, you can easily perform online transactions quickly, 24/7 and can check all the account information you are using. Regarding the transfer limit at TPBank, customers can transfer money up to 50 million VND in one transaction and 500 million VND in one day.

Some questions when transferring money TPBank

How long does it take to transfer money from TPBank to another bank?

Transfer money from TPBank to another bank if it is the same system or transfers money to another system but interbank 24/7, the recipient will receive it immediately. In case the bank fails, the recipient can receive the money within a few hours to 1 day at the latest.

How much is the fee for interbank money transfer at TPBank?

Money transfer fee when customers choose interbank transfer will have a fee of 8,000 VND.


The article on Banktop has compiled the most complete information about TPBank money transfer fees for you to refer to when using TPBank. Through this content, you can control and easily track your fees when using the bank.

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