Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam – Agribank – has many loan packages to meet the needs of customers. Now you probably need to know how Borrow money via card and Internet Banking Agribank 2022. So please refer to Nganhangnongthon’s article to better understand.

first.Agribank consumer loan products

Agribank offers a variety of loan products with different specifics. We will go into each loan package to see which is the right choice for your needs.

Agribank consumer loans – Agribank unsecured loans

Customers can easily access Agribank loans at thousands of transaction points with packages Can I get a loan from Agribank? Mortgage. This loan meets low capital needs, urgent needs in life. Some information:

  • Loan method: one-time loan / limit loan / overdraft loan
  • Audience: individual customers
  • Maximum limit: 30 million VND
  • Maximum loan term: 12 months

The purpose of this loan package is for consumption. Specifically, such as buying furniture, household equipment, study expenses, medical examination and treatment, etc.

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Small-scale lending

Products are mainly aimed at serving customers in remote areas. In addition, all customers in urban and rural areas can access loans. Some information:

  • Lending method: one-time loan/small-limit loan/overdraft loan
  • Audience: individual customers, households
  • Maximum limit: 300 million VND
  • Maximum term: according to each customer’s specific needs

This loan package meets the purpose of borrowing capital related to consumption and business. Flexible debt collection time in accordance with the payment source of customers.

Service loan

This is a rather special loan product. It applies to customers who have outstanding balance under the signed credit contract or loan book. If customers have demand, it will be extended to the next production cycle. Some information:

  • Borrowing method: each loan contract or loan book is loaned once
  • Audience: individual customers, households
  • Maximum limit: do not exceed the outstanding balance of the previous cycle

There are also many loan packages at Agribank such as:

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+ Loans to help reduce losses in agriculture

+ Preferential loans with interest rates to support poor districts

+ Lending through a loan group/associate group – mobile lending group


2.How to borrow money via card and Internet Banking Agribank 2022

Instructions to borrow money through Agribank card and borrow money via Internet Banking of the latest Agribank:

Borrow money via Internet Banking Agribank

Like most banks today, Agribank has not yet implemented an online loan service via Internet Banking. Some advertising information such as Agribank loans on the phone nice borrow money from Agribank without going to the bank you all have to be careful.

To borrow money from Agribank, you must go directly to the transaction counter. Agribank’s network of transaction offices is very popular in provinces and cities across the country. Thanks to that, customers can easily access loan packages in a simple way.

Borrow money via Agribank card

You can borrow money via Agribank card or receive cash depending on your needs and regulations of Agribank from time to time. Saying that borrowing money via card is also a form of getting a loan.

The steps taken, Agribank loan procedures:

Contact Agribank’s customer care call center, ask about the loan package you need

Go directly to the transaction office, Agribank branch

Meet the support staff, present the documents you prepared, fill in the information according to the instructions

Complete the application, return it to the staff, wait for approval and receive money

In addition, another interpretation of Borrow money via Agribank card is that you can borrow through apps and register to receive money on your bank card. Refer to some popular loan apps today such as Robocash, Senmo, DoctorDong, etc.

3.Is it possible to get an installment loan from Agribank?

Agribank offers a number of personal consumer loan products with installment payments. This makes it easier for customers to make payments easier. You can Borrowing from Agribank as collateral for red book or no collateral required.

Agribank installment loan products

Agribank installment loans apply to individual customers or households with stable income. The loan packages serve the consumer’s shopping and living needs. It can be mentioned as:

Borrowing to buy household items

Borrow to buy a house, repair a house, build a house

Loans for labor export, loans to buy cars, loans to study abroad

Borrowing in the form of overdraft, unsecured personal consumption loans

Benefits of installment loans at Agribank

Borrowing at Agribank is a popular choice for many people. The reason is that this bank’s loan product meets the required criteria with many benefits such as:

Loans can be made in VND or foreign currencies, cash or bank transfer

Large, diversified loan, competitive interest rate, long loan term up to 60 months

Monthly installments facilitate payment, reduce pressure

Security assets can be used or no collateral is required

Disbursement is quick, you can ask the bank to divide it into several times if needed

Early repayment does not incur penalty fees, this is a special policy

With these advantages, it can be seen that borrowing at Agribank is a good solution for all customers. In particular, Agribank always pays attention to and creates the best conditions for rural customers, in remote and difficult districts.

Agribank’s installment loan interest rate

Depending on the purpose of use, needs and payment conditions, customers choose Agribank loan products. For Agribank installment loans, the interest rate is only from 0.6%/month. Loan packages to solve your desire to have the money you need urgently to solve your problem.

Currently, you can refer to the interest rates of typical loan packages as follows:

Unsecured personal consumption loan with interest rate 13%/year

Borrowing to go abroad to work abroad with an interest rate of 13%/year

Borrowing in the form of overdraft with an interest rate of 17%/year

Conditions for installment loans of Agribank

For Agribank installment loan packages, the target audience is very wide. All Vietnamese or foreigners living legally in Vietnam who are able to repay their debts can apply for a loan.


Customers have legitimate needs and purposes of installment loans (provable)

Customers with household registration or business registration in the same area where the bank branch is located

Stable income, ensuring the ability to repay the bank debt (proof of income)

With or without collateral (depending on the loan package) owned by the owner or guaranteed

Customers do not have any bad debt, have a good repayment history, …

In addition, customers need to prepare enough documents for quick loan support. These include: loan application form (Agribank form), identification documents, proof of income documents, property ownership documents.

4.Should I borrow money from Agribank?

Agribank is a bank with capital as well as fully managed by state agencies. The reputation of this bank is no longer a matter of debate.

The loan packages are diverse and have many advantages as analyzed, attracting more and more customers to participate. You will be completely assured after carefully reading the contract and signing the loan

There is no need to worry about interest rate issues, here we are not talking about high or low, but it is stable and does not arise or change unreasonably like many unorthodox lenders today.

So if you need a loan, you should consult to choose the most suitable product. Make sure you can repay the loan on time, the purpose of using the money is right and effective in your plan.

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So instead of looking How to borrow money via card and Internet Banking Agribank Please contact the bank staff directly for loan support at the counter. Bring all necessary documents and staff will help you quickly complete the necessary procedures.

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