How to cancel SMS Banking Agribank syntax and at the bank counter. But after canceling this utility service, you will no longer be able to receive automatic balance change notifications on your phone number? Should I cancel Agribank’s SMS Banking service? Under what circumstances should this utility be canceled, all of which will be included in the following content.

About Agribank SMS Banking utility service

SMS Banking Agribank service is issued by the bank for agriculture and rural development Agribank. Aim to help account holders easily capture information and manage accounts easily on their phones.

When your account is registered for SMS Banking Agribank, now every time your account makes a transaction. The banking system automatically sends a message to the linked phone number to notify the transaction balance. It also clearly shows what the transaction content is. Thereby helping customers understand and update what is happening on the account.

How to cancel sms banking agribank

Utilities that SMS Banking Agribank brings:

  • Check account information including: Balance, account number, bank branch, 5 recent transactions.
  • Check the current exchange rate and interest rate information of Agribank.
  • Transfer money to Agribank or affiliated banks.
  • Recharge the phone
  • Payment of electricity, water and internet bills.

2 fastest ways to cancel SMS Banking Agribank

Currently there are 2 How to cancel SMS Banking Agribank for customers who wish to cancel this service. However, you need to think carefully before doing this operation. Only the following cases should cancel sms banking.

  • Registered for E-Mobile Banking/Internet Banking utilities.
  • The account is no longer active, so there is no need to use the service.

Method 1: Cancel SMS Banking Agribank by syntax

The account holder composes a message according to the syntax from the phone number registered for the service with the bank. We will compose a message and send it to the 8149 switchboard for a fee of 1,000 VND/message.

  • Syntax to cancel Agribank sms banking: VBA HDK 5 sent to 8149.
  • Look up service has been canceled or not: VBA XDK sent to 8149.

Option 2: Cancel SMS Banking Agribank at the banking transaction office

The next way is to go directly to Agribank’s transaction office to complete the service cancellation procedure. This add-on will be canceled immediately upon request by the customer.

How to cancel sms banking agribank

  • Step 1: The account holder brings ID card or CCCD to the branch of Agribank in charge.
  • Step 2: Apply for a cancellation of service and fill in the personal information as required.
  • Step 3: Return the paper with your identification document for confirmation by the bank staff, after they confirm the facility will be canceled for the account.

After canceling your account, you will no longer be able to use the features that SMS Banking brings. At the same time, the monthly maintenance fee is not deducted anymore.

Cancel SMS Banking Agribank via call center

Agribank’s switchboard operates 24/7. From there, it is possible to answer questions and concerns of customers.

You can cancel SMS Banking service by calling 1900 558 818. Then declare personal information to confirm identity. Immediately the operator will help you cancel the service.

Should I cancel SMS Banking Agribank?

Currently, e-banking services are developed, such as E-Mobile Banking Agribank application. Allows customers to manage accounts, transactions, look up information, send online savings… quickly. This utility includes the features that SMS Banking brings to customers.

Therefore, if you have registered for Agribank internet banking on your account. You can cancel SMS Banking service if you feel it is not necessary. This action helps to reduce the monthly service fees charged by the customer.

Refer to Agribank’s SMS Banking service fee schedule

When using Agribank SMS Banking service, you will need to know the fee of this service.

Monthly maintenance feeIndividual: 10,000 VND/month

Organization: 50,000 VND/month.

Transaction fee
+ AtransferUnder 10 million: 2,000 VND/transaction

From 10 to 25 million: 5,000 VND/transaction.

Over 25 million: 7,000 VND/transaction.

Fees for sending messagesFrom 1,000 to 1,500 VND/tin
Information change fee10,000 VND/time


Here are the instructions how to cancel sms banking agribank online on the latest phone. Either way, canceling is completely easy, but you should clearly define your needs. To avoid having to re-register after canceling.

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