Way cancel SMS Banking Agribank how? Agribank provides and supports customers to use the service in ways to cancel. For customers who do not need to use the service anymore, what should be done?

For today’s social network development. Many banks have been constantly developing new and more beneficial e-banking services. The same goes for Agribank’s services.

Many customers are already signing up and using Agribank’s SMS Banking service. But for some reason want to cancel this service. So what is the cause? How to cancel? Please also follow the article below.

Learn about Agribank SMS Banking service

SMS Banking Agribank is an e-banking service that has been used for a long time. For this service when registering and using. Everyone will receive notifications regarding balance fluctuations in their accounts.sms banking agribank 1

For every single transaction on your account. The bank will send an SMS to your registered phone number. With detailed content about the content of that transaction. This will make it easier for you to manage your account.

When registering and using, people can perform some of the following functions:

  • Receive automatic notifications about balance fluctuations in Agribank bank accounts.
  • Look up service transaction history of the last 5 transactions.
  • Look up exchange rates, loan interest rates, etc.
  • Pay bills for electricity, water, etc.
  • Load your default phone card or other phone number.
  • Inter-bank and domestic money transfer.

When to cancel Agribank SMS Banking service?

Currently, Agribank has many different utility services. But what causes you to need to cancel this service. Let’s also find out the following reasons right away:

  • Customers want to cancel SMS Banking service to register for a new service of the bank.
  • When you are using many services including Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. So you want to cancel the SMS Banking service.
  • SMS Banking service of Agribank does not meet the needs of customers.
  • When the customer does not use the account at Agribank anymore and cancels the SMS Banking service.

Instructions on how to cancel SMS Banking Agribank

Agribank currently supports customers in many ways to cancel this service. To cancel the service, please refer to the following methods immediately.

How to cancel Agribank’s SMS Banking service at the counter

In order to cancel SMS Banking service, people need to prepare some types of identification documents such as: ID card/CCCD or valid Passport. Then go to the nearest Agribank transaction counter to make a quick payment.sms banking agribank 2

Go to the bank and see a counselor. Then ask to cancel the bank’s SMS Banking service. Staff will accept the request and give you a form filled in with your personal information. You need to proceed to fill out the form completely and return it to the staff including identification documents.

Bank staff will verify your information. After that, we will assist you to cancel the bank’s SMS Banking service.

Cancel SMS Banking Agribank via electronic website

To cancel SMS Banking service on Agribank’s e-banking website. Please proceed with the following steps:sms banking agribank 3

  • Step 1: Log in to E – Mobile Banking application or Website here.
  • Step 2: At the interface of the application, you scroll down and select “Receive news of balance changesโ€œ.
  • Step 3: At the next interface, people click on the switch to register for this service on the App. (When you register on App Agribank, the system will automatically cancel your SMS Banking service).
  • Step 4: Choose “I agree to the terms and conditionsโ€ and press ‘Continue‘. Then you proceed to confirm your information and press continue.
  • Step 5: Proceed to fill in the application’s login password to complete the service registration.

Note: When you register the tool to receive balance fluctuations on the App. Your SMS Banking service will be canceled automatically. If you do not want to use the service you have just registered, you can do the same to cancel the service.

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How to cancel SMS Banking Agribank via call center

Customers who want to cancel SMS Banking service can also cancel via the bank switchboard. Before calling, you need to prepare information such as: Phone number, ID card/CCCD number, etc. Then call the hotline number of Agribank switchboard: 1900.55.88.18.

After the staff answered the phone, it was necessary to mention the cancellation of SMS Banking service. Then provide the information that the operator requires to confirm the identity. After successful confirmation, the switchboard will support you to cancel Agribank’s SMS Banking service.

Cancel SMS Banking Agribank by SMS syntax

The last way that we would like to recommend to you is to cancel the service via SMS syntax. To cancel the service, compose a message with the following syntax:

VBA HDK 5 send 8149

Everyone can also check the service cancellation results with the following syntax:

VBA XDK send 8149

When you have successfully canceled SMS Banking service. The bank will respond to your message with the content. You have successfully canceled SMS Banking service. Thus, the service cancellation has been completed.

Is there any fee to cancel Agribank SMS Banking service?

For many customers wondering if canceling SMS Banking service is confidential. Here we will answer your questions through the following table:

Cancellation fee at the counterFreebies
Cancel service on e-bankingFree
Cancellation of service via switchboard909VND/ 1 minute
Cancel service via SMS1,000VND/ 1 message

Notes when canceling SMS Banking Agribank service

When canceling SMS Banking service, people should note a few things as follows:

  • With SMS Banking service, you can use the card even if your phone does not have an Internet connection. So people need to think carefully when canceling this service.
  • For customers who cancel the service directly at the bank. It is necessary to pay attention to the working time of Agribank to avoid time-consuming waiting.
  • Once you have canceled the service, you can still register when you want to use it.
  • Can use phone number to call the bank switchboard and SMS. For priority support.


Above is an article on how to cancel SMS Banking Agribank quickly and simply. We hope that the above information will help you in the process of canceling the service. Thank you to everyone who has followed ruttienthetindungonline.com’s post.

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