Active messaging service is supported by Vietcombank for customers to use. With this service, customers can use many different functions. But for some reason customers want cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank Go.

So why do customers want to cancel this service? How can I cancel the SMS Banking service of Vietcombank. Not everyone knows how to cancel this service. With today’s article will guide and answer for you. Let’s have a look at the article below.

What is Vietcombank SMS Banking service?

SMS Banking service is a digital service of Vietcombank. With this service, customers can receive notifications about fluctuations in their account balances. After each transaction, the system will send a notification about everyone’s service registration phone number. The content of the message will be the details of the transaction you just made.cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank

If you have a large transaction frequency. And it is not possible to understand all the transaction information. So SMS Banking service is a service that customers need. But due to a number of reasons why customers want to cancel any service. So what is the reason? Please continue to read the article below.

Reasons why customers cancel SMS Banking service of Vietcombank

There are many reasons why customers cancel SMS Banking service of Vietcombank. Here are some reasons why you must cancel Vietcombank’s SMS Banking service. We invite everyone to learn below with us.

  • Vietcombank SMS Banking service is not functional enough to support customers to use for personal purposes.
  • Customers do not use accounts at Vietcombank anymore. So this service is no longer useful.
  • People who want to cancel this service can sign up for another bank service with more functions to use.
  • Vietcombank’s SMS Banking service fee has increased. So you don’t want to use this service anymore.

Instructions on how to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank

We will learn about some of the reasons why customers cancel SMS Banking service. So how does the bank now support customers to cancel the service? Please join us to refer to the details of the service cancellations below.

How to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank at the counter

How to cancel SMS Banking service at the bank’s transaction counter is used by many customers. However, you have to take time to go to the bank’s transaction counter. But everyone will be advised by a team of experienced bank staff. To cancel the service, please bring your ID/CCCD and then go to the nearest transaction counter of Vietcombank.cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank

Then meet the bank’s counselor and ask to cancel the bank’s SMS Banking service. Next, the bank staff will need some personal information of the customer to be able to confirm. Please submit your identification then verify the account holder information. After your information has been confirmed, the bank staff will proceed to cancel the service for everyone.

Cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank service by text message

Vietcombank supports everyone to use SMS Banking service. With this service, you can query your bank account information. With many different functions, people can use the service itself to cancel. To proceed, compose a message with the following syntax:

VCB CD HUY to send 6167

After successfully sending the message to Vietcombank’s switchboard. Everyone will receive a text message from the bank. Notice that you have stopped using the bank’s SMS Banking service. Thus, it was possible to cancel the service quickly and easily.

How to cancel Vietcombank SMS Banking service on mobile phone

Finally, how to cancel SMS Banking service on VCB Digibank application. This is also a convenient service of the bank. Support customers to cancel SMS Banking service quickly without having to go to a bank branch. And to be able to cancel the service, please follow the instructions below:cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank

  • Step 1: Proceed to log in to VCB Digibank application installed on the phone.
  • Step 2: Then go to the settings and select the “Manage notifications“.
  • Step 3: And please turn off your bank notifications.
  • Step 4: Finally, the confirmation by OTP code sent to the phone is complete.

Is there a fee to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank?

Many customers wonder if there is a fee for canceling services at Vietcombank. Because of this service, when using this service, you still have to pay a monthly fee to the bank. To the above question our answer is are not. The bank supports customers to cancel the service completely free of charge.

There will be no charges incurred during the customer’s service cancellation. And we have a piece of advice for you. Customers should cancel the service at the end of the month. Because if you cancel the service at the beginning of the month, you still have to pay the service fee for that month. So everyone, please cancel the service at the end of the month.

Have to re-register after canceling Vietcombank SMS Banking service?

Some customers have raised questions when canceling the bank’s SMS Banking service. And if you want to use it, is it okay to re-register? This is a utility supported by Vietcombank to users. So if you want to re-register to use it, you can completely do it. If you do not know how to re-register for this service by any means. Please refer to the article below.

» How to register for SMS Banking service Vietcombank


The above article gives you information on how cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank how. Hopefully with the above information, you will understand and know how to quickly cancel the service. Thank you all for following and referring to’s articles.

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