Change Techcombank PIN is a very important thing. It will help you to click or get a card and secure everyone’s ATM card in a better way. With today’s article, we will show you how to change your Techcombank ATM card password in detail and easy to understand. Please refer to the article below.

Find out what is Techcombank ATM PIN?

Pin code of Techcombank ATM card is an identification code used by customers. PIN code, also known as the password of the ATM card the customer is using. When conducting a transaction at an ATM or paying with an ATM card. People will need to enter the PIN of the card to be able to conduct transactions.

Transactions such as withdrawals, money transfers at ATMs or POS machines will require a PIN to be entered. The card’s PIN is considered a layer of protection to prevent the attack of bad guys from the outside. When you proceed to make a card, the bank will give you a 6-digit card password. This PIN should be kept secure, because this is a very important code that affects everyone’s ATM card assets.

When should you change your Techcombank PIN?

There are many reasons why customers need to change PIN of Techocmbank ATM card. But one of the main causes would be:

  • When you apply for a card at the bank, the bank will give you a random PIN. Everyone needs to change the code to be able to activate and use the card.
  • Techcombank recommends that everyone change their PIN every 3 months to avoid forgetting their password.
  • People who suspect their PIN has been exposed to the outside need to change their PIN immediately to ensure safety.

Instructions on how to change Techcombank PIN

So, how does Techcombank currently support customers to change their card’s PIN? Below we will introduce to you the most detailed and easy to understand ways to change your Techcombank PIN. Please refer to the following.

Change Techcombank PIN via SMS

Changing the PIN code will help customers activate their card when they first register at the bank. To be able to change the new Techcombank ATM card PIN. Everyone, please compose a message according to the syntax below:

TCBKHT (First 6 digits Last 4 digits of the card) (ID number/CCCD or Passport) send 8049.

After sending the message successfully, Techcombank will send you a password of the new ATM card. This PIN code will be sent randomly, so it is difficult to remember, everyone should save it or go to an ATM to change it in the second way below.

How to change Techcombank PIN at ATM

Changing PIN at ATM is used by many customers. Because when getting the card at the bank, people will need to change the password to be able to use the ATM card. So how to change? Please follow the instructions below:Change Techcombank PIN

Note: The PIN code change can only take place at Techcombank’s ATMs. People will not be able to change their password at the ATMs of the linked bank.

  • Step 1: Go to your nearest Techcombank ATM. Then insert everyone’s ATM card into the tree in the direction of the arrow printed on your card.
  • Step 2: Select the language then enter everyone’s old PIN or the PIN your bank gave you.
  • Step 3: If you change the PIN for the first time, the system will display a message. And if you have already changed it, at the screen, select the “Change PIN“.
  • Step 4: Then you will enter your old PIN again. And proceed to change the new PIN by entering the PIN you want to change and confirm by re-entering the PIN again.
  • Step 5: After that, everyone, please press confirm and receive your card back to complete the PIN change process.

How to change Techcombank PIN at transaction counters

For how to change PIN at the bank’s counter. Please follow the steps below:Change Techcombank PIN

  • Step 1: Everyone needs to prepare their ID/CCCD and go to the nearest Techcombank transaction office to change their PIN.
  • Step 2: Get the order number and wait your turn, then meet the bank counselor. And ask the employee who wants to change the card’s PIN.
  • Step 3: The bank staff will issue you a personal information sheet. You need to fill out the form completely.
  • Step 4: Return the completed form including your identification. At this time, the bank staff will proceed to confirm the information you provide.
  • Step 5: After confirming the correct information, the bank will issue you a new PIN to be able to use.

How to change Techcombank PIN on mobile phone

If everyone is using Techcombank’s [email protected] Mobile application service. You can proceed to change the password of your ATM card at home without going directly to the bank. The process of changing Techcombank ATM card PIN is as follows:

Step 1: Open the [email protected] Mobile application installed on the phone and proceed to log in to the application.Change Techcombank PIN on your phone

Step 2: At the interface of the application, please select the item “Card“.Change Techcombank PIN on your phoneStep 3: At the end of the screen, please select the “Re-issue PIN“. The system will display a notification about changing PIN, press “Confirm“.Change Techcombank PIN on your phone

Step 4: Proceed to enter the Smart OTP code then select “Get OTP“.Change Techcombank PIN on your phone

Step 5: Then the OTP code will be automatically filled in, please click “Confirm” to complete the PIN changer.Change Techcombank PIN on your phone

Why can’t Techcombank PIN be changed?

There are many reasons why customers cannot change their ATM card PIN. Here are some of the most common reasons why customers encounter the most, specifically:

  • People change their PIN at another bank’s ATM. Affiliated banks will not be able to change your card’s PIN. People need to go to the correct Techcombank ATM to change their PIN.
  • According to Techcombank’s regulations, when you get a card, you must change your PIN to be able to activate it. If within 30 days you do not proceed to change. Everyone’s old PIN will be locked, and you will have to go directly to the bank to get a new PIN.
  • If people enter the wrong PIN more than 3 times, the card will be locked. Thus, the process of changing the PIN code will not be able to take place.
  • The ATM you chose has a system error, everyone can try again with another ATM.

Notes when changing Techcombank PIN

Before and after changing the PIN, people need to note a few things below:

  • When changing the ATM card password, everyone needs to save the information to avoid forgetting the card password.
  • Do not change easy-to-guess passwords such as: 000000, 123456, etc. So the security will not be safe.
  • The change of PIN code will have a specified time, the time the bank regulates to change the PIN code is 30 days.
  • Do not reveal the password to others to avoid the risk of losing money in your ATM card.


This article will guide you on how Techcombank PIN change. Hopefully the above information will help people to change the PIN of ATM cards quickly in the most necessary case. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free advice by

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