Currently, there are many customers using ATM cards at Vietcombank. But still do not know the branch that opened the card. Job look up Vietcombank branch is necessary. Because knowing the bank branch will help you make the most accurate transactions.

If people don’t remember or don’t know the branch that opens the card for them. Then with today’s article will bring you the most useful information about how to look up Vietcombank’s branch. We invite you to follow the details below.


What to do to look up Vietcombank’s branch?

There are many customers who register to open Vietcombank bank card. Those who do not know the bank branch information mine the card for themselves. For Vietcombank bank branch lookup, it will help customers have the most accurate transactions.

If you do not remember the name of the bank branch Vietcombank opened the card for you. It will greatly affect your trading. Causing confusion in everyone’s transactions. Therefore, each customer needs to remember information related to the branch opening your card so as not to affect the transaction process.

How many branches does Vietcombank currently have?

Vietcombank is growing day by day, this is also one of the largest banks in the country. Vietcombank always tries and tries to bring customers to use products quickly and conveniently. With so many years of development, Vietcombank has a network covering all provinces and cities across the country.look up Vietcombank branch

In order to be able to ensure customers use transactions anywhere in the country. Vietcombank does not only have a network of domestic bank branches. The bank also has branches located abroad. Some information about the bank’s branches are as follows:

ItemNumber of numbers
Headquarters1: In Hanoi
Vietcombank staff20,115 employees
Transaction441 transaction offices
Bank branch111 Branches
Domestic company4 Subsidiaries
Overseas company3 companies
Joint venture3 companies
Associated Company1 Company
Office in the US1 Representative office
Office in Singapore1 Representative office
Office in Ho Chi Minh City1 Representative office

How to look up Vietcombank’s branch?

Currently, Vietcombank supports customers to look up bank branches with many different methods. To be able to check Vietcombank’s branch. Please refer to the following.

Look up Vietcombank branch on the envelope

The simplest way anyone can check is to look at the packaging of the ATM card. When people go to the bank to get a card, the bank will issue an ATM card that is placed in a bank envelope. look up Vietcombank branch

The inside of the envelope contains all the information of the ATM card, including: Account number, date of issue, Information of the bank branch that opens the card, etc. This is one way, but not everyone keeps that envelope. If you no longer keep it, please refer to the ways below.

Check Vietcombank branch at the counter

People can go to Vietcombank’s branches and transaction counters for support. Everyone, please go to the bank’s counselor and ask for help looking up the bank branch that opens the card.look up Vietcombank branch

The staff will look up information about the branch that opens the card for you on the bank’s system. People do not need to go to the correct branch to open their card. You can also go to other branches of the bank to check.

Look up Vietcombank branch on your phone

In addition, if you are using the VCB-Digibank application service of Vietcombank. People can conduct a lookup of the bank branch that opens the card easily. Open the App and follow the steps below:look up Vietcombank branch

  • Step 1: People proceed to log in to the application with an account registered with the bank.
  • Step 2: At the main interface of the application, proceed to select the item “Card accountโ€œ.
  • Step 3: In the account / card section, you proceed to select the type of card to check.
  • Step 4: When you click on the card you want to look up, the card-related information will be displayed, including the branch that opened the card.

Look up Vietcombank branch on Website

People can also conduct a bank branch search directly on Vietcombank’s website. To conduct a search, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Proceed to access the link to look up Vietcombank branch here.

Step 2: People scroll down below at the transaction point, you fill in information such as: Province / City, District and branch location where you open the card.look up Vietcombank branch

Step 3: Branch information available at the location you find will be displayed directly below. And people conduct searches here.look up Vietcombank branch

Note: This way it will not be possible to find the exact branch that opens the card for you. You can only search for the branch that opens the card for you on that list.

Check Vietcombank branch via call center

The last way that we want to introduce to you is to call Vietcombank directly. To conduct a search, please call Vietcombank’s switchboard number: 1900545413.

Calling the switchboard helps people to look up information of their ATM card. When you call Vietcombank’s switchboard, people can check information such as:

  • Branches register to open cards at Vietcombank bank
  • Information about Vietcombank bank account balance
  • Register for Vietcombank’s e-banking service

And information related to ATM cards. If you have any questions about the problem of Vietcombank. People can directly call Vietcombank’s hotline for support.

Is it okay to transfer money to the wrong bank branch?

Currently, Vietcombank supports customers to transfer money on the electronic banking system. When you proceed to transfer money through your account number, the system will automatically fill in the bank branch information. People will not need to worry about entering wrong bank branch information anymore.

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This article will guide you on how look up Vietcombank branch. Check Vietcombank branch to bring people the most accurate transactions. Thank you for following and reading our articles.



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