You have a Doctor Dong loan but you don’t know how to check and pay off the loan. The following article Banktop will guide you in detail how to Check Doctor Dong’s loan quickly, accurately and efficiently.

About Doctor Dong

Doctor Dong is a reputable online loan application. This is an effective financial solution for those who are in need of a hot loan, a quick loan with a small loan. Every day Doctor Dong successfully approves up to 3000 applications.

Doctor Dong is a reputable online loan application
Doctor Dong is a reputable online loan application

Borrowing money at Doctor Dong has the advantages of simple procedures, quick disbursement time, and transparent and clear loans. Especially for first-time borrowers, they also enjoy preferential interest rates and fees with only 0%.

Currently, Doctor Dong is supporting customers with loans with limits from 500,000 to 10,000,000 VND. With terms from 3 months to 12 months, specifically as follows:

  • Customers who apply for a loan for the first time will enjoy a preferential interest rate and 0% fee, the loan limit is from VND 500,000 – 4,000,000.
  • Customers who apply for a loan for the next time will be supported with a loan limit of 4,000,000 – 10,000,000 VND.

When should I look up a Doctor Dong loan?

When you borrow money anywhere, not only Doctor Dong, you have to know how to look up the loan to actively capture your loan. See if the loan is due for payment, when to pay off the loan, what you have already paid. Avoid forgetting payments, late payments and paying penalties.

Near the payment due date, Doctor Dong will send the customer a message to notify the loan disbursement. Then, please do a lookup of the loan that needs to be paid to make the payment. To avoid incurring late fees, you should pay the loan 1 day before the due date or on the prescribed date.

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Instructions for checking, completing and paying Doctor Dong loans in detail

Doctor Dong loans are made entirely online, so customers cannot look up loans on paper like traditional loans. Therefore, Doctor Dong has linked with a number of online channels to help customers easily check, settle and pay their loans.

Look up and pay Doctor Dong’s loan at Payoo transaction points

Look up and pay Doctor Dong's loan at Payoo transaction points
Look up and pay Doctor Dong’s loan at Payoo transaction points

To look up and pay for Doctor Dong’s loans in Payoo Delta, customers need to go to places where Doctor Dong is affiliated with Payoo such as: FPT shop, Vinpro, Vinmart, Circle K, Guardian, Nguyen Kim…

Here, customers only need to present the original ID/CCCD to the staff and ask the staff to assist in paying the loan of Doctor Dong. After completing the payment procedure, you will receive back the original ID card/CCCD and payment receipt.

Check the payment information on the receipt. If it is correct, keep it in case there is a dispute.

Look up and pay Doctor Dong loans at transaction points of Viettel and Viettel agents

You can go to all of Viettel’s transaction locations and Viettel agents that Doctor Dong links across the country such as: Direct Stores, Authorized Dealers, Viettel Store, Viettel Post Office, Commune Transaction Points, Money transfer points and agents of Viettel for loan payment support.

Here you also give the original ID/CCCD to the staff to ask them to assist with payment. Then don’t forget to take the receipt and keep it very carefully.

Look up and pay Doctor Delta loans with Viettel’s Bankplus application

If you use Viettel’s Bankplus application, also known as Viettel’s online banking, you can quickly check and pay Doctor Dong loan by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Open Viettel’s Bankplus application, log in to the application and select pay electricity, water, bills => Doctor Dong.
  • Step 2: Enter the customer code (which is the ID card / CCCD code) => Click the “Check” button to check the information.
  • Step 3: Enter the amount you want to pay, enter your PIN => Click the “Pay” button.
  • Step 4: Confirm payment and receive SMS notification of success.

Check and pay Doctor Dong loan via SCB bank

If you are living near a branch/transaction office of SCB, you can pay Doctor Dong directly here. Customers just need to give their ID/CCCD to the teller and state the request you want to make.

After successful payment, you will receive a payment receipt. Do not forget to keep the receipt carefully to prevent possible mishaps. Then go to the system to check if your loan has been paid or not.

Check and pay Doctor Dong loan via MoMo transaction point

Check and pay Doctor Dong loan via MoMo transaction point
Check and pay Doctor Dong loan via MoMo transaction point

You can make quick and easy check and payment of Doctor Dong loan on Momo app or go directly to the nearest Momo transaction point for support. If you come directly, just bring your ID/CCCD and money and make a request for support.

If you want to check and pay your Doctor Dong loan on the app, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to Momo app => Select “Repay Consumer Loan”.
  • Step 2: Click on Doctor Dong.
  • Step 3: Enter your ID/CCCD number.
  • Step 4: Check the amount you need to pay and then click “Continue”.
  • Step 5: Enter the amount you want to pay, enter the PIN code, OTP code to confirm loan payment.

Instructions for loan payment at Doctor Delta virtual account

Loan payment at Doctor Delta Virtual account is a form of payment via Mobile banking/Internet Banking of the bank. Here’s how to do it simply and quickly with just a few steps:

Step 1: Open your Mobile banking/Internet Banking application and proceed to login.

Step 2: Make a money transfer to pay the Doctor Dong loan according to the following information:

Beneficiary Bank:WOORIBANK
Beneficiary account name:DD + your first and last name
For example: Your name is Nguyen Van A, the beneficiary account name is DD Nguyen Van A
Beneficiary account number:For example: Please check the email/Message sent to you or contact hotline 1900 63 60 72 for advice and support.

Step 3: Pay the loan and save the payment receipt.

Note when checking Doctor Dong loan when finalizing and paying

When checking for a Doctor Dong loan, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Provide complete and accurate personal information, the ID card/CCCD number must match the number you registered in the loan contract.
  • Actively calculate the amount of principal and interest you will have to pay in advance, then compare with the number of the calculation system to make sure the payment amount is correct.
  • Should pay 1 day before the due date or on time, to avoid overdue, you will have to pay a penalty fee for late payment.
  • Retain all receipts, papers, messages related to payment to Doctor Dong to avoid possible disputes later.
  • If you have fulfilled your payment obligation, please check on the system to see if the debt has been cleared or not, if not, please contact Doctor Dong immediately for support.
  • By the time of contract settlement, if you don’t have enough money, you also need to notify Doctor Dong to get a contract extension, to avoid overdue and bad debt, affecting your personal credit score.


So above, Banktop has guided you in detail How to check Doctor Dong’s loan?. Depending on the actual conditions and the service you are using, you can choose the most suitable way. Don’t forget to check and pay your Dong Doctor loan on time to avoid penalty fees and bad debt.

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