When you forget your bank account number, you will not be able to transact. So if you don’t remember the account number. Please refer to the instructions on how to check check MSB bank account number by the following ways.

Effect of MSB bank account number

To help readers better understand what MSB account numbers are used for? Thongtinbank will introduce the function of the account number.

In all transactions such as transferring money, receiving money… we all need a Maritime Bank account number. So learn to memorize account numbers now. And also should understand the function of the account number is like.

Main function:

  • Transfer money, receive money via banks or Internet Banking, Mobile Banking services.
  • Deposit money into your own account.
  • If you want to open a passbook or credit card at MSB, you also need a checking account.

How many numbers does MSB account have?

How many numbers does MSB account have? the answer is 13 numbers. This sequence of numbers is not the same for every customer, each person will have a unique identification number. In which the structure of the account number will be specified according to the bank’s form. It will include the bank identification number, branch code, card type code, customer’s personal code.

How much does a maritime bank account for?

Users need to remember their account number, so that when doing transactions such as transferring money, receiving money … will use it. Without an account number, it cannot be done. Many of you often confuse your bank account number and ATM card number. Here, I would like to emphasize that these two series of numbers are completely different, and their functions are also different.

Maritime Bank account number is written in the envelope when first receiving the card from the bank. So, if you do not pay attention to the account number here. You won’t be able to know Where is the Maritime Bank account number?. In case, if you have forgotten the account number. Then see the instructions below to get it back.

Instructions on how to check MSB bank account number

If you have forgotten your MSB bank account number. The MSB account number can be looked up in the following ways.

How much does a maritime bank account for?

Method 1: Check MSB account number on Mobile Banking/Internet Banking

Currently, electronic banking facilities are being promoted. Any bank will launch these features for customers to use. MSB is also applying, users can transfer money, buy air tickets, make payments, buy scratch cards, inquire about online accounts at home.

If you have registered for these utilities, then follow the steps below to check your Maritime Bank account number.

  • Go to the installed application on your phone or https://ebank.msb.com.vn/ and log in to your account. Note that this account was created at a bank, not an ATM account.
  • On the main interface of the application, we will select the “Account” function.
  • The application displays information about your account including: Account holder name, account number, available balance.
  • Look at the sequence of 13 numbers, which is your account number.

Method 2: Look up MSB account number via ATM

There is also a simpler and faster way. Bring your ATM card to a Maritime bank or affiliated bank’s ATM system.

Follow the instructions below to find out how many numbers an MSB account has.

  • Look up the location of the nearest ATM to your home and go and bring your MSB card.
  • Put the card in the tree and select the language “Vietnamese” and enter the PIN code.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, at the main interface, select “Account inquiries”.
  • When selecting the account inquiry function, the tree will ask if you want to print invoices. Please press “Yes”.
  • The tree issues an invoice and the paper contains all the information about your Maritime bank account.
  • Finish the transaction and get the card back.

Option 3: Go directly to Maritime Bank office

This way is simpler, but we will have to spend time moving to Maritime Bank’s office. Remember to bring your original ID with you when you go. At the counter, ask the staff to help you with your account information and they will help you to do so.

You will know your MSB account number within minutes only. Bank staff will check for free.

Look up MSB bank account number via SMS Banking

SMS Banking is a service for notifying account balance fluctuations. Every time the account has a transaction, a message will be sent to the phone. In the content of the message will specify the amount, type of transaction and your account number.

To use SMS Banking MSB service, you need to register at the transaction office before.

To check your MSB account number, compose a message with the following syntax:

MSB SD or MSB SODU send 8049.

Check MSB account number via call center

Please make a phone call to the switchboard number 1800 599 999. Then you need to provide information such as ID/CCCD/Passport number, date of birth, first and last name of the account holder. The operator will help you check your account number and notify you immediately.

All of the above methods are done for free. Customers will be able to easily know how many numbers are in their Maritime bank account. And here are the instructions too check MSB bank account number that I want to guide. At this point, I would like to end the article, if you have other questions, please post them below.



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