When using an ATM card to transfer money, in addition to knowing which bank the card belongs to, the customer needs to know which branch the bank belongs to. So if you forget it, you should try it how to find bank branch by account number below!

What is a Bank Account Number?

Bank account number is a sequence of numbers from 8 to 12 digits given to customers by banks when opening a transaction account. Bank account numbers are used to receive money, transfer money and each customer will have a different account number.

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How To Find A Bank Branch By Account Number

Currently, there are 3 ways to find a bank branch by account number used by many customers. Specifically as:

In the Envelope When Delivering ATM Cards

Once opened ATM card successfully at banks, customers will receive 1 envelope with card code and pin code. In addition, account information or instructions are included in this envelope. Therefore, customers can check the PGD/bank branch information that they register on the envelope.

How to find out how fast it is through stk
Find the bank branch on the ATM card envelope.

Call the Bank Switchboard Number

Calling the bank switchboard to ask is the fastest way that many customers use when they want to check a bank branch.

For the fastest advice, you should prepare the information before calling such as: bank STK, full name and ID/ID number… to provide the bank and then ask for the branch information you registered.

call toll
Call the support switchboard when looking for a bank branch.

Here are some major bank hotlines in Vietnam that you should know:

  • ATM Agribank is: 1900558818
  • Vietcombank ATM is: 1900 54 54 13
  • Techcombank ATM is: 1800 588 822
  • ATM ACB is: 1900 54 54 86
  • BIDV ATM is: 19009247
  • Vietinbank ATM is: 1900.545412
  • Sacombank ATM is: 1900 5555 88
  • East Asia ATM is: 1900545464

With other banks you can search right on Google, above will have all the information you are looking for.

If How to transfer money with wrong account number?

Look Up That Bank’s Branch

Most banks have branches/transaction offices, headquarters for customers to make transactions. So you can choose to go to the branch of that bank to ask for information about the branch you registered.

Please find out the time of bank transactions, bank account, ID/ID to give to the bank staff before you go.

How to Look Up Bank Branch Through ATM Card Number

In addition to finding a bank branch by account number, you can also find it through ATM card number. The ways below will help you do this.

Contact Call Center

When you ask the helpdesk to help you, you will save a lot of time. The call center can answer the following questions for you:

  • The fastest way to view bank branches.
  • Issues related to the customer’s payment account.
  • How to check customer’s ATM card issue date.
  • Other e-banking services…

At the Transaction Office

If you are near the bank, you can come to the place to check the branch information of the ATM card you are using. Although it takes a bit of time, but if you are close, you can come and ask directly. Before you go, remember to bring your ID card and ATM card, let the bank staff ask for the necessary information, then verify which branch of the bank this ATM card belongs to.

Quick bank check
Go directly to the bank to ask for branch information.

Look Up Bank Website

Any bank has a website, on which there will be a list of branches/transaction offices for customers to search. Customers just need to type the name of the bank by province such as: Agribank Hanoi, Vietcombank Phu Tho, … to search.

When searching for a bank name by province like this, you will find the bank branch faster.

Is there a fee to look up a Bank Branch by Account Number?

It depends on the method and system you choose to look up, but most banks do not charge a fee for this service. Therefore, customers can completely receive account number information at no cost.


Here are the detailed instructions how to find bank branch by account number – ATM card number. Definitely helped you when looking for a bank branch. Leave a comment if you have any questions!

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