How to link ViettelPay with Vietcombank how? For customers, please use e-wallets. It is impossible to ignore the e-wallet from ViettelPay because this is a utility delivered by Viettel to users. If you are having difficulty with the steps to link this e-wallet with Vietcombank.

With today’s article we will introduce you to the features of this wallet. And the steps to be able to link this e-wallet with Vietcombank. We invite everyone to join us through the article below.

What functions does ViettelPay e-wallet have?

When linking with Vietcombank. ViettelPay’s e-wallet will help make transactions on everyone’s system more diverse. And gives customers a lot of different benefits to use. Here we will outline the main functions of ViettelPay wallet mentioned as follows:How to link ViettelPay with Vietcombank

  • Support customers to pay for services that Viettel delivers such as: Internet, Top up phone cards, digital TV, ….
  • Discount up to 20% when paying bills for electricity, water and consumer loans for customers to use.
  • People can conduct transactions such as transferring and withdrawing money at more than 34 different banks.
  • Support customers to conduct transactions such as payment, shopping, … by scanning QR codes.
  • People are also free to top up and withdraw money at ATM systems, transaction points of Viettel, mobile era, etc.
  • Support customers to transfer money interbank without money transfer fee,..

Conditions to link ViettelPay with Vietcombank

The process of linking ViettelPay e-wallet with Vietcombank is quite simple. But to be able to proceed to link this e-wallet with Vietcombank. Everyone needs to meet the following conditions:

  • Affiliated customers must have an account opened at Vietcombank. And the balance in that account must be 60,000 VND or more.
  • Once you have a bank account, everyone needs to register for Vietcombank’s e-banking service.
  • Phone number registered for e-wallet and bank account must be the same number.

So if you have met the above 3 conditions. Then you can proceed with the connection quickly. So what are the steps to link? Find out more details below.

How to link ViettelPay with Vietcombank

Everyone needs to make sure the network connection to their devices is strong. In order not to affect the linking process. And here are the steps to link ViettelPay e-wallet with Vietcombank.How to link ViettelPay with Vietcombank

  • Step 1: People proceed to log in to ViettelPay e-wallet installed on your phone.
  • Step 2: After successfully logging in at the main screen, select “Card Link” and proceed to get started right away.
  • Step 3: Next, at the card link section, please pay attention in the add card section, select the item “Domestic bank“. Then proceed to select Vietcombank in the list of banks.
  • Step 4: In the next interface, proceed to agree to the specified linking terms and conditions. Then transfer at least 10,000VND from your bank account to your e-wallet and choose continue.
  • Step 5: After that, you need to proceed to fill in the information related to the bank’s ATM card such as: Card number, Cardholder’s full name, Effective date, then select continue.
  • Step 6: Proceed to confirm the link information and top up with the OTP code sent to everyone’s registered phone number. After confirming, you can conduct transactions on the e-wallet.

Why can’t ViettelPay be linked with Vietcombank?

Many customers have left us the question, why can’t we link ViettelPay e-wallet with Vietcombank? In this case, this error will occur due to many different reasons. And in which the prominent reasons such as:

  • Please make sure to follow the link steps above to be able to link successfully.
  • Your ViettelPay account has been linked to another bank account.
  • The amount in your bank account is not enough to be able to top up the e-wallet.
  • Your bank account does not use the Bank’s Banking service.
  • The phone number registered for the e-wallet is not the same as the phone number registered for your bank account.

What is the transaction limit via ViettelPay wallet?

Many customers wonder when transferring money to ViettelPay e-wallet, what is the transaction limit of this wallet? With the transaction limit of this wallet, we will divide it into 2 specific cases as follows:

Case 1 is that the customer has not received personal information on the e-wallet from ViettelPay. And can only conduct basic transactions such as money transfer, payment.

  • Minimum transaction amount of customers is 10,000VND/1 transaction.
  • The maximum transaction amount is 5 million VND / 1 time, 1 day.

Case 2 is for customers who have updated all information and can use all functions available on the wallet. The following is the transaction limit of this case.

  • The minimum transaction amount is 10,000VND/1 transaction.
  • The maximum transaction amount is 20 million / 1 time and 50 million / 1 day.


The above article will guide you on how to go about How to link ViettelPay with Vietcombank?. Learn about registration conditions and transaction limits on e-wallets from ViettelPay. With the above information we hope it will be helpful to everyone. Thank you for reading the article of



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