The way to log out of Agribank E-mobile Banking account on the phone is the need of customers who want to log out of E-mobile Banking from the old device to the new device.

To ensure absolute safety in transaction, customers want to change Agribank E-mobile Banking phone number and do not know how to log out of Agribank E-mobile Banking account on mobile phone from old device to new device.

So in the article below, Card Opening will update customers with information on how to log out of Agribank E-mobile Banking account on the phone.


Should I use Agribank E-mobile Banking account?

Agribank E-mobile Banking is an online banking service that allows customers to manage their accounts, perform transactions such as money transfer, balance inquiry, online savings, bill payment, electricity payment water, top-up phones… quickly through internet-connected devices such as phones, laptops, and desktop computers.

Should I use Agribank E-mobile Banking account?

In addition to using Agribank E-mobile Banking account to manage personal assets, customers can also use the application to use a lot of utilities at home without having to go to the transaction office. Agribank branches that can perform transactions right on SmartPhone with internet connection:

  • Transfer money online with the same system and interbank
  • Bill payment: water, electricity, internet, insurance…
  • Reservations: hotels, movie tickets, online shopping…

Benefits of using Agribank E-mobile Banking

The utilities that customers enjoy when using Agribank E-mobile Banking service are:

  • Customers can manage every detail of balance fluctuations
  • Transfer money within the same system, transfer money between banks, transfer money within the country or place a money transfer order in the future.
  • Easily transfer money from card to card or transfer to card account.
  • Manage accounts, capture all fluctuations by querying account balances, savings balances, statements of all previous transactions.
  • Pay electricity and water bills, top up phone cards, telecommunications charges, recharge e-wallets, pay taxes…
  • Payment for financial services such as securities investment, insurance payment, etc.
  • Pay taxes, fees, charges as well as revenues from the state budget…
  • Online savings deposit with high interest rates, when needed, you can withdraw money anytime, anywhere.
  • Query information about fee schedule, interest rate, exchange rate…

How to log out of Agribank E-mobile Banking account on mobile phone

Customers who need to log in to their Agribank E-mobile Banking account from their old device to a new device, they need to do the following:

Log in to your Agribank E-mobile Banking account to a new device

If the customer wants to log out of Agribank E-mobile Banking account on the phone, the customer must click “agree” to log out of the Agribank E-mobile Banking account on the old device before switching to the Agribank account login. E-mobile Banking to new device.

Log out of Agribank E-mobile Banking old device

The way to perform the service transfer to a new device is as follows:

  • Step 1: Customers log in to the application on a new device after downloading the application.
Proceed to login on the application at the new device
  • Step 2: Verify information by means of electronic identification by taking photos of identification documents and face recognition.
Perform information authentication
  • Step 3: If all information provided by the customer is correct and approved, the customer will receive an OTP code to proceed with the application login on the new device.

Does Agribank E-mobile Banking automatically log out when the phone is turned off?

When customers turn off this application, they will not be able to log out of their account automatically. Therefore, even if the customer turns off the power, when the customer turns on the device to use, the Agribank E-mobile Banking application will ask you to log in with your username and password to be able to access the system. .

How long does it take to log out of Agribank E-mobile Banking?

When customers log in to the Agribank E-mobile Banking application on a new device, customers need to perform information identification operations through: face and identity documents using the eKYC verification system. Therefore, instead of going directly to the transaction office/bank branch for verification, customers can perform all operations on smartphones with Internet.

Signing out of this application on the phone will be much faster than customers performing transactions at the bank. Customers only need to cancel the login in the old device and change to the new device to be able to install.

Agribank E-mobile Banking sign out fee on mobile phone

Signing out fee of Agribank E-mobile Banking on the phone is something that many customers are interested in. Normally, when logging out of Agribank E-mobile Banking on the phone, users do not need to worry too much about registration costs. However, your OTP service may be required to cancel at the old device in order to register on the new device and you only pay the fee to re-register the OTP service on the new phone device.

Above is all information on how to log out of Agribank E-mobile Banking account. Hopefully, after the article, customers will be able to solve their problems. If you have any questions, please contact us for the best answer. Wishing you success.



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