Is Agribank bank account number important? How to look up Agribank account number how? To answer this question for everyone. With today’s article, please join us to learn about this question.

Argribank bank account number is very important to every account holder. Because without an account number, you will not be able to conduct transactions. And now there are many customers who do not remember their bank account number. So this affects a lot in people’s transactions.

What is Agribank account number? How many numbers?

Agribank bank account number is the sequence of account holder numbers that will be issued. By the bank after successfully registering an account at the bank. With this account number everyone will use it in their transactions. Like transferring money, multiplying money, etc., all transactions on your account will take place on the account number.How to look up Agribank account number?

Many customers wonder how many Agribank bank account numbers have. With this question we would like to answer you as follows. Agribank’s current account number has 13 digits. And the current Agribank bank numbers are 130, 150, 180, 310, 318, 340, 490,…

And the account number sequence of Agribank will contain information such as:

  • The bank code that opens your account.
  • Branch code to open Agribank ATM card.
  • What type of bank account do you have?
  • What is the main currency for trading.
  • Customer code using the account.

Where is Agribank account number recorded?

Many customers have wondered and questioned where the bank account number is recorded. It is not the same as the card number and is printed on the ATM card. Agribank bank account number will be saved in the following locations:

  • The inside of the envelope holds the bank’s ATM card when the card is issued.
  • Invoices and statements when making a transaction at an ATM or a commercial center.
  • On Agribank’s electronic banking services such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking.
  • At the notification message of balance changes of SMS Banking service.

What if I forget my account number?

Forgotten bank account numbers are a common occurrence these days. With forgetting Agribank bank account number, you don’t have to face too much trouble. If you don’t remember your account number when you want someone else to transfer money to you, you won’t be able to transfer it.

And making some transactions using the account number will not be possible. But this will not affect everyone’s trading process. Just know one of the Agribank account number lookups that we would like to introduce below.

How to look up Agribank account number

If you unfortunately forget your Agribanbk bank account number, don’t worry too much. Because here are 6 ways to help people review their account number information. Please feel free to join us in the details below.

Look up Agribank account number on the phone

To be able to assist customers to manage their bank accounts in the easiest way. Agribank has provided its customers with E-Mobile Banking service.How to look up Agribank account number?

With this service, people can perform a lot of different utilities. In which people can use this service to be able to look up information about your bank account number. To conduct the search, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Proceed to log in to the E-Mobile Banking application installed on your phone.
  • Step 2: At the interface of the application, proceed to select the item “Card service“. Then select “Account Inquiry“.
  • Step 3: The screen will then display your account number along with other information such as balance, etc.

Check Agribank account number online on Web

So what if those who do not use the above application, what to do? Or rest assured that Agribank has Internet Banking service. People can log in to the bank’s website to look up your account number. Here are the detailed search instructions:

  • Step 1: First you need to proceed, you need to access the homepage of Agribank here.
  • Step 2: Then proceed to log in, log in with your account number, password and confirmation code to enter the system.
  • Step 3: At the display screen or select “Transaction” » “account information” » “Account Inquiry“.
  • Step 4: Then the screen will display information related to your bank account number.

Look up Agribank account number via text message

If you are using SMS Banking service of Agribank. People can conduct information about your account number extremely easily. To be able to conduct Agribank bank account number lookup, people compose a message with the following syntax:How to look up Agribank account number?

VBA SD to send 8149

After you successfully send a message, Agribank’s system will send a notification to your phone number. With notifications about your bank account balance, and including information about your bank account number.

Check Agribank account number at ATM

Check at the bank’s ATM used by many customers. Because the service’s ATM helps to quickly look up bank account information. To conduct a search at a bank’s ATM, follow these steps:How to look up Agribank account number?

  • Step 1: Take the card and then go to the nearest Agribank’s ATM. (You can go to the ATMs of the linked bank to do this).
  • Step 2: At the tree, people put the ATM card into the tree in the direction of the arrow printed on the card.
  • Step 3: Select your language and Vietnamese, and enter your ATM card PIN to enter the cash machine’s system.
  • Step 4: The screen displays the functions you select in the “Account query“. Then the system will display information about everyone’s bank account number. You can proceed to capture account number information so that you can review it when you forget it.

Look up Agribank account number via call center

Next, you can call the customer care center of Agribank. Here, customer support can answer questions and concerns during service use. If you do not remember your bank account number, please ask for Agribank’s consulting number: 1900 55 88 18.

Then follow the instructions to meet a consultant and ask to have your bank account number looked up again. Everyone needs to provide some information so that the staff can check and confirm. Such as: Full name, ID card/CCCD number, Phone number, date of birth, etc. Then the staff will confirm, if correct, they will provide account number information for everyone.

Check your Agribank account number directly at the counter

The last way that we would like to introduce to you is to go to the bank’s counter to conduct information search. When you go, you need to prepare your ID/CCCD and then go to the nearest branch or transaction counter of the bank to do so. Meet the staff at the counter and ask them to look up your bank account number again.How to look up Agribank account number?

Always the same as looking through the call center, you will need to provide information to a counselor. To be able to identify you as the owner of the account number you want to look up. Please show your identification to the bank staff so that the information you provide can be verified. Then the bank will look up your account number information on the system and re-issue that information to you.

Is there a fee to look up Agribank bank account number?

There are many customers wondering if there is a fee to look up Agribank’s account number? With this question, we would like to answer everyone as follows. Agribank always wants customers to use the best convenient services of the bank.

So in the process of looking up your account number, you will be 100% free. If you follow the steps above. But you need to be careful, when using everyone’s mobile network to check. You will have to pay for the carrier you are using, specifically as follows:

  • Checking via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking: Free.
  • Look up at Agribank’s transaction counter: Free.
  • Check via SMS: 1,000 VND / 1 message.
  • Check at the bank’s ATM system: Free if you don’t believe the bill.
  • Check through the bank’s call center: 1,000 VND / 1 minute.


The above article provides you with information about How to look up Agribank account number? on the simplest phone. Hope this information helps everyone. Thank you for reading and following the article of



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