To be able to complete the FE Credit loan procedure, the first thing to do is look up information bad debt list FE Credit. So what is this list? Why is personal information on FE Credit’s bad debt list? What does it take to delete information from the bad debt list? Let’s find out more details in the analysis, share below.

What is bad debt?

Bad debts are debts that are overdue for interest payments at banks and credit companies of individuals for some reason. Depending on the time of payment delay, bad debt information will be in groups from 3 to 5, in which, group 3 is the standard group, group 4 is the group of suspected bad debt and group 5 is bad debt – at risk. chance to lose money.

What is bad debt?
What is bad debt?

All information on consumer loans and bad loans will be stored on CIC – the credit information center of the State Bank of Vietnam. If you have bad debt information on CIC, continuing to borrow new loans will not be approved.

How is FE Credit bad debt understood?

FE credit bad debts are understood as loans that are due for payment but customers do not make payments and can lead to bad debts – debts that cannot be repaid. At this time, FE Credit will push the customer’s information to the bad debt groups corresponding to the late payment period of the customer.

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The latest updated list of bad debts FE Credit

The current list of FE credit bad debts consists of 5 main groups divided according to the time of late payment of the debt and the interest as follows:

Group 1 debt

Group 1 bad debt is late payment from 1 to 10 days. If the customer belongs to group 1 bad debt, they still have the opportunity to have other loan documents approved.

Debt notes

Bad debt group to note is the late payment from 10 to 90 days. Just like group 1, bad debt information in the debt group to note will also be flexibly resolved to help customers get other investment loan opportunities.

Bad debt group 3,4,5

Bad debt group 3,4,5 belongs to the list of extremely bad FE credit bad debts, the repayment ability is very low. At this time, customers also do not have the opportunity to make other loans at any banks or other financial companies.

How to check bad debt FE Credit

To know if you are on the list of bad debts FE Credit If not, you can check the information in 3 ways:

Check bad debt Fe Credit on CIC system

The first way to check the FE credit bad debt list is to choose to check the information directly on CIC. You need to fill in all personal financial information including full name, email, phone number, year of birth, ID card, address, etc. Then proceed to request to check bad debt information on CIC.

Normally, the information will be returned to you after 1 day from the time of search. But if you had bad debt 1 year ago, you will not be able to check any information on the CIC system.

Ask FE Credit staff to check for you

The second way to check if your personal information is on the FE credit bad debt list is to contact the FE Credit call center directly for support. Please contact directly to 1900 234 588, FE staff will directly check the information and give you feedback.

How to view personal bad debt

In all FE credit loan applications, there is a payment period and a late payment time will be a specific bad debt. So you can look up the location on the loan contract and calculate the nearest payment time. If you are busy paying less than 10 days late, you will have to pay an additional penalty fee according to the contract.

Bad debt FE Credit can borrow more?
Bad debt FE Credit can borrow more?

Instructions on how to delete bad debt FE Credit

If you are on the list of bad debt FE credit, you need to immediately delete bad debt by completing payment of outstanding loans and interest.

For debts under 10 days, FE Credit will quickly remove you from the list of bad debts. You only need to pay the late payment penalty fee to FE.

For loans that fall into the 3, 4, and 5 category, your write-off can take several years to clean up your credit history. During this period, you will not be able to borrow money from any other bank or credit institution.

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Note to avoid bad debt FE Credit

To avoid falling into the FE credit bad debt list, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Absolutely do not stand out with cloth or borrow for friends and relatives at Fe Credit
  • If you take out a loan for someone else, you need to ask the borrower to pay the monthly interest rate on time
  • Save your loan payment and completion time so you don’t miss out on payments

Having bad debt, can FE Credit get a loan from another bank?

If you are on the FE credit bad debt list, you will not be able to apply for a loan at banks or other credit institutions. If you only fall into bad debt group one or two, you can still flexibly make loans at banks. But your loan approval file will be much lower than the actual need because you have an unclean credit history.


Here are the details about bad debt list FE Credit you need to hold. If you take out an FE loan, please carefully read this advice note to avoid bad debt. It only takes a few days for the payment to be delayed, but your credit will not be clean and it will be difficult to complete the application or make other credit loans.

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