When conducting a transaction on Techcombank’s system. Everyone will receive a transaction code. What if people do not understand about Techcombank transaction code? Way Look up Techcombank transaction code how? In today’s article, we will answer these questions for you. Please refer to the article below.

What is Techcombank transaction code?

Techcombank transaction code is a type of code that customers will receive after each successful transaction. As you have seen when making a money transfer on Mobile Banking or Internet Banking application. When the system shows that you have successfully transferred, there will be Techcombank’s transaction code in the box below.Look up Techcombank transaction code

After each transaction, the customer will receive a different code and does not match any other code. Techcombank’s transaction code is registered as FTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Through this code, customers can check exactly each transaction when necessary. In addition, this code also acts as a cardless withdrawal code at ATMs of Techcombank.

When to check Techcombank transaction code?

So when do customers need to look up information about Techcombank transaction codes? The following are the reasons why customers need to look up the account’s transaction code. For specific information, please refer to the following:

  • When not knowing your transaction was successful or not. Everyone needs to conduct a transaction code check for correct information.
  • Having problems in the transaction and not showing the success message.
  • The customer’s account is suddenly unreasonably debited, so the customer needs to look up the transaction code information to check.
  • When transferring money but the other person has not received the money yet.

Instructions on how to look up Techcombank transaction codes

If people do not know how to look up Techcombank’s transaction code information. Here we will provide you with 4 ways to inspect your parcel. We invite you to consult with us for detailed instructions in the section below.

Check Techcombank transaction code on your phone

To look up information on everyone’s phone, follow the steps below:Look up Techcombank transaction code

  • Step 1: Proceed to sign in to the [email protected] Mobile app on your phone.
  • Step 2: Then at the interface of the application, proceed to select the “Account“. Then continue to select the “Transaction history” your.
  • Step 3: Then your transactions will be displayed, to see the transaction code you just need to click on the transaction to be able to check.

Look up Techcombank transaction code via call center

Techcombank’s call center supports customers and answers questions that users are facing. If you want to look up transaction code information, you can call 1800 588 822 of Techcombank switchboard. Then connect with your bank’s counselor. And request support to look up your transaction code information.

At this time, everyone needs to provide information to the bank’s switchboard to confirm the information. Then, if the information you provide is correct, the bank will conduct information search support for everyone.

How to look up Techcombank transaction code at the counter?

Customers can go directly to the bank’s branch or transaction counter to conduct a search. To proceed, people can refer to the implementation process as follows:Look up Techcombank transaction code

  • Step 1: Please prepare your identification then go to the nearest Techcombank’s transaction counter to make it.
  • Step 2: Then see your bank advisor and ask for a printed statement of the transaction history on your account.
  • Step 3: The bank will confirm your information to confirm whether you are the account holder or not. After that, the account transaction statement will be printed for the customer. To be able to look up information, please look at the printed bank statement sheet, there will be information about the transaction code.

Look up Techcombank transaction code by Internet Banking

The last way that we want to introduce to you is. How to view Techcombank transaction codes on the bank’s website. This way requires customers to register for Internet Banking service of the bank. Only then can you look up information about the transaction code. The following are detailed instructions on how to check the transaction code.

  • Step 1: Everyone needs to access the link: https://ib.techcombank.com.vn/
  • Step 2: Then proceed to log in to the account that you have registered with the bank there.
  • Step 3: At the interface of the website, please select the “Account“. Then continue to select the “Query account information“.
  • Step 4: Select the account for which you want to look up information and then choose a time to look up the transactions you want to check.
  • Step 5: Click on that transaction to view detailed information including Techcombank’s transaction code.

Is there a fee to look up Techcombank transaction codes?

Many customers have asked if there is a fee to look up transaction code information at Techcombank? With this question, we would like to answer everyone as follows. Currently, Techcombank does not charge a fee to look up your bank account information. Especially the banking service of the bank. But the transaction on it will be completely free when done.


This article will guide you on how Look up Techcombank transaction code. What is the fee for looking up account information of Teccombank? Hopefully the above information will help everyone in the process of looking up account information.



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