When using the payment account service at Vietcombank. People see transactions of unknown origin. So everyone needs to proceed look up transaction code Vietcombank. Just like with your account when making a transaction that an error occurs. You also need to check your transaction code information to confirm whether the transaction was successful or not.

To answer everyone’s question about this question. Here we will introduce to you the article on how to check Vietcombank bank transaction code information. We invite you to read the article below.

What is Vietcombank’s transaction code?

When people perform a certain transaction on Vietcombank’s system. The system will issue you a transaction code to prove your transaction was successful. For each transaction such as transferring money, receiving money or making payment, the account holder will receive a unique transaction code. That’s why people can easily check the details of each transaction when they want to review it.look up transaction code Vietcombank

Normally, the bank’s transaction codes will have the character FTхххххххххххх. But for Vietcombank, the bank’s transaction code will have 10 numbers randomly assigned to customers when making transactions. This code has the function of knowing if your transaction has failed or has a problem.

When to look up Vietcombank transaction code?

For many customers who do not understand why it is necessary to look up transaction code information. Here we will give you the reasons why customers need to look up Vietcombank’s transaction code again. Specifically, we invite you to join us in the following:

  • If you do not know if your transaction was successful or not. You need to conduct a transaction code lookup to be able to confirm the transaction.
  • If you pay when shopping at the shopping mall. The recipient has not received the money, you need to proceed to look up the confirmation code. If your transaction has not been completed, the information “MBVCB…” will be displayed.
  • One of the biggest reasons why customers need to double check the transaction code is. When you see that your account has been deducted a large amount, you need to quickly look up the information of that transaction. And report back this incident to the bank for timely resolution.

Is the transaction code an OTP confirmation code?

Many customers today get confused between Trading code and Verification. But actually these two types of codes have this one function and different effects. So, what is the difference between them, please refer to the following:

Trading codeTransaction code is the code provided by the bank after each transaction to the customer. With this code, it will work to confirm that your transaction is successful or not. And there is another effect that can find the details of the transaction you want to check.
VerificationAs for the confirmation code, also known as the OTP code. This code is used to confirm before proceeding with a transaction. Everyone can understand that this is a security code. Without the confirmation code, your transactions will not take place.

How to look up detailed Vietcombank transaction code

After learning the information related to the transaction code of Vietcombank. Here we will guide you how to look up the bank’s transaction code in the most detailed and fastest way. For specific information, please join us to find out below.

Look up Vietcombank transaction code at the counter

For customers who want to look up a large amount of information about their transactions. Going directly to the counter to check is the most reasonable way. When you go, take your ID/CCCD with you and then go to the bank’s branch or transaction counter to be able to process the order. When you go to the bank, meet the bank counselor and ask to print a statement of your transaction history.look up transaction code Vietcombank

The bank will proceed to give you a form filled with personal information for confirmation. People also provide your identification so the banker can do the verification. After confirming that the information you provided is correct. The bank will print statements for everyone.

Note: On the printed bank statement, each transaction will contain its own transaction code. People can conduct information lookup on it.

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Look up Vietcombank transaction code on your phone

For those who use VCB Banking service for transactions. People can look up this information on their phones easily without the need of a bank. To look up the transaction code on your phone, follow the steps below:look up transaction code Vietcombank

  • Step 1: Proceed to login your service account registered to the VCB application on your phone.
  • Step 2: At the interface of the application, you proceed to select the “Card service“. Then select your account information.
  • Step 3: You will proceed to select the bank account that you want to check the confirmation code information. There, choose to view your transaction history. And proceed to click on each transaction to see your transaction code

Is there a fee to look up Vietcombank transaction code?

For many users, the question is, is there a fee to check the transaction code of Vietcombank? With this question we will answer everyone as follows. Currently, the customer support bank can check information on the phone through the bank’s App completely free of charge.

If you proceed to print a statement at Vietcombank, the specific statement printing fee is as follows:

  • Print one-time statement: Free.
  • Print statement many times in 1 month: 5,000 VND/page, minimum 20,000 VND/time.


This article will guide you on how look up Vietcombank transaction code. Let’s find out how to look up transaction code at Vietcombank. Hope that the information in this article will be useful to everyone. Thank you for reading and understanding the article of thongtinbank.com.



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