Today, the demand for using online payment services is being trusted by many customers. As long as you have a phone with an Internet connection, you can easily pay consumer loans, buy a recharge card or pay for electricity, water, Internet, etc. Instead of having to spend time going to the centers electricity or waiting for the toll collector to come to your house, you can now easily pay Online via Vietcombank.

The following article will share how to pay electricity bills via Vietcombank in quickest way!

What are the advantages of paying electricity bills through Vietcombank?

Pay electricity bill via Vietcombank
Pay electricity bill via Vietcombank

With the development of the Internet, customers can now easily pay their electricity bills online through their bank accounts or online banking accounts. electronic wallet. For electricity bill payment via Vietcombank, customers will receive the following benefits:

  • Be proactive about time in paying your monthly electricity bill.
  • Reminder to pay electricity bill every month.
  • Make automatic monthly electricity payments.
  • Review your electricity bill easily to help control your finances.
  • Make the payment of electricity bills for both relatives and friends easily.

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Ways of paying electricity bills via Vietcombank

Currently, the money payment service is applied by Vietcombank with the following 2 forms:

One-time payment

One-time payment is a form of proactively paying electricity bills periodically for each month. Customers can make transactions through transaction channels such as: Vietcombank transaction counter, VCB Digibank app.

Automatic payment

Automatic payment is a form of authorization for Vietcombank to automatically deduct money from its account at Vietcombank to pay for electricity according to the statement provided by the power company and previously notified to you. You don’t need to waste time paying or be afraid of forgetting anymore.

Customers can register only once to use the service at channels such as: Transaction counters, VCB Digibank.

What conditions does Vietcombank need to pay electricity bills online?

To be able to pay electricity bills online via Vietcombank, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Have an account opened at Vietcombank and have registered for VCB Digibank service.
  • There is a customer code provided by the power company.
  • The amount in the account must be greater than the amount of the electricity bill paid.

Instructions for paying electricity bills via Vietcombank the simplest way

After you have met the conditions above, next let’s find out how to pay electricity bills through Vietcombank in the simplest and fastest way. Currently, there are many ways to pay via Vietcombank.

Note that you can look up your electricity bill first to know the amount you need to pay. Instructions at this.

Online electricity payment via Vietcombank Digibank

Step 1: App login VCB Digibank on the phone. If you don’t have the app, find it and install it across platforms Android and IOS.

Step 2: Scroll down to select Electric bill section Pay the bill.

Select Electricity bill at Bill payment section
Select Electricity bill at Bill payment section

Step 3: Section Transaction informationchoose Electricity unit providing service, Customer’s code. Then press Continue.

Complete information
Complete information

Step 4: Check customer information, electricity amount to be paid. Press Confirm.

Check customer information
Check customer information

Step 5: Enter the confirmation code sent to the registered phone number and press Confirm.

Enter the confirmation code
Enter the confirmation code

So you have completed the online electricity payment via Vietcombank.

Electricity bill payment at Vietcombank transaction office

In addition to paying on the application, you can also visit Vietcombank’s transaction counter directly to pay for electricity, the process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Pick up the order number for the electricity bill payment service.
  • Step 2: Read the customer code that the electricity company provides to the bank staff.
  • Step 3: Pay the amount to be paid at the request of the bank staff.
  • Step 4: Sign the confirmation and receive the receipt after payment.

Pay electricity bills at ATM Vietcombank

If you want to pay electricity bill through Vietcombank’s ATM system, you should first open an account card, load money into it and every time you need to pay electricity bill, follow the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Customer gives ATM card enter the device and enter the PIN code
  • Step 2: Select item Service fee paymentchoose Electricity, select the electricity service provider you are using. For example: Electricity of Hanoi (EVN Hanoi), Electricity of Ho Chi Minh City (EVN Ho Chi Minh), Electricity of Central (EVN of Central) …
  • Step 3: Import Customer’s code on the electricity bill (including 13 characters and in the form PC08AA010…, PC08BB020…). How to enter customer code: The text is entered according to the letters on both sides of the screen (customers use the << and >> keys on either side of the screen to move), the number is entered on the keyboard.
  • Step 4: After entering all 13 characters, press Enter, the machine will display customer information and the amount to pay.
  • Step 5: Customers check the information displayed on the screen, if correct, select Agree to pay.

Paying electricity bills via Momo e-wallet linked to the bank

Along with Vietcombank’s applications, you can also easily pay electricity bills through the application Momo e-wallet. However, a mandatory condition is that your Momo account has been linked to Vietcombank. After you have linked Momo e-wallet with your bank, you can pay electricity bills online through the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to the MoMo application on your phone, click Pay bills.

Sign in to MoMo . app
Sign in to MoMo . app

Step 2: Select Electricity bill.

Select Electricity bill.
Select Electricity bill.

Step 3: Select the Region / Service Provider where you live

Select Region / Service Provider
Select Region / Service Provider

Step 4: Enter the customer code, the customer code printed on your previous electricity bill.

Enter customer code
Enter customer code

Step 5: Check the amount to pay again, select Payment.

select Payment
select Payment

Step 6: Click Confirm to complete the transaction.

Click Confirm to complete the transaction.
Click Confirm to complete the transaction.

So you have finished paying your electricity bill via the Momo e-wallet application.


Above are specific ways to help customers easily pay electricity bills through Vietcombank. In addition to paying electricity bills through Vietcombank, you can also pay water bills, internet usage fees, etc. through other services of this bank to make life simpler and more convenient.

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