You have just successfully applied for a loan at HD Saison but do not know how to pay the loan. The following article Banktop will guide you in detail HD Saison paymentespecially how to pay online to save time and make it safer for customers.

About HD Saison loan

About HD Saison loan
About HD Saison loan

HD Saison full name is HD SAISON Finance Company Limited, established in 2007. HD Saison is known as one of the first financial companies in Vietnam. Since its establishment, HD Saison has served the loan needs of a large number of customers.

HD Saison is a consumer finance company providing installment loans to buy motorbikes, cars, light trucks, musical instruments, construction materials, tourism, study, beauty, wedding, dental and ticket purchase. Vietjet aircraft…. Over 15 years of establishment and development, HD Saison has owned more than 23,000 service introduction points network across 63 provinces.

HD Saison always offers attractive interest rates and flexible loan terms, giving customers more choices in installment loans. Besides, the loan procedure is simple, the disbursement time is quick, helping customers to quickly own the loan.

Instructions on how to pay HD Saison contracts directly

Not only is the loan procedure simple, but the payment of the HD Saison contract is also very simple. Here are some HD Saison contract payment information that you need to know.

Where is HD Saison direct payment?

If you want to pay HD Saison directly, you can go to the following points:

  • Post office: Currently, Vietnam Post Corporation (VNPT) is present everywhere, so you can easily pay your debt at the post office.
  • HD Bank: You can also go to the nearest HD Bank branches/transaction offices to transfer money for HD Saison payment.
  • Agribank: If you are not near HD Bank, you can also go to Agribank to make a money transfer.
  • BIDV Bank: Or BIDV bank is also a direct HD Saison payment option for you.
  • MoMo system: On Momo’s website, there is a list of places where Momo accepts payment, refer to the nearest location to make direct payment HD Saison.

HD Saison payment information

When paying cash in installments, customers need to fill in all payment information including transferor, beneficiary, transfer amount, money transfer content, etc. Especially, in the content of money transfer, it is necessary to write the full number. contract, phone number registered when making a loan.

Note: Once done, save the payment receipt to check it again when needed.

Instructions for paying HD Saison installment contracts online

Instructions for paying HD Saison installment contracts online
Instructions for paying HD Saison installment contracts online

With the current development of the internet, in addition to the traditional direct payment method, online payment is the way many people choose. Because of the convenience, fast, safe and no time to move anywhere, can be done anytime, anywhere.

Payment via Internet Banking

  • Step 1: Access to HD Saison’s website by following the link:
  • Step 2: At the main homepage interface, select internet banking.
  • Step 3: Log in to your internet banking account according to the provided account information.
  • Step 4: Select Transfer => Transfer in HDBANK
  • Step 5: Fill in the beneficiary information correctly as follows:

Beneficiary account: 002704070004727

Transfer amount: Amount you want to pay + 12,000 (transfer fee)


Then click “Continue”.

Step 6: Enter the 6-digit OTP verification code sent to the registered phone number and then click “Browse” to complete the payment process.

Payment via e-wallet Momo

Payment via e-wallet Momo
Payment via e-wallet Momo
  • Step 1: Open the Momo e-wallet application on your phone and then log in.
  • Step 2: Select “Consumer loan payment” at the main interface.
  • Step 3: Then there will be a series of logos of financial companies displayed, you choose HD Saison’s logo to make the payment.
  • Step 4: Enter the loan agreement number, then click Continue.
  • Step 5: Loan information to be paid will be displayed on the screen, enter the amount you want to pay and then click Continue.
  • Step 6: Check the payment details again, if it is correct, then click Confirm.
  • Step 7: Finally enter the Momo wallet password to complete the payment process.

Can I pay HD Saison loan early?

HD Saison allows customers to pay their loans ahead of time. However, when such prepayment is made, the customer will have to bear a penalty fee. Because early payment means that the customer has broken the contract. Fees are specified as follows:

  • If you pay early, the penalty fee is 6% of the total outstanding balance.
  • Change the payment time, the penalty fee is equal to 4% of the remaining amount.
  • For loans with small outstanding balance, the minimum penalty fee will be 1,650,000 VND.

Note when paying HD Saison loan

When paying HD Saison loans, customers should note a few things as follows:

  • Pay on time according to the contract and fully according to the original agreement to avoid late payment, not only incur additional penalty fees, but also be listed as bad debt if it is more than 10 days late. Leads you to not be able to borrow money at other credit institutions for at least 12 months.
  • If you pay directly, you should only pay your debt to HD Saison employees or an authorized collection partner to ensure the funds are given to the correct person.


Here is the whole way HD Saison payment that Banktop has shared with you. It can be seen that all the above payment methods are very simple and easy. Hope this article will help you choose the most suitable and convenient payment method.

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