If you accidentally lose your ATM card, you must close the account immediately to avoid information disclosure or even loss of property. There are many ways to delete and close an account.

This article Nganhangonline will guide you in detail delete, cancel and close BIDV Smart Banking account Fast online on your phone. Let’s refer to it right away for correct operation!

What is BIDV Smart Banking account deletion, cancellation and closure?

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a bank account to keep money, transfer and receive money in times of need. Bank accounts have many attractive utilities, bringing convenience to users.

However, many users are still confused about the concept of deleting, canceling and closing BIDV accounts. In fact, deleting, canceling or closing an account is the same. These are all actions you want to stop all activities on products and services from the bank. Note that, when you decide to delete your BIDV account, you will not be able to make transactions or use any services from the bank.

There are two ways to delete, cancel and close BIDV Smart Banking account:

  • Closing a bank account temporarily: Your bank account is only temporarily closed for a period of time. Users can reopen at any time if needed.
  • Permanently close a bank account: Your bank account will be permanently closed. User cannot reopen his account by any means.

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How to delete, cancel and close BIDV Smart Banking online account

Currently, the bank only allows users to delete or cancel BIDV accounts temporarily or permanently by calling the switchboard or directly to the bank. In case customers want to operate on BIDV’s e-banking application, it is still not possible because the bank does not support this feature.

How to temporarily delete BIDV Smart Banking online account?

If you want to temporarily stop using your BIDV account for a while, you can temporarily lock your account by calling the switchboard according to the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Call the BIDV bank switchboard number 1900 9247.
  • Step 2: Listen to the instructions and press the required keys to meet the operator.
  • Step 3: Present your need to temporarily lock your BIDV account.
  • Step 4: Provide full personal information at the request of the employee, including: full name, phone number, account number, ID card, reason for lock, ….
  • Step 5: Wait a few minutes, the bank confirming the identity will proceed to temporarily lock the account as required.
  • Step 6: The staff informed that the account was successfully locked.

How to cancel BIDV bank account permanently

As mentioned above, at present, BIDV only supports customers to cancel their accounts permanently at the switchboard or bank transaction counters. To cancel your BIDV bank account permanently, you must bring all documents and follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Go directly to the nearest local bank branch.
  • Step 2: Notify staff of wanting to permanently cancel the account.
  • Step 3: Provide information including: full name, ID card, account number
  • Step 4: Fill out the request for permanent bank account cancellation and sign the confirmation.
  • Step 5: Return the form for staff to check.
  • Step 6: If the account has money, the staff will ask you to withdraw all the money to proceed to cancel the account.
  • Step 7: Wait for staff to notify successful cancellation > Complete the operation to cancel BIDV bank account permanently at the bank.

In addition to canceling or deleting your account permanently at the bank, you can still call the switchboard to cancel. The way to do it is similar to closing the temporary account that Nganhangonline has instructed above.

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When should I close my BIDV Smart Banking online account?

Before answering this question, you must understand and distinguish two concepts: deletion, cancellation, temporary and permanent account closure. How to distinguish the two concepts according to the table below:

Delete, cancel, close BIDV account temporarilyDelete, cancel, close BIDV account permanently
  • Cases: lost card, leaked account information, wrong PIN code, not used for a long time, …
  • Can be reopened for normal use if needed.
  • Case: no longer need to use, the bank account expires.
  • Cannot reopen, must open a completely new account.

In case you should close your BIDV account temporarily

Currently, the use of bank accounts to make transfers and receive money has become popular. When closing and deleting an account, you should think carefully because a bank account supports many utilities and saves a lot of time.

In case you own too many bank accounts at once, and want to save on maintenance costs, you can consider deleting the account temporarily instead of permanently. Some cases should close BIDV account temporarily as follows:

✔ ATM card is lost, lost or stolen by crooks. In particular, with the type of visa card, the mastercard allows payment without entering a password, if the crooks get it, it is very dangerous.

✔ Temporarily no need to use an account.

✔ Want to save money on account services, card services.

In case you should cancel your BIDV account permanently

You should understand that if you cancel your BIDV account temporarily, you can still reopen it if you want, but otherwise, a permanently canceled bank account cannot be reopened. If you want to open you have to create a completely new account to use. Therefore, nganhangonline only encourages you to delete your account permanently in case you really no longer need to use it in the future.

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Fees for deleting, canceling and closing BIDV Smart Banking online accounts

BIDV Bank supports customers to delete, cancel or close their accounts completely free of charge. If the customer has a reasonable reason to close the account, the bank will support to handle it quickly. Therefore, if you have a need, please contact BIDV directly for support.

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Conditions to delete BIDV Smart Banking online account

To close, cancel or delete a BIDV bank account, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Customers can only delete their accounts when they have fully fulfilled their account-related obligations.
  • Customers no longer need to use the account.
  • When the account holder is lost, information is leaked, request to cancel the account to protect information and card assets.
  • When the account is out of balance and cannot make any transactions.
  • The account holder has lost his civil act, died, gone missing, etc.

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Frequently asked questions about canceling and closing BIDV Smart Banking accounts

What is BIDV’s new generation of Smart Banking service?

BIDV’s new generation Smart Banking service is built on the basis of merging online transaction platforms and replacing Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services. The new generation of Smart Banking will bring a completely new and uniform experience in terms of interface, features, utilities, service fees, limits, etc. on the digital banking channel.

BIDV Smart Banking is provided on website and mobile application so that customers can make transactions with the bank anytime, anywhere through devices with network connection. Some outstanding features of BIDV Smart Banking account are as follows:

➤ Uniform on login and password.

➤ Personalize the experience and customize the interface in real time.

➤ Agree on transaction limit.

➤ Increased security.

➤ Receive transaction alerts anytime, anywhere.

➤ Easily make financial transactions, payments and shopping.

Can I withdraw or transfer money after closing my BIDV account?

Can I withdraw or transfer money after closing my BIDV account? This is a question that most users ask. After the account is notified that it has been successfully locked permanently, all information about the data related to the account is deleted by the system.

The client will not be able to make any transactions once the account has been deleted. Therefore, if you really intend to no longer use it, please request to delete the account.

Deleting BIDV account, will you return the ATM card?

An ATM card is a means of withdrawing money from an account. If the bank account is required to be deleted, you should hand over the ATM card to the bank staff to handle the card cancellation in accordance with regulations. However, in reality, the bank may not require this, but to avoid risks, you should also cancel your card by cutting it off.

Does changing phone number need to cancel BIDV account?

Many customers have already registered for a BIDV account, but for some reason, they have to change their sim card or change their phone number, do they need to cancel their BIDV account? The answer is no need. Because the bank can support its customers to change their phone numbers for free without having to take the extra step of canceling the account.

Thus, after registering for BIDV Smart Banking account opening service and want to change the phone number to use the service, you should go to BIDV’s transaction points to update the changed information. BIDV will re-register Smart Banking service according to your new phone number as per your request.

Note, in case the customer changes or transfers the phone number registered for e-banking service at BIDV but does not notify the change to the bank to update the information, the Terms and conditions for using services BIDV has the right to stop the services that customers have previously registered.

Can I re-open if I delete or close my BIDV account?

Once the account has been successfully deleted, permanently canceled, you cannot reopen the old account but can only re-register a completely new account. Because, when you cancel, the system has already erased the information in your old account.

Can I cancel my BIDV credit account?

Customers can still cancel a BIDV credit account, but canceling a credit account is often more complicated than a regular payment account. To cancel a credit account, customers need to pay all debts, fees, etc., to be eligible to cancel a BIDV credit account.

Which bank card (ATM card) should I make Best, free

Conditions for canceling BIDV bank credit account

➤ BIDV credit card must be used for at least 6 months.

➤ Cardholders need to pay all fees, principal, interest, etc.

➤ Hand over the card to the bank

How to cancel a BIDV bank credit account

  • Step 1: Go to the nearest BIDV bank branch to cancel your credit account.
  • Step 2: Present your need to cancel your credit account > Fill out the account cancellation request form.
  • Step 3: Pay arising fees, pay interest debts (if any).
  • Step 4: Wait for the staff to notify you that your credit account has been canceled successfully.

Does BIDV bank temporarily lock the account when entering the wrong password?

To ensure the safety of your account, the bank will temporarily lock your BIDV account if you enter the wrong password 5 times in a row. In this case, you need to go to any BIDV transaction point to reopen your account.

So, here are the instructions delete, cancel and close BIDV Smart Banking account online that Nganhangonline has just provided to you. Hope this content has helped you answer this long-standing question. When you no longer need to use it, please follow the above methods. Good luck to everyone!

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