Way register for SMS Banking Techcombank how? This is a question asked by many customers using the bank’s services. What are the benefits of this service when registering? What are the conditions to register for this service? We invite everyone to read our articles below.

Techcombank is currently supporting customers with many different utilities. These services will help everyone to easily control the information on your account. SMS Banking service is one of them.


Learn What is SMS Banking Techcombank?

SMS Banking service is provided by Techcombank to customers. When registering for this service, everyone will receive a notification about your transaction on the bank’s system. You can understand simply when conducting a transaction on your account. The bank will send you a text message detailing the transaction.register for SMS Banking Techcombank

In addition to receiving notifications about balance fluctuations on your bank account. Techcombank’s SMS Banking service also has many other functions. To ensure support for all usage needs of each customer when registering.

Benefits of registering for Techcombank SMS Banking service

Like the balance notification function as we mentioned above everyone. Techcombank’s SMS Banking service also has many other benefits. Here we will introduce to you some outstanding features on this service. Please have a look below:

  • Receive notifications about changes in customer account balances.
  • Fast 24/7 internal and interbank transfers with just one text message.
  • Fast phone top-up for optional or electric wearable subscribers.
  • Support to receive OTP code when conducting online transactions on other platforms.
  • Check your account’s transaction history as quickly as possible.
  • Look up foreign exchange rates, interest rates of Techcombank.
  • Receive notifications about the latest banking products and services.

Conditions for registering for Techcombank SMS Banking service

Currently, the customer support bank can quickly register for the service. But to be able to register for this service, people need to learn about the bank’s regulatory conditions. And below are the conditions to be able to register for Techcombank’s SMS Banking service.

  • Customers need to have a bank account registered at Techcombank.
  • Using the [email protected] Mobile application service to register for the service on the phone.
  • Use a phone number to be able to use SMS Banking service.
  • Have ID card/CCCD or Passport to register for services at the bank.

How to register for SMS Banking Techcombank in detail

Techcombank’s SMS Banking service is not a new service nowadays. But still many new customers using the service do not know about this service and how to register. Here we will show you two ways to register for the service. Please refer below.

Register for SMS Banking Techcombank at the counter

Register for SMS Banking service at transaction counters used by many customers. When you go directly to the bank to register, you will be supported by the bank staff in the most dedicated way. To proceed with the registration, please prepare your ID/CCCD and then go to the nearest branch or transaction counter to do so.register for SMS Banking Techcombank

At the counter, you will get the order number, then wait for your name to be called and meet the bank’s consultant. Ask the bank staff you want to register for the bank’s SMS Banking service. At this time, the bank staff will issue you a bank service registration slip. You need to proceed to fill out the bank’s form completely.

Then return the sample form to the bank staff, including your identification documents. At this time, the bank staff will proceed to confirm the information for you. After confirming the information you have provided, Techcombank staff will proceed to register for SMS Banking service for everyone.

How to register for SMS Banking Techcombank by phone

Techcombank’s [email protected] Mobile service supports people to register for SMS Banking service. To register for the service, you can refer to the following instructions:

Step 1: Proceed to sign in to the [email protected] Mobile app installed on your phone.

Step 2: At the main screen of the application, please select the 3-dot icon on the corner of the screen.

Step 3: At the menu section people believe and choose and the “Sign up to receive balance fluctuations“.register for SMS Banking Techcombank

Step 4: At the registration section to receive balance fluctuations in column [email protected] Mobile. You choose On / Off and send payment.

In the “Mobile Account” Please choose the following:

  • Column [email protected] Mobile that everyone will receive account notifications right in the app.
  • At the SMS column: Everyone’s messages will be sent to the phone number registered for the service with the bank.register for SMS Banking Techcombank

Step 5: People proceed to enter the confirmation code and then press to get the OTP code. Then confirm and press complete to complete the service registration.

Syntax for using Techcombank SMS Banking service

In addition to receiving notifications about balance fluctuations on the account. You can also look up your bank account information quickly with the following syntax:

  • Look up bank account balance: TCBTK [số tài khoản] [mật khẩu] send 8049.
  • Check account transaction history: TCBGD [số tài khoản] [mật khẩu] send 8049.
  • Recharge mobile account: NAP Face-Price (Original Subscriber Number) send 8049.


The above article shows people how to register for SMS Banking Techcombank on the phone. Some syntaxes for using Techcombank’s services. With the above information, we hope it will be helpful to everyone. Thank you for reading the article of ruttienthetindungonline.com.

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