Register for SMS Banking BIDV This is the first step for customers to start implementing some banking services such as money transfer, account inquiry, etc. Bank account at BIDV is simple and easy.

What is SMS Banking BIDV?

SMS Banking BIDV is a banking message service provided by BIDV bank provided to customers with accounts at BIDV.

The biggest goal of this service is to help customers perform banking services without having to go to the bank or have cash. At the same time, actively receive the latest information related to customer accounts.

As a service towards the best experience for customers, SMS Banking BIDV received a lot of positive feedbacks and usage choices of customers.

What is SMS Banking BIDV?

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Functions of SMS Banking Service BIDV

SMS Banking BIDV provides the following services:

Automated messaging service

  • Payment account: Notice of arising debt / credit on payment account, warning message.
  • Savings account: BILLIONNotify when depositing, withdrawing/partializing, time deposit account balance.
  • Loan account: Information about disbursement loansthe latest repayment term, loan repayment status, overdue debt transfer messages from customers.
  • Other information: credit card account information, information for corporate customers, etc.

Inquiry Service

  • Account inquiries: payment deposit account balance; transaction information: last, most recent transaction.
  • Savings deposit inquiries: term deposit account balance.
  • Loan inquiries: total outstanding loans, principal balance of a loan.
  • Other information inquiries: exchange rates, update carrier information for subscribers who switch networks and keep numbers.

Advantages When Using SMS Banking Service BIDV Bank

Choosing BIDV SMS Banking service, you can experience the following extremely convenient utilities:

  • Actively manage and monitor personal accounts: inquire about checking personal bank accounts, see how much account balance is left.
  • Flexible and convenient to use through phone messages; regularly update the fastest account information.
  • Look up registered services quickly, look up transaction history easily.
  • Quickly receive information from the bank about products, services, promotions as well as other market information.
  • Other information: Find out information about investment portfolios as well as stock market news, exchange rates, interest rates, location of BIDV’s ATMs, service fee schedule of BIDV cards.
  • In particular, this service does not limit the amount of phone number information used to register to receive messages.
  • Can help customers look up BIDV’s Help Information

In particular, this service does not limit the amount of registered phone number information.

Advantages of SMS Banking BIDV

Conditions and Procedures for SMS Banking Registration for BIDV

Customers needing to use BIDV SMS Banking service need to meet a number of conditions as follows:

  • Have a BIDV bank account.
  • Have a personal phone, use mobile networks such as Mobifone, Vinaphone, Viettel or Vietnamobile.
  • Have a National Identity Card.

After that, customers will carry out the registration procedures for SMS Banking BIDV through the online system or BIDV switchboard.

Procedures to Register for SMS Banking BIDV

Registration documents include:

  • Fill in your personal information in the SMS service registration form
  • Check the box to receive text messages by phone number

Instructions for Registering SMS Banking Service BIDV Bank

Customers can choose one of the following three ways to register for SMS Banking BIDV.

Register for SMS Banking directly at BIDV

This service applies to customers who already have an account at BIDV and have valid ID/CCCD or passport.

Step 1: Customers bring documents such as ID card/CCCD to the nearest BIDV transaction office/branch.

  • Note: For the fastest and best support, you should arrive early at the beginning of BIDV’s working hours.
  • At the same time, the registration fee for BIDV SMS Banking service at the counter is completely free.

Register for SMS Banking directly at BIDV
Register for SMS Banking directly at BIDV

Step 2: Get your order number at the automated information counter (receptionist can help you with this step).

Step 3: Wait for the machine to read your order number.

Step 4: Go to the counter according to the code on the ticket and meet the teller.

Step 5: Provide documents, if you have any questions, you can ask the teller for answers before registering for the service. If you don’t have any doubts, you can start asking a teller to register for BIDV SMS Banking service.

Step 6: After reading the phone number used to register for the service, an OTP code will be sent. Please provide that code to the teller to complete the procedure.

Thus, you have successfully registered for SMS Banking service of BIDV.

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Register for SMS Banking BIDV online at website

This registration method only applies to customers who already have a BIDV bank account and are using BIDV Online services.

  • Step 1: Visit BIDV’s service registration page at this
  • Step 2: In the other products and services section, register to use BIDV products and services according to the given form.
  • Step 3: Fill in the required information in the Customer Information section.
  • Step 4: Select BSMS: service to send/receive messages for customers with BIDV accounts in the Products section.
  • Step 5: In the section Where do you know BIDV’s products/services from? select Any.
  • Step 6: Enter the CAPTCHA code to authenticate and press Submit registration.

Register via BIDV call center

Register via BIDV call center
Register via BIDV call center

Here, you should call with the registration number to open the card for priority support. To register for SMS Banking BIDV, you call BIDV switchboard and do the following:

  • Step 1: Call 1900 9247 (toll free) or 024 2220 0588 (1,000 VND/minute)
  • Step 2: Press 1 to select consultation in Vietnamese.
  • Step 3: Press 0 to meet the operator.
  • Step 4: Ask the staff to advise you on how to register for BIDV SMS Banking service and follow the consultant’s instructions.

Register for SMS Banking BIDV via SMS

To register for SMS Banking service of BIDV via text message, compose a message with the following syntax:

DKBSMS_stk_YYY send 8149 (1,000 VND/message).

In there:

  • stk: your 14-digit bank account number
  • YYY: the name of the carrier you use (for example: Viettel, Vinaphone, …)
  • _: space.

Attention customers BIDV’s working schedule when registering at the branch.

Syntax of Using SMS Banking Service BIDV Bank

After registering for the service, customers can now start using SMS to make service requests with BIDV. The syntax when used according to the instructions includes:

How to use SMS Banking service for customers with accounts at BIDV is as follows:

TTCONTENTSyntax to send 8149
For customers who have an account at BIDV and have registered to use SMS Banking service
firstNotice of account balance fluctuationsThe system automatically sends a message to you when your account changes
2When registering for the service, if the customer has registered a password, the system will automatically send a temporary message, and the customer will send a password change message.BIDV DMKPasswordOld PasswordNewPassword
3Inquiry about account balanceAccount No.Account (Password)
4Inquiry about the final GD informationGD Account Number (Password)
5Statement of the last 5 transactions of other accounts5GD Account Number (Password)
6Exchange rate questionTG CodeCurrency

Currency Type: USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, SGDn exchange rate news

7Inquiry about any exchange rate of any dayTG CodeCurrency ddmmyy

Eg: TG USD 080812

8Question about deposit interest ratesLS CodeCurrency

Currency code: VND, USD

9 Cancel the automatic interest rate reporting service HUY LS
ten Re-register for automatic interest rate messaging service BIDV DK LS
11 Cancel the automatic exchange rate quote service HUY TG
twelfth Re-register for BIDV DK TG’s automatic exchange rate messaging service BIDV DK TG
13 Canceling automatic GD message service HUY GD HUY EDUCATION
14 Re-register for GD texting service that arises automatically BIDV DK GD

Fee Schedule When Using BIDV SMS Banking Service

Currently, BIDV applies the following fee schedule for customers using SMS Banking service from March 21, 2021 as follows:

SMS Token Fee: Free.

Bank information and balance change notification fee (BSMS):

  • Individual customers: 9,000 VND/month/subscriber.
  • Customers are toll collectors/units accepting POS payments: 1,000 VND/tin.

How to Cancel SMS Banking Service BIDV

In case you choose to stop using the service, you can choose one of two ways to cancel the service:

  • Method 1. Directly at BIDV branches or transaction offices. Customers take their ID cards to the bank, queue to get a number, and ask the delivery person to cancel the service. The teller will provide a service cancellation form to fill in the information, confirm the account holder and proceed to cancel the service.
  • Way 2. Contact the switchboard. Customers call BIDV’s switchboard number, provide bank account information, ID card number, let the operator authenticate the account holder and immediately cancel the service.

Note: You cannot cancel SMS Banking BIDV online because the bank does not provide this feature.

Cancellation of SMS Banking service of BIDV is free and customers are also free of charge when changing personal information of the account.

Notes when using SMS Banking service BIDV

Below are some notes collected from customers who have used SMS Banking service of BIDV.

When using the service, customers should pay attention to the system’s data conversion time.

Normally, from 22:00 to 04:00, SMS Banking service of BIDV will be temporarily interrupted. Customers should pay attention when performing services during this time because the system will not send you support messages.

Notes when using SMS Banking service BIDV
Notes when using SMS Banking service BIDV

SMS Banking service BIDV provides is aimed at all customers, especially connecting with Viettel, Mobiphone, Vinaphone, Vietnamobile and Gmobile mobile networks.

If the customer has never registered for BIDV SMS Banking service or entered the wrong bank account number, the system will not have a response message.


Register for SMS Banking BIDV and detailed usage instructions have been provided quite fully by the above article so that customers can easily register and use this SMS service of BIDV.

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