If you already have an account at Vietinbank, you must know about Internet Banking Vietinbank. Although there are many utilities, many people do not know how Register for Internet Banking Vietinbankthe following article will help you better understand the registration process and procedures.

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Internet Banking What is Vietinbank (Vietinbank Ipay)?

Internet Banking Vietinbank is an online banking service of Vietinbank allows you to manage your accounts and transactions: transfer money, pay bills, save money, top up, etc. over the Internet and without having to go to a transaction office or a bank branch.

vietinbank internet banking registration
Register for Internet Banking Vietinbank with many preeminent features.

Just by logging in via a computer or smartphone, you can use the service anywhere, anytime.

Benefits When Using Ipay Vietinbank

Vietinbank Ipay application brings many benefits to customers using the service such as:

  • Transact anytime, anywhere, no need to go to the bank’s headquarters.
  • Manage accounts and transactions easily.
  • High security because there are two layers of security using OTP authentication technology.
  • Support money transfer in VietinBank and interbank systems.
  • Send savings online from an ATM card account.
  • Regular loan repayment;
  • Buy insurance for civil liability and accident of occupants, buy travel insurance.
  • Paying all kinds of bills including: Electricity, water, airfare, telecommunications, internet, mobile, contract loans.
  • Look up bank information: Exchange rate, interest rate, ATM/POS location;
  • Look up account information: Balance, transaction history, transaction details.

Functions Of Vietinbank Ipay

Using Vietinbank Ipay, customers can see features such as:

Online personal finance management

  • Query and manage account information, loans, savings.
  • Look up transaction history.
  • Actively update new accounts when customers open an account at VietinBank.


  • Transfer within VietinBank.
  • Transfer money to another bank account number.
  • Transfer money to another bank card number.

Send and finalize savings online

  • Deposit savings from only 1 million.
  • Attractive preferential interest rate + 0.3%/year compared to over the counter.
  • Tenors vary from 1 week to 36 months.
  • Actively finalize a partial or full payment of savings opened at iPay when necessary.
  • Change the maturity method (re-maturity or settlement on maturity) at any time.

Pay bills online

  • Electricity bill payment.
  • Pay your water bill.
  • Air ticket payment.
  • Prepaid phone payments.
  • Recharge postpaid phone.
  • Pay your cable TV bill.
  • Pay ADSL bills.

Online loan repayment

VietinBank iPay meets the needs from basic to advanced, from account inquiries to bill payment or online debt payment for customers.

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Conditions for Internet Banking Registration Vietinbank

If you have not registered for Internet Banking Vietinbank and want to use this service when registering, you need to ensure the following conditions:

vietinbank internet banking
Faster transactions without going to the bank.

  • Individuals aged 15 years or older need to have a legal representative or have their own property.
  • Individuals aged 18 and over need to bring ID/CCCD when registering to use the service.
  • You need to have an account at Vietinbank before.

Instructions for Registering Internet Banking Vietinbank

If you have not registered for Internet Banking Vietinbank, you can register in 2 ways below:

Register for VietinBank IPay Service At Transaction Counters

You go to the nearest Vietinbank transaction office or branch to register. There the staff will guide you through the following steps:

  • Fill out the service registration request form.
  • Resubmit the application and wait for the staff to confirm the information. They will then provide you with Vietinbank Internet Banking login information.

Register VietinBank IPay Online

Register on the website

To register for Internet Banking VietinBank online, you just need to do the following:

  • Visit Vietinbank Internet Banking service registration website.
  • Click Register Vietinbank Ipay at the bottom of the login to register.
  • Fill in all information such as: identity card number, last 8 digits on ATM card, PIN code. Then enter the required confirmation code, click Continue to send. The bank will check and then send a message for you to activate the service.
  • If the registration is successful, the bank will send you an account and password to log in. After you have an account and password, you log back into the service and then use it.

Register on Ipay Vietinbak application

Step 1: Open Vietinbank iPay app on your phone > Click Sign In > Select Register iPay.

Register for Vietinbank Ipay

Step 2: The application will then automatically redirect you to Vietinbank’s website. Here, You need to fill in the information that the website system requiresconsists of:

  • ID number or citizen identification card.
  • Last 8 digits printed on ATM or credit card.
  • ATM PIN or 3 CVV numbers (for credit cards).

Register for Vietinbank Ipay

Step 3: Enter the confirmation string > Checkmark I agree > Click select Continue.

Register for Vietinbank Ipay

Step 4: Next, you will receive a notification with the content as shown below.

Register for Vietinbank Ipay

Open the Messages section on your phone > Check and copy the OTP > Fill in the blank and press select Continue.

Register for Vietinbank Ipay

Step 5: Finally, the system will send your phone number username and password. So you have completed the registration of Vietinbank iPay service!

Instructions for Using Internet Banking Vietinbank

If you have never used Vietinbank Internet Banking, the detailed instructions below will be very helpful for you.

currently logged in to internet banking vietinbank
User-friendly interface, easy to use.

Sign in to VietinBank IPay on Computer

You access the website: https://ebanking.vietinbank.vn and enter the account information and password previously issued by the bank.

Sign In to VietinBank IPay On Your Phone

You open the Vietinbank iPay application installed on your device and then log in and use it anytime, anywhere.

Checking account balance

When you want to check the balance, from the homepage interface, select Account in the toolbar on the left corner of the screen, then select the type of account you want to look up.

This feature allows you to list all existing accounts such as loan accounts, checking accounts, term savings accounts, credit card accounts, etc.

Transfer On Vietinbank Ipay

You can completely transfer money inside or outside the system, transfer money to your phone and then withdraw money at ATMs without using a card.

To transfer money on the homepage, select Transfer or Transfer money to a phone number and then follow the instructions. Remember to write in CAPITAL without hiding the recipient’s name, the content is written in Vietnamese without accents.

Paying Bills Via Internet Banking Vietinbank

This operation is quite simple, you select the Payment item and then select the appropriate invoice and done.

Vietinbank Ipay Service Fee Schedule

As one of the issues receiving the top attention of consumers, the current Vietinbank fee schedule when using Internet Banking services is as follows:


Fees (VAT not included)

Fee level/rateMinimumMax
AVietinbank Efast service
firstRegistration fee0 VND
2Service maintenance fee (monthly)
VND account18,000 VND
Foreign currency account18,000 VND/exchange rate
3Non-financial services group
Invest20,000 VND
4Financial services group
4.1Transfer in the system0 VND
4.2Transfer outside the system
Same province/city0.015%20,000 VND2,000,000 VND
Different province/city0.03%20,000 VND3,000,000 VND
4.3Other payment servicesEqual to the fee at the counter
4.4Submitting national budget
State treasury account in the systemFree
State treasury accounts outside the system10,000 VND/transaction
4.5RSA . Card Supply300,000 VND/card
4.6Other services on Efast . channelFree


With the above information about Register for Internet Banking Vietinbank and how to use hope will be useful to you, especially those who are new to the service for the first time. If you have any questions, please comment below the article to be answered soon.

Information edited by: lamchutaichinh.vn


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