How to retrieve Vietinbank iPay username? how? How can I verify my username? This is a question that many customers are interested in when using Vietinbank iPay application.

Vietinbank iPay application is no longer strange to customers of Vietinbank. This service brings a lot of convenience to the users. But there are still many cases where customers forget their login name, affecting the transaction process.

But don’t worry people, with today’s post. We will guide you on how to retrieve your Vietinbank iPay application’s username quickly and efficiently.

Find out what is Vietinbank iPay username?

Vietinbank iPay username is the name you use to log in to Vietinbank application on your phone. Upon successful login, everyone will be able to use the services available on the bank’s application. The condition to be able to log into the application is the account name and password.How to retrieve Vietinbank iPay username?

Your username will be given when you sign up for the service. Currently, there are many banks that support registration with their own phone numbers. If you accidentally forget, you can try to find your previous phone number to log in. If not, please continue reading the article below.

Where is Vietinbank iPay username?

Information about account name as well as service registration phone number. The bank will send a text message to your registered phone number. So every time people log in for the first time, people will check that message and get their username and password to log into the app.

How to retrieve Vietinbank iPay username?

If you unfortunately forget your login name in Vietinbank application. Don’t worry, here are 4 ways to get the username of this app back. Please refer to the following.

View Vietinbank iPay username at the counter

If you do not remember your account login name on Vietinbank application. Then you can go directly to the bank’s branch or transaction counter to help get it back. When you come, please bring your ID/CCCD and then go to the bank’s counselor.How to retrieve Vietinbank iPay username?

Meet the bank staff and ask to look up the account username of Vietinbank iPay. You will then need to confirm some information and the bank staff will assist you to get it back.

Check your username at the email your bank sent to you

When registering for Banking service of Vietinbank. The bank will proceed to send you an email containing information related to your account. Username, password, contact email. So to be able to check your username again, you can proceed to check your email inbox.

Look up Vietinbank iPay account number online on the Web

The next way is that people will proceed to retrieve the login name of the bank’s website. To proceed, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Proceed to access the bank’s website via the link here.
  • Step 2: At the login section, please click on the “Forgot username“.
  • Step 3: At this time, people will need to consume some information as required by the system. ID/CCCD number, Phone number, then people enter the confirmation code and choose to continue.
  • Step 4: If the information you just provided is correct. The system will send you a message containing your new username. Please use your username to enter the application.

How to retrieve Vietinbank iPay username via call center?

The last way that we want to introduce you to them is to call the operator to look up. When you call Vietinbank’s switchboard number, the operator of the switchboard will assist you in retrieving your login name.How to retrieve Vietinbank iPay username?

To recover your username, you can call Vietinbank’s switchboard number: 1900 558 868. Then meet with the operator of the switchboard to ask to retrieve your login name. When calling, you need to prepare some information to confirm that you are the account holder. After that, the operator will help people get back their login name.

The information you need to provide to the call center includes:

  • First and last name of the account holder.
  • Date, month, year of birth of the account holder.
  • ID card/CCCD number and date and place of issue.
  • The customer phone number used to register the service.
  • Your bank account balance.
  • Your bank account number.


This article will guide you how to recover Vietinbank iPay username. Hope the above information will be helpful for you in the process of using the service. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free consultation and answer by

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