Vietinbank iPay is the name of an application on the phone that helps customers manage their bank accounts on their phones. To use this facility, customers need to register at the counter. You will then receive a username and password. But now you have forgot Vietinbank iPay username and can’t login anymore. So let’s see how to recover Vietinbank iPay username below below.

What is Vietinbank ipay username?

how to change my current name to join vietinbank

When customers register Vietinbank iPay at the bank. The teller will create an account for you to log into the app. The account will include a username and password. Only when you have the full username and password, you can use Vietinbank iPay.

Therefore, the username is very important, usually the bank will immediately take your phone number as your username. If you forget, try using your phone number to log in first. If it doesn’t work, use it how to recover Vietinbank iPay username The following.

How to forget Vietinbank iPay username?

When you forget your Vietinbank iPay username, you need to immediately retrieve your username. Because only when you have complete and accurate username and password information, you will have access to the application to manage your e-banking account. Only then can you proceed to use transactions such as money transfer, payment, etc. of the bank.

If unfortunately forgot the account login name. At this point, you will ask the question of how to get it back. To be able to support and guide you on how to get it back. Please continue to learn more information about the article below.

Instructions on how to recover Vietinbank iPay username

There are 4 different ways to retrieve Vietinbank iPay username for customers to choose from. Please choose one of the ways below to review your Vietinbank iPay application login name on your phone.

Retrieve Vietinbank iPay username by checking Gmail

When registering Vietinbank iPay, the bank side will send you a confirmation email. In that letter, there will be full information about the account including the login name. So when we forget, we just need to log in to the email and find the message that Vietinbank sent. Then check again and you will see your login name.

Look up vietinbank username at the counter

A way that customers still use when they want to get their information back or change account information. That is going to Vietinbank’s transaction office to ask staff to check and help. And regain account login Vietinbank iPay the same. You just need to go to Vietinbank branch with your ID/CCCD and ask them to help you check and re-issue your login name.

Retrieve Vietinbank iPay password by phone number

If there is not enough time to move to the bank. Please restore your account name by accessing Vietinbank’s website. And provide all the required information. The steps are as follows:

how to change my current name to join vietinbank

  • Step 1: Please click on the link
  • Step 2: Here you will be asked to enter the following information: Enter your phone number, ID number, captcha code.
  • Step 3: Once completed, a text message will be sent to the phone number associated with the bank. You enter that OTP code in the blank box and then click continue.
  • Step 4: There is a message that says “You have successfully made a request to retrieve your username. Your username has been sent to your phone number ********”, that is, your Vietinbank iPay username has been sent via text message to your phone number.

How to retrieve Vietinbank iPay username via call center?

When you have a question about a certain question related to banking services. People can make calls to Vietinbank’s switchboard number. The consultant of the bank’s switchboard will assist you in answering all your questions. To look up your Vietinbank iPay username, please call the phone number: 1900 558868.

Then meet the call center consultant. You will ask the bank staff to help you look up your login name. Everyone will need to provide some information such as: full name, date of birth, ID number, registered phone number, etc. After confirming that all information is the same, a message will be sent to you. phone number containing Vietinbank iPay application login name.


Here are all the how to recover Vietinbank iPay username that you can use if you forget. Hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free support and answer from Thank you for reading our article, wish you success.

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