You have an unused balance in your phone sim. Want to do transfer and withdraw money from phone sim to account number, bank card, is it OK? With the current 4.0 technology era, nothing is impossible. Right now, let’s go to to learn about how to transfer and withdraw money from phone sim.

first.How to transfer and withdraw money from sim phone to account number, bank card

When the customer transfers money to withdraw money from the sim, you are making a transaction to change the scratch card into money and pay it to your bank account.

Make money transfers and withdrawals through bridging websites

Use the money in the sim to buy scratch cards from the website

These websites will help you convert scratch cards into money, so that you can deposit money into your bank account. You can refer to the website to buy the card on google.

Create yourself an account here. Log in, then make transactions, use the money in your sim account to buy scratch cards.

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Use your purchased phone scratch card to submit to the withdrawal website

Then enter the information of the scratch card that you used the money in the sim to buy, go to the website to withdraw money from the scratch card. Remember to enter all information about the serial number and card number correctly to avoid mistakes when making transactions.

That is, the customer will submit that card number to the website’s account, or in other words, transfer money to the website with the purchased scratch card. Then through this second website, customers will withdraw money to their bank account. Then easily withdraw money at ATMs as usual.

In this way, customers should choose reputable websites, to avoid being scammed. It is possible that customers when making transactions will lose money or lose quite high costs.

Withdraw money from phone sim through carrier apps

The above is how you withdraw money from your phone sim, through online websites. If customers do not trust them, they can use the network’s apps to make money withdrawals and transfer money from the sim.

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Withdraw money through ViettelMoney application

For customers who are using Viettel network, they can use this application to withdraw money for themselves.

  • Step 1: Download Viettel Money app and create an account with your phone number
  • Step 2: Customer logs in. Right section home page of the app Viettel Money
  • Step 3: Go to section transfer money. Here you can make money transfer transaction from sim card to bank account number
  • Step 4: Fill in the information of the recipient’s account if transferring to others, enter your information if transferring to yourself.
  • Step 5: Enter the amount need to move.

Note The maximum amount transferred will be equal to the amount you currently have in the sim. In this way, the customer will also perform a transaction like a normal bank transfer, which can include the money transfer content.

  • Step 6: Similar to transfer on banking app. The customer will have to check the transaction information again. Then enter OTP code and complete the transfer.

The money has been deposited in your account, now you just need to go to an ATM or bank branch to withdraw money. Thus, the transaction has been successfully withdrawn from the voice point sim.

Withdraw money via VNPTPay app

Similar to Viettel network, customers using Vinaphone network will be able to withdraw money using VNPTPay application. The steps are also extremely simple for customers.

  • Step 1: In order to use the app, customers must first download the app to their phone. Then proceed to log in with the owner’s phone number.
  • Step 2: On the app screen will appear a withdrawal box, please click on it. This is the section for customers to withdraw money from their phone account to their bank account.
  • Step 3: Enter the amount you need to withdraw to your bank account. This account must be linked to an e-wallet, if not, you need to take steps to link it together.
  • Step 4: Check the withdrawal information and click confirm that you have withdrawn money to your account.

Note that, when withdrawing money from the application, you will lose the prescribed fee.

Withdraw money via e-wallet from ViMo

This is an e-wallet issued by Mobifone network operator. Customers who use this carrier’s sim will use this application to make withdrawals when needed.

Similar to other carriers, customers will download the application to their device, then log in. Next, transfer money from your e-wallet to your bank account or ATM card.

Fill in the remittance information and follow each step of the application. Complete transfer confirmation with password and OTP code. Your transaction will be extremely easy and fast.

Withdraw money with ZaloPay wallet

ZaloPay is an electronic wallet used by many customers. You can easily top up your wallet in a variety of ways. Through the ZaloPay application, customers can withdraw money from the sim to a convenient wallet.

  • First, download the app to your phone, then create an account and log in to your wallet.
  • Please make a payment to the wallet with a phone scratch card.
  • Scratch cards can be purchased with the amount of money in the phone sim card at card sales websites.
  • After depositing, you will make withdrawals from the e-wallet to your bank account, in the withdrawal section of the app.
  • Fill in the receiving account information and confirm the service. So you have completed the steps to withdraw money from the sim.

Withdraw money with Ngan Luong wallet

Similar to ZaloPay wallet, customers will also proceed to load phone cards into the wallet. Then withdraw money from your wallet to your linked bank account number.

Withdraw money from phone sim with Bao Kim wallet

This is also a popular electronic wallet today. Will help customers make payments to their wallets by card. From there, proceed to withdraw money to an ATM card or bank account. Trade in a few minutes and the money is already in your account.

2.How to use money in sim card to convert to scratch card

To do this, customers must proceed to convert their phone sim into a multi-purpose sim. By writing the following syntax: VDK VM send 8049 or 8149. A password will be sent to the message.

Then continue to compose the following message: VBAN send to 8049. The fee for this service is 500 VND for 1 message.

Sell ​​phone scratch cards to others

In addition to the above methods, you can also make withdrawals from the card by reselling the phone card. That is, customers will use the money in the sim then buy scratch cards and sell them to those who need it.

3.Transfer the money in the sim to someone else’s sim

This way you will use the money in the sim and transfer money through the sim to other people. Then get the cash back from the person you transferred the money to. Currently, carriers support customers to transfer money from one sim to another with the same carrier.

  • For Viettel sim Customers compose the following message to make money transfer: *136*password*receiving phone number* amount# press call button. If you want a password, text MK send 136 done.
  • Sim Vinaphone then get the password by typing DK send 999. Then type the following on the call pad *999*Password*Receiving phone number*Amount# press call.
  • With Mobi sim will have the following syntax: 119*Receiving phone number*Amount*Password# and press call. Password is obtained by *117* press Call.

Thus, through the above information, it can be seen that, customers cannot transfer money or withdraw money directly from phone sim to bank card. That must be through websites or e-wallets thanks to scratch cards.

4.Reasons why customers want to transfer and withdraw money from phone sim

  • Customers have quite a lot of balance in the phone sim card but they don’t use it for any activities, so they want to withdraw that money to avoid wasting it.
  • Because your phone sim is lost, but the balance in the sim is still money for fear of thieves taking it. So you have to make a withdrawal of that amount.
  • You receive many gift cards to top up your account, but have no need to use them. You want to convert that card number into cash.
  • In case, customers will be deducted from the sim card by the network operator. Or if hackers find you, you will have to withdraw all the money in the sim.

5.Frequently asked questions about money transfer, withdrawal from sim card to bank account

How much is the fee for withdrawing and transferring money from the sim to the bank account?

Depending on different carriers, each e-wallet will have different fees. Will fluctuate from 20 – 25% client’s transaction amount.

If you transfer money via sim, there will be a message fee of 500 VND as mentioned above. Attach 15% fee for the transfer amount, or depending on the value of the transfer amount. If you sell your card to someone else to receive cash or transfer, it will be by agreement of the two parties.

How long does it take to transfer money, withdraw money from the sim?

Customers make transactions within 10 to 20 minutes to complete. So, after the transaction ends about 5-10 minutes, your bank account will receive the money immediately.

All transactions will be done quickly, so please try to enter the correct information, follow the correct steps to avoid trouble.

Should I withdraw money from the sim or not?

If there is a large amount in your sim account, then you can make a withdrawal. If it is a small amount, you should keep it to perform the sim’s activities, as well as maintain the sim’s operation.

Because the steps to make withdrawals are also quite laborious for you, not only that, there are also transaction fees. So please consider before you intend to withdraw money from the sim or not.

Here are the details about how to transfer and withdraw money from sim phone to account number, bank card. The steps are also very simple and easy, right? Hopefully, through the above knowledge, you will choose the right way to do it.

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