Swallowing is a common condition among customers who use ATM cards. If you accidentally forget the password and you enter it more than the specified number of times, of course “lose your card” like playing. So how not to encounter this situation, please refer to How to withdraw money at an ATM right here!

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Learn What is an ATM Card (Debit Card)?

ATM debit card (debit card) is a type of payment card provided by the bank to the cardholder for payment without using cash, spending money within the amount of money the cardholder has in the account.

The main functions of a debit card are payments, withdrawals and transfers at an ATM or POS.

There are two types of debit cards:

  • Domestic debit card: can only make domestic payments
  • International debit card: Available for domestic and international use, charges apply.

How To Withdraw Money At ATM Safely Without Worrying About Card Swallowing

To withdraw via ATM card At the tree, the client performs the transaction, just needs to go through a few operations and you’re done. If you do not know how to withdraw money at an ATM, you can apply the following steps:

  • Step 1: Insert the card into the slot of the ATM. You need to put the card in the correct orientation, usually the side with the embossed number will go up. Insert the card into the slot that says “Please insert your card”.
  • Step 2: Click select language or Select Language. The display languages ​​to choose from are usually: English, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc.
  • Step 3: Import pin code. Note, you should cover your hand when entering to avoid bad guys taking advantage of information. After entering press “OK” or “Enter”, if entering later, press “CLear” to re-enter.
  • Step 4: Select the type of transaction you need. Here to withdraw cash you will select “Withdrawal”.
  • Step 5: Select a payment account. Avoid choosing the wrong credit or savings account.
  • Step 6: Enter the amount to withdraw. At some ATMs, the machine will suggest you the numbers. Alternatively, you can select “Other number” and enter the amount you want to withdraw. After the number press select OK or Enter to confirm. Print receipt option or not?
  • Step 7: Receive money and card when the machine gives out. If you choose to print an invoice, you will receive an additional invoice.


  • There are some ATMs that use touch screens, without buttons on the side. So just touch the options on the screen to be able to execute the desired transaction.
  • When entering a password, users need to cover with one hand to ensure information security. Avoid entering the wrong password and having the card swallowed.
  • In some banks, the ATM card will be released first and then paid, and vice versa, the money will come out first, then the card will be released. So you need to pay attention to get your card back and receive money in the correct slot.

how to withdraw money at an ATM
Withdrawing money at an ATM is very easy.

Some Common Mistakes When Withdrawing Money At ATM

Withdrawing money at an ATM will be difficult to avoid problems arising. Therefore, in addition to withdrawing money at an ATM, you need to note some of the following things in order to make a successful transaction.

Entering Wrong Pin Code More than 3 Times

In ATM withdrawal instructions, each customer should avoid entering the wrong PIN more than 3 times. Because this action will lead to the ATM card being locked. At that time, the bank thinks that the bad guys are taking advantage of your property. At that time my card was swallowed and the bank account was locked.

Therefore, if you accidentally enter the wrong PIN more than 3 times, don’t worry. Because at the end of the day, the bank will check the ATMs, the customer’s card that is swallowed will be sent to the local branch that issues that card. At that time, customers should bring their identification documents to get the card back as quickly as possible.

While waiting to receive the card, please call the card opening bank to request a card lock, to ensure safety. At the same time, you also go directly to that bank to withdraw cash directly.

Cards Swallowed Or Stuck

When the card is swallowed, it can also be due to one of the following reasons:

  • ATM machine failure, technical error, transmission line error.
  • Your card is on the black card list.
  • You entered the wrong pin code more than 3 times during the transaction.
  • After the transaction, you do not receive the card back within the specified time from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

While using the methods of withdrawing money at the ATM but encounter this problem, please call the hotline of the bank that opened the card to report the card has been swallowed and receive instructions on how to get the card back. On the other hand, you can also request an emergency card lock so that the funds in the account are secure.

How to withdraw money at an ATM
What if the card is swallowed?

If you make a transaction at an ATM located at a branch or transaction office, please notify the security guard or go inside the newspaper for staff to assist.

See details: What to do if your ATM card is swallowed?

Security issue

This is definitely something we all care about when withdrawing money at an ATM, isn’t it?

For the safest, limit withdrawals during peak hours or at empty ATMs to prevent risks and robberies.

ATM Withdrawal Fee Schedule at Banks

Depending on the regulations of each bank and the purpose of transaction with or different banks, when you withdraw money at the ATM system, there will be a separate withdrawal fee, specifically as follows:

BankWithdrawal fee in the systemOut-of-system withdrawal fee
AgribankDomestic and international debit cards: 1,000 VND/transaction
International credit card: 2% of the transaction amount. Minimum 20,000 VND/transaction
– Domestic debit card:
In the territory of Vietnam: 3,000 VND/transaction
Outside Vietnam: 40,000 VND/transaction
– International debit card:
In the territory of Vietnam: 10,000 VND/transaction
Outside Vietnam: 4% of the transaction amount; minimum 50,000 VND/transaction
– International credit card: 4% of the transaction amount; minimum 50,000 VND/transaction
VietcombankCash withdrawal fee at ATM in VCB system:
Vietcombank Visa Platinum Card: Free
Other international debit cards (MasterCard/ UnionPay/Cashback Plus American Express/Connect24 Visa): VND 1,100/transaction
Cash withdrawal fee at ATM in VCB system:
Vietcombank Visa Platinum Card: Free
Other international debit cards (MasterCard/ UnionPay/Cashback Plus American Express/Connect24 Visa): VND 1,100/transaction
VietinBankDebit card: 1,100 VND/transaction (Free if it is an international card).
Credit card: 4% minimum 55,000 VND.
Debit card: 1,100 VND/transaction; 10,000 VND or 4% if it is an international card.
BIDV1000 VND3000 VND
SacombankFree of charge (for all cards issued domesticallyIssued by a bank outside of Vietnam: 1.5% of the transaction amount (minimum 30,000)
TechcombankFreeCash withdrawal fee at other banks’ ATMs: 3,000VND/transaction (VAT not included).
East AsiaFree3,3000 VND/transaction
VPBankFree3,3000 VND/transaction
ACBACB credit card:
At ATM ACB 1% of the transaction amount, minimum 20,000 VND.
Prepaid card: Free. Overseas: 3% of the transaction amount, at least 60,000 VND.
At other ATMs, ACB 2% of the transaction amount, minimum 30,000 VND.
Prepaid card: At ACB ATM: 1,100 VND/transaction.
MSB4% of the transaction amount, minimum 50,000 VND.4% of the transaction amount, minimum 50,000 VND.

What should be noted when withdrawing from ATM?

  • Insert the card in the right direction and enter the wrong pin no more than 3 times to avoid swallowing the card
  • Absolutely cannot reveal Pin code to others
  • Quickly receive the card as soon as it is released, to avoid swallowing the card.
  • The amount of cash withdrawn from the card only reaches a certain limit. Please note.
  • If you withdraw the correct bank tree, it will cost less or no fee, usually 1,100 VND. If withdrawing money from ATMs from other banks, the normal fee is 3,300 – 10,000 VND.
  • ATMs have an incentive to change their pin code every 6 months for added security.


Here is the information about How to withdraw money at an ATM and some notes when making withdrawals to ensure the safest and fastest. If you have any problems, please contact your card issuer for assistance.

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