Making money from writing is no longer a strange thing for many people. In particular, Wattpad is a story-writing application that is being chosen by many students, students or working people when they want to earn extra income. The following article will show you how Write stories to make money on Wattpad very easy by phone. Follow along with the following article!

Learn What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is the largest online community for writers, comics, novelists and book lovers around the world.

Wattpad is the largest online community story site
Wattpad is the largest online community story site

Wattpad was first created in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen and has been freely available since 2007. Since its inception, this ebook software has quickly received millions of downloads with countless positive reviews. .

Content on Wattpad is diverse from articles, articles, poems or fascinating stories about everything around by many authors. In particular, users can write stories to make money on Wattpad by themselves.

There are many great works that have been selected by the Wattpad platform and countless works in progress – where authors publish their articles sequentially. Wattpad is really a great site if you are someone who likes to write or read and it is completely free to use.

What is the feature of Wattpad?

One of the outstanding features of Wattpad is that readers and authors can interact with each other, readers can freely comment on reviews and send their comments about works that interest them. so that the author can edit and write better in the following articles.

Features of Wattpad
Features of Wattpad

These ideas will help the author grasp the readers’ wishes, thereby developing breakthrough creative ideas, building character plots that become more in-depth and attractive to readers. Comments will be sent directly to the author’s email.

In addition to being able to read all books for free, at Wattpad users can also easily meet friends with the same interests as them by commenting on the highlights surrounding the works. You can connect with millions of readers and authors around the world to discuss and share good books and topics you like here.

Can writing stories on Wattpad make real money?

Wattpad is a website with a huge library of stories and books, but to answer the question “Is it possible to write stories to make money on Wattpad?” Unfortunately, Wattpad currently does not apply a royalty-free policy for stories, books, ebooks or any content on it. Therefore, you will not earn money by posting stories on Wattpad.

If you want to make money from writing, set the amount you want others to pay if they want to read your new article or story chapters or insert ads.

The process of making money by writing stories on Wattpad

Here, let’s learn about the process of writing stories to make money on Wattpad with!

Conditions for writing stories to make money on Wattpad

To be write stories to make money on Wattpad, of course you must have a Wattpad author account. Next, to be able to make money, your published works must have a certain number of views, the more views on your works, the easier it will be to make money because then your works. will be popular and get a lot of interaction.

Create an account on Wattpad and try to post as many excellent works as possible to get more likes from readers. Then you can both make money and unleash your creativity and passion.

Guide to making money through Wattpad Futures

Wattpad Futures is a program exclusively for Wattpad authors and writers. In the future, Wattpad will be a program that displays 30-second promotional videos sharing stories that the algorithm thinks is valuable and users are willing to watch these videos.

You can make money through this program by inserting ads into your work or you can also post out-of-the-box videos into the work.

The process of making money by writing stories on Wattpad
The process of making money by writing stories on Wattpad

When a reader clicks on that ad, you will be paid according to the number of people clicking on the link, similar to joining the YouTube creator program, you will be paid a lot if a lot of people watch the video. your.

The content that you promote must be related to the content of your article to easily attract readers as well as click on the ad, the choice of topic is also very important. Wattpad Futures is a program for creators of short stories and non-fiction

According to statistics, the topic of “adult” stories is attracting the most views and clicks on ads today on this platform.

Instructions to make money by writing paid stories

A fairly new feature of Wattpad is writing paid stories. Most people think of Wattpad as a free social networking site. However, with the purpose of improving the quality of articles as well as helping to make money for writers, we have released paid books to read.

The first chapters will be free, but the following chapters will have to be paid to read.

To make money in this way, your previous articles must have high ratings as well as outstanding views and the prerequisite is that your article must be a long series so that viewers can be swept up by it. content and willing to spend money to follow and continue that story. This requires great writing skills along with an engaging story-telling ability of the writer.

Instructions for making money with readers’ donations

In fact, most authors make their main income by receiving donations from readers because these authors do not want to affect people’s reading experience with irrelevant content.

Good, quality articles that touch the emotions of readers will easily receive donations through “Buy me a coffee”.

Readers will give you a cup of coffee instead of paying for the book, through your link attached in your bio. For those of you who don’t know, you can access the link to create an account that can receive donations from readers and attach it to your articles!

The best way to do anything is to do it for free so people get impressed with your writing.

Instructions to make money with Wattpad coins

Like writing paid books, this is a new feature of Wattpad that has only recently appeared. On the Wattpad homepage, there are many paid stories with gold stars. To be able to read these stories, readers must buy Wattpad coins to read and the lost Wattpad coins will be passed on to the author. The authors will then use these coins to convert to cash.

To easily make money with coins, you need to note the following issues:

  • Build an Email list of readers who regularly read your stories.
  • Refer them to one of your social channels, where you can easily upload your story and place ads there.
  • Ask them to register your Wattpad profile.

How to register and use Wattpad to make money

How to register and use Wattpad to make money
How to register and use Wattpad to make money

After learning the steps to make money by writing stories on Wattpad, please refer to how to register and use Wattpad to make money as follows:

Instructions for writing stories on Wattpad to make money by phone

On your phone, you can download the Wattpad application on the App Store or AppStore instead of having to go to the website to read. The website does not support reading as well as on the computer interface. To write stories on Wattpad to make money by phone, follow the instructions below:

  • Install the Wattpad app on your phone.
  • Start the application and register by clicking the Google icon in the “Sign-in method” section.
  • Enter your Email account and click “I agree” to agree to the terms and conditions of the application.
  • Successful registration will transfer to the main screen of Wattpad, where you can read the genres you love.

Instructions for writing stories on Wattpad to make money with computers

On a computer, you have more methods to register to use such as Facebook, Gmail, Google, etc. You can use any way to log in to Wattpad, but in this article I will guide you. login with Facebook

  • You visit Wattpad’s website
  • Click Sign Up.
  • Choose to register with a Facebook account
  • Enter your Facebook username and password in the modal box that appears and select Login
  • The last step you need to enter your Email so that Wattpad can send you notifications and click Continue to complete the registration to use Wattpad.

How to write stories on wattpad to receive royalties?

Writing stories on the Wattpad website can help authors earn large royalties from royalties. Currently, Wattpad is always looking for more collaborators to spread the word, produce many designs and add to its collection of stories of all genres. So, making a website to write stories and make money with Wattpad is very convenient for you.

With just a few simple steps, you can completely own your account information on this website and publish your stories and creations to be shared with the most people here. Of course, a lot of interaction on this page will help all of you have a very good source of income and also get contributions from readers.


It can be said that Wattpad is not only a place to enjoy good stories but also a place to write stories to make money. Write stories to make money on Wattpad This is a great solution for those who are passionate about writing and want to earn an income. Please continue to follow to quickly update other useful information!

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