Vietnamese people have always had the view that they should settle down and start a business, but with today’s modern lifestyle, is this still relevant? With the question Should I buy land to save? of many young people. In this article, from the perspective of a specialist sharing knowledge about real estate. Market breaking news will give analysis whether or not to buy land to save?

Answer: Should I buy land to save?

This will depend on your financial needs, if this idle money you do not intend to use for a period of time. Compared with other investment channels such as stocks, savings, fund certificates or bonds, real estate is always an optimal investment channel.

Market breaking news will show the reasons why you should choose to buy land to save rather than invest your idle money in other investment channels!

Should you buy land to save – 03 reasons to invest in land

First, land is a finite resource

No one can create earth, while scientists are still trying to research to find extraterrestrial life and hope to bring humans to inhabit other planets. So far, there have been no other positive signs for this. In each place we only have a certain amount of land.

Buildings can be demolished and replaced, but land, this valuable resource, is only available in limited quantities. Writer Mark Twain once said, “Buy land, one can’t create it”.

Should you invest in land to make a profit in the future?
Should you invest in land to make a profit in the future?

Land is a tangible resource

It is a fact that land cannot disappear or decrease gradually like stocks or bonds. If tomorrow the world decides that money is just a useless piece of paper with no value, then land still has its place. Because it is a tangible and physical existence that belongs to you, regardless of the global economic situation. Currency as well as monetary value can change but not land ownership.

Land is a “hands free” investment.

Should I buy land to save? – Along with investing in real estate, you can choose to buy a house, build a house or rent it out. However, do you feel that you will be mentally strong enough to face the problems that arise related to tenants? Or other problems related to houses, mold, insects, etc. The ground will not be related to any of them. When you buy land, the land will lie there and it will work on its own without any problems.

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Experience buying land to save you need to remember

Thoroughly research the information of the land, the investor

Determining whether to buy land to save, you need to save yourself the experience of buying land to make that land profitable. First, when choosing to invest in a land project, you need to carefully find out information about the project investor. This will help you avoid the risks when encountering quality projects with cheap land prices.

Experience buying land to save you need to remember
Experience buying land to save you need to remember

In the market, the more reputable the investors, the more feasible the land plot project will be. Therefore, choosing to buy land from an investor who has good financial potential, has a stable operating history and owns many successful projects, the possibility of completing the project will be higher and on schedule. .

Absolutely do not buy land according to the psychology of the crowd

It can be said that buying land according to crowd psychology appears at a rather high rate and the majority of investors with little capital and inexperience. Buying and selling land according to rumors, according to the majority, will easily encounter risks, possibly because some brokers use tricks to entice.

And the psychology of this buyer keeps pouring capital into buying land because if it’s not profitable, why are there so many people competing to buy it? This is a purely emotional investment decision without any specific market assessment or analysis.

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Land must have clear legal documents and records

Deciding whether to buy land to save or not, this experience must absolutely be the top priority. You need to do a thorough check of legal documents and records. Basic documents need to be ensured when buying land such as: Red book, project file, planning paper, detailed draft, etc.

In 2022, if you have idle money, should you buy land to save?
In 2022, if you have idle money, should you buy land to save?

All these documents must not only be complete, but also transparent and legal. Only then can it be proved that when the real estate project is completed, the buyer can construct, renovate and trade or transfer it.


Through the article “In 2022, should I buy land to save?” Surely you already have your answer, right? Hope with the sharing of Market hot news can help you gain more useful knowledge. Follow us for more latest real estate knowledge!

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